Video: Eustace and a Minotaur

The latest video posted by NarniaWeb Spy Tamara shows the crew filming a scene in which Eustace (Will Poulter) runs into a minotaur on board the Dawn Treader. You can also see Howard Berger with the minotaur, and 2nd AD Jeff Okabayashi talking through the microphone (left side).

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NarniaFans recently posted pictures from this scene. View them here.

UPDATE: Tamara sent us pictures and a report:

Hi, I went to the set again this morning and last Friday. Unfortunately I didn’t see anything to too exciting this time. I did get some shots of Will but that was about it. Some of the photos I have included show the bronze statue, and you can see in the photos that they look like fauns, but they have no horns.. Also, I only just noticed that some of the Narnian crew have different coloured outfits. Some are blue (top) and maroon (pants) and some are maroon (top) and blue (pants). Am I the only person who’s just noticed that?? Haha. Do you think it’s got to do with ranking??
A funny story, there were a whole bunch of people crammed right up at the fence watching and a few of them started to call out to Shane Rangi who was walking around. He came over to talk to them and this little old lady asked him to pose while she took a picture and he gave all the little kids high five’s (don’t reckon they’d have a clue who he was lol). I couldn’t hear what he was saying but everyone was laughing really loudly and some guy came over and had to tell everyone to shut up!
I also heard some people talking and apparently this is the last week that they will be filming at Cleveland!


189 Responses

  1. from your comments before how did eustace and the mino(taur) team up?

  2. I think it would be a pain in the butt for the director and peoples edit out all the talking and stuff.

  3. Roguewolf says:

    That's not what I mean. I have absolutely nothing against minotaurs being on the good guy's side! In fact, I like it! But, what I am saying is, "won't having minotaur on the DT throw off the plot?" Consider now that Lewis, sadly, wrote it as a mainly human crew with the exception of Reepicheep. That's what I'm asking. — Also, (and this is a purely random question) wouldn't it be hard for minotaurs and fauns about a ship? I mean, hypotheticly speaking, hoofs probably don't get very good traction on wet wood.

  4. HappyGiant says:

    Well, the minotaur can't gag up 4 people by himself, can he?lol, just kidding! But oh, the changes they make! 😉

  5. Matthias of Redwall says:

    anybody have any information on who is playing Ramandu yet?

  6. HappyGiant says:

    Yeah. Laura Brent, I think.

  7. Matthias of Redwall says:

    no, she's playing his daughter.

  8. BenBarnesGal says:


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