The Mysterious Little Girl Goes Overboard

Over the past two days we’ve seen pictures of a mysterious little girl aboard the Dawn Treader.

Tamara has posted what might be the most intriguing video we’ve seen from the filming of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader yet. In it is the mysterious little girl and a man we are quite sure is Rhince. Based on the video, we believe this to be “Gael” whom we first heard whispers about a couple months ago through a casting call. Apparently she sees her mother off in the distance and throws herself overboard with Rhince right behind her. Check it out here.

Who is the mysterious little girl? Join the discussion.

Thanks to Tamara for the video and narnialover101 for pointing it out to us!MLG jumping

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  1. Loyal Narnian says:

    It looks like something is happening to the girl's mother, like she is drowning or something, and Gael jumps in to try to save her and Rhince knows she can't do anything to help, so he is trying to stop Gael.

  2. This must be "Gael," because you can hear georgie scream "gael" when Rhince jumps off. I wonder who this kid is. I'm holding onto the idea that Gael is a slave girl saved from Narrowhaven. Does anyone agree?

    • Anonymous Narnian says:

      Agreed. That's the only place I could see the crew picking up a random woman and her child. Could she be the "little girl in Telmarine dress and Narnian-ish hair" that we of in a spy report?

      • pselpevensie says:

        OMG! if gael IS a rescued slave, i'm going to scream! way before they started filming, i had the idea for them to rescue a slave! i'm not kidding!

  3. WarriorQueen says:

    I don't like this. It smacks of plot changes and that makes me irritated.

  4. Aravis(narniafan#1) says:

    Loyal Narnian may be right, but I still see no reason for changes so far. The problems I'm dealing with are…
    1. a minator? On Board?!?!
    2. Random people like the girl and two other kids etc…
    3. Lucy has a sword?!?! I'd prefer the dagger.
    4. Why even the rest have armor? I mean, there is NO battle in the book.
    and 5. I don't like these new things. So they can't make it if I don't like it!(lol)
    I wish they had a video of when Lucy cries out for Edmund.

    • narniafan4ever says:

      Yeah, I am having problems with that stuff as well. But, I have been reading the book while I am keeping up to these updates and I think I know why they all have armor on. So, I don't know if you remember, but when Caspian, Ed, Lucy, Reep, and Eustace are captured to be sold as slaves, Caspian is bought by one of the missing lords. (lord Bern..?) Anyway, Caspian reveals who he is to Lord Bern. Then, in order to trick the governor of the lone Islands, Caspian dresses his whole crew in armor and marches them through the streets and end up on Governor Gumpas' door step. Now, the reason he had them all dress in armor was to intimidate the governor and "re-claim" the islands. I believe Caspian also left some armed men on board in order to make the governor think that they had a whole fleet of ships. (I guess they pretended to signal to other "ships" that weren't really there to trick Gov. Gumpas.)
      Sorry if this is making absolutely no sense, but if you have a way to get the book, go ahead and read chapter 3 and 4.
      Another possibility could be that they were in armor as they tried to fight the sea-dragon-evil-snake-thing….lol.

      I hope this clears things up a little as to why the crew may be in armor. 🙂 I'm sure there are more possibilities, but these are the ones I thought of as I read your comment. 🙂

      • Narniamiss says:

        Could be, but Ed is also in armor, and in the book he also was a slave. And Lucy is also in finer clothing here.

      • swordwhale says:

        I had to chuckle at armor on a ship…been there, done that (living history buff, wore chainmail shirt on Viking Longship once, stayed in exact geographic center of ship and tried to figure out what I'd do if I went overboard in the Patuxent River ( Let's hope they do a far better job than in (ack) Beowulf!

    • reepicheepfan14 says:

      I have been thinking all of these things! But I'm really not liking the idea of 'Gael' on board because it could change the plot if they let it. I wish they would just stick to the book. They think that changing the plot from the book will make the movie better, but to a true fan of the books it can be annoying.

  5. Narniamiss says:

    I wonder where Ed is during all of this?…

  6. kelley says:

    hmmm…i bet this is all an act!! Yes thats it they are setting up this random little girl to get our attention away from what is going on!! and cause us all to wonder and be confused!! LOL jk..but i seriously cant think of why theres a little girl jumping overbaord…

  7. Azon the Narnian says:

    Interesting, very interesting. I do not have a clue who that girl is. Maybe they have added a big rescue of a whole bunch of slaves to the story. Like maybe they took the whole "more power than you really have" idea, and made a fight/liberation thing with it, and the girl is just a slave they rescued. I hope not, but we have to think realisticly with the mind of a film maker who has more people to please than just us rabid fans. Just saying.

  8. Matthias of Redwall says:

    I don't know, but Im guessing that they are at that place where nightmares come true, and maybe she sees her mom in danger, and wants to help, so Rhince goes after the little girl to bring her back.

    • Alambil and Tarvis says:

      That's actually a really good guess. MAYBE…

      They're sailing past the Dark Island, and Rhince sees a "vision" of his daughter jumping overboard and so he freaks out to go and save her, but she's actually just an illusion and that's why Lucy's yelling after him.

      ^I hope it's that, b/c any other option would be too much of a plot change :S

  9. Jewel says:

    I sure hope this is a diversion tactic like Kelley says. If the production team is paying attention to this site: Don't mess with the book – bring it to life! I agree 100%: no minotaurs, get rid of that sword (Lucy carries only the dagger and healing cordial given to her by Father Christmas) and don't add characters. Mr. Lewis wrote more than enough to keep you occupied and the book is loved the way it is. We don't need another travesty like Prince Caspian. I'd really like to love this movie, so don't blow it!

    • The filmakers have to please other people, not just us rabid fans. And I rather like the changes. I'll always love the books more, but I don't want it exactly word for word. If I want that, i can just read the book. So, no, I do not agree with you. If they make the movie exactly like the book there are no suprises! but I'm guessing you don't like surprises? It won't stink b/c Lucy carries a sword (yes, that is a tragedy. Can't the filmmakers realize the whole point of the book is Lucy and wether she carries a sword or a dagger?)

      • Jewel says:

        The point was that Lucy was brave, but not a fighter by nature. Details do mean things, the entire series is filled with symbolism; that's part of what makes the series timeless, there's always more to discover. Carrying a sword may not reflect an intention to radically change her character, but as badly as they skewed Peter's entire character in PC it is cause for concern. There is plenty of room for surprises, but in general I don't like them to take place in plot if the story is an established classic. That kind of success happens for a reason and it is so arrogant and disrespectful when film makers actually think they can "improve" the story by changing the focus or characters. I prefer the suprises to be like seeing the Dawn Treader; which is spot-on perfect and even more beautiful than I ever imagined. In my opinion, only a "rabid fan" should have the enormous privilege of directing or producing these films. If they don't have a passion for these stories, get out of the way. Plenty of other people do. Paging Peter Jackson! 🙂

      • swordwhale says:

        and why, why why??? do the boys always get to carry all the swords and have all the fun???

  10. Really? says:

    Yes, Jewel. I'm sure they'll halt everything and re-film the entire scene aboard the Dawn Treader because of your comment.

    • Jewel says:

      Re-shoot no, but they shoot far more material than they use. Ever seen the extras scenes on the DVD's? My hope is that in the final editing they won't add scenes that shouldn't be there and ignore scenes that should, as in PC. Of course I don't expect just my comment to influence them. However, it would be monumentally stupid if the studio doesn't track the general trend of opinions of Narnia fans because their monetary success depends on fans' opinions. They really let them down with PC's story line. And why so unnecessarily rude? This is supposed to be a fan opinion page. I'm not alone in my opinion. No reason I can't hope they'll listen for monetary reasons since love for Mr. Lewis' work doesn't seem to inspire them at all.

    • swordwhale says:

      it happened to Peter Jackson…sort of. I hear he did listen to what fans were saying, considered it, and eventually filmed what worked. Film and Books are two different media which require two different storytelling styles. What can be left to the imagination of the individual reader in a book must be spelled out in a film, etc. I'm also a huge LOTR fan, and though the films were quite different (especially where a beloved-for-30-years character got much of his dialog etc left out)I loved them as much as the books. Enjoy both, each for their unique qualities. And get new fans to read the books!

  11. Moorchild says:

    Amen, Jewel.
    SO unnecessary to add characters! for real! why? to make this oh, so boring book exciting? riiiiiight….
    it's painful…

  12. Narnian@heart says:

    This is probably when they are going through the island where nightmares come true and if that is Rhince's daughter then they probably spiced up the story like always and have him thinking his daughter is drowning and tries to jump overboard to save her…

  13. 2ndtoOne says:

    Wow! VERY intriguing!
    I had not heard of Gael, but Georgie does yell Gael, I guess that's who it is…

    Georgie looks so much more grown up here! Yikes!

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