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What can we say? This chapter of The Magician’s Nephew has so many amazing lines, we decided it deserved its own top 5 list. Listen to the podcasters’ discussion and post a comment below!

Watch the post-show chatter.

Rilian, Gymfan, Glumpuddle

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  1. Col Klink says:

    The quote Rilian talked about at the beginning of this episode, “all get what they want; they do not always like it,” reminded me of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. That’s kind of a you-love-it-or-you-hate-it book but I love it and I recommend people read it. (I’ve also reviewed a couple of reviews of it on my blog recently. Pardon the shameless self-promotion.) It also reminds me of Little Dorrit by the same author. That one is more of a challenge than Great Expectations, but it’s got a lot of great stuff in it too.

    Am I the only one who is bugged that Rilian keeps calling guinea pigs hamsters? 😉

    I respect that the podcasters need to protect their kids’ privacy but the anecdotes about them they share on the podcast and in the post show chatter are so entertaining! LOL

    This episode has a great point about what an accurate judge of character Aslan proves to be, knowing beforehand that Jadis would eat that specific apple. It’s even more impressive when you factor in that Jadis may have only does so because she overheard Digory, Polly and Fledge talking about it, which they were only doing because Aslan sent them.

    When you think about it, Frank and Helen’s crowns coming from loose change is cool. It’s a message about great things coming from somewhere you’d never expect.

    I get what you guys are saying about wanting a Narnia adaptation to just embrace the idea of kingship without apologizing for it or automatically including modern storytelling conventions and easy drama. But I’m not convinced that Peter being a reluctant king/hero goes against the books’ themes. In the scene where Peter has to save Susan from Maugrim in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, it says he “did not feel very brave; indeed, he felt he was going to be sick. But that made no difference to what he had to do.” He’s also implied to feel nervous when Aslan implies he won’t be there to help him with the big battle against the White Witch’s forces. Peter and Susan are also somewhat reluctant to try to help Tumnus though they agree to do so sooner than in the movie. Moving on to other books, when Aslan asks Caspian if he thinks he’s ready to be king, Caspian says, “I-I don’t think so, Sir. I’m on a kid,” to which Aslan replies, “Good. If you had felt yourself sufficient, it would have been a proof that you were not.” Frank also tells Aslan he doesn’t think he could be a king and Shasta protests when King Lune tells him he’s his heir. (Corin, on the other hand, is ecstatic that he doesn’t have to be king, saying, “It’s princes have all the fun.”)

    Anyway, great episode, guys! I’m kind of surprised you didn’t cover the last two chapters of The Magician’s Nephew in one episode. I mean, I love Chapter 15 but it’s mostly just wrapping stuff up. Don’t know how much you’ll have to talk about there and you did cover the first two chapters of the book in one episode. But, hey, I’m not complaining or anything.

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