Video: The Dawn Treader Rocks

NarniaWeb Spy Tamara has uploaded two more videos of the Dawn Treader set at Cleveland Point. The first one shows the ship slowly rocking back and forth in front of a large blue screen:

Another shows Ben Barnes and Skandar Keynes being sprayed with water, which Tamara also described in a recent report. Is Caspian wet after diving in to save Lucy, Edmund, and Eustace?

Double click on the videos to view their YouTube pages.
Thanks to CaspianThePrince.

UPDATE: This video shows the actors performing as the ship rocks:

UPDATE: In this video, Caspian appears to be taking Edmund into the cabin.
Caspian ~ Tamara

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  1. Princess Arya says:

    Rofl, I knew that! They "cut" the scene when it is interrupted or completed. This may not have been the scene, but if it happened in this scene, it probably happened at that point.

  2. FriendOfNarnia2 says:

    It probably happened while filming that scene, but it most likely wasn't during that take. They usually film each shot several if not a dozen or so times before moving onto the next shot.

  3. Miss Polly Plummer says:

    A W E S O M E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. K. J. Hill says:

    :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) I love it!!!

  5. CDT says:

    I will be dragging my boyfriend to Brisbane to see the filming next weekend. All the snaps and clips make it all so interesting and worth taking days off work for! This is me flying from Sydney & practically begged on two knees to get the days off… Thanks to all the Narnia fans who share the fun the world over 🙂

  6. Little Narnian says:

    I'm pretty sure that Ben can handle a puffy lip:P
    I think he can take it:P

  7. Little Narnian says:


  8. Edmund-is-hot says:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! Skandar/Edmund is so hot when he's wet. Omg! I'm so excited! 😮

  9. I says:

    Skander is hot when he's wet?? Don't say that again. Not to anybody. *bursts into laughter*

  10. skandyfan says:

    I agree! *laughing*

  11. skandyfan says:

    it made my day to see skandar! The videos are great! I want to see this movie so much! Long live Aslan! =)

  12. Aravis(narniafan#1) says:

    Go to and you type in the search box: Dawn Treader Filming at the Spit(video).

  13. Lili says:

    As said by a person on, now we know who the better swordsman is 😉

  14. Puddleglum says:

    Seeing the Dawn Treader rocking makes me a little woozy.
    Marshwiggles are not meant to be on ships. I prefer my nice safe swamp. No waves.

  15. Aravis(narniafan#1) says:

    TAKE VIDEOS AND SEND THEM HERE… PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (biting fingernails and praying)

  16. CDT says:

    I wonder how much longer they're gonna be filming there for? Our trip this weekend would be pointless if they start packin up this Friday 🙁