Nicholas Greening’s VDT Set Visit Blog

Nicholas Greening has posted a follow-up blog to the one we linked a few weeks ago (here). This time he talks about his tour of the sets in detail. Here are some highlights from his report.

After clearing security at Movie World, we drove past the giant water tank with a suspended blue screen around it, to a car park that was surrounded by props for the movie. This was really like entering a fantasy world  – Imagine all of the props look real, however they are made of fiberglass or foam or MDF.  There were the larger than life statues of the seven lords, rock walls, trees & boulders that looked like the moeraki boulders on New Zealand’s South Island (Maybe there will be some filming done in that region??) .

Our second stop was the set for inside the hull of the Dawn Treader, up a flight of stairs and entered into another world, visually it all looked so real, the timber could have been 100 year old oak, it was not until you touched it that you knew it was all fabricated. There were wooden oars laid along the floor, large wooden barrels. This is the engine room of the Dawn Treader, when man power is needed to propell the ship. The explanation for why the ship was named of the Dawn Treader, was it always heads East approaching the Dawn.

The next set we were in King Caspian’s quarters aboard the Dawn Treader. It was dimly lit and really looked the part, this was a truly amazing visual treat. There was an ornate wooden writing desk below the large stained glass window which was surrounded by the timber of the boat with a mural on one of the walls.

You can read Nicholas’s full report here.

Thanks to icarus for the heads-up!

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    nice i cant wait

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    Can't wait for more news! As always!

  4. This is getting very exciting!!! can't we bump it back to May 2010?!?!?!?

  5. Lady of Narnia says:

    Awesome!!!! It sounds so cool! I am most definately excited now!! *squeals like a crazy fan girl*

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    Sweetness. Can't wait! Yay!!!!!!

  7. Mapthestars says:

    Every day I get more stoked for this film!!! It seems as if it's going to be fantastic. but statues of the seven lords? – what, are they going to have Caspian take them from the castle with him on the boat, and then when they find a lord have them stand next to their statue to see if they check out? haha. well whatever they're for, I'm sure it'll be alright.

  8. andrea says:

    this is sooo amazing!

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    Cool! Can't wait for more news! Sail on VDT!

  10. narnian resident says:

    whats with the statues of the seven lords? idk. oh well anyway this is all so cool i love hearing about the sets and such. my fave!

  11. pole says:

    how do you get the pictures on there?

  12. pole says:

    i mean on the blank person head

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    Here you go.

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    cool! 😀 SAIL ON VDT!

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    I hope that mural is of a lion. 😉

  16. Warrior 4 Jesus says:

    Interesting. I can't read the report from the other website, the upper-case letters are way too distracting and difficult to read. They should never be used for body text.

  17. Silver the Wanderer says:


    Hmmm, I wonder what the "Classified First Stop" is…

    But a couple of things are still confusing me. Firstly, why does it say that the Dawn Treader will be scraped? I thought we already established that it WASN'T going to be scraped. Also, if the material it's made out of would "deteriorate rapidly" if kept outside, then why were they able to film outside in Austraila all that time? Are there two Dawn Treaders? Sorry, I'm just a little confused.

  18. Shy Galadriel says:

    Wow. That makes me even more excited to see it when it comes out in theaters. Boy, I really hope Fox isn't allowed to mess this up like it did Eragon (rubber bad-guy nails anybody?).

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    This is amazing!

  20. JadistarkilleR says:

    thats also what i had in mind.

  21. JadistarkilleR says:

    "larger than life statues of the seven lords"….

    hmm…. i'm starting to wonder just how big these statues are. are the scaled to human sizes of something that can be found in a museum (or maybe a chamber at the palace to be featured in the film)? or are they thinking The Argonath x7?

  22. Griffle says:

    It's released December 10th 2010, so if they bump it BACK, that would put it at a release dat in May 2011. I don't want that, YOU don't want that. 😉

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    That is so cool!

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    NO ONE wants that! 😀

  25. iLiveInNarnia says:

    Thats amazing. I can picture what each of these sets/props look like!

  26. Peepicheep says:

    Alsan is on the move. I can't wait until a trailer comes out!

  27. Fire Fairy says:

    It sounds to me that they made two Dawn Treaders: one life-size model made to be walked on and withstand weathering–that was the one we saw in all the spy videos. The other one is the one that is "fake", which is only a few parts of the ship made especially for the studio. The "fake" one was probably made so that it could easily be removed from the studio, even though it's made to look as real as possible.

  28. Adeona says:

    I think A_Narnian_Ship means that they should bump the release date back in the sense that it would be closer to today's date; back instead of forward.
    May 2011 would be… *shudders* uggh.

  29. narniafan4ever ♥ says:

    I agree! 😀 Sail on, Dawn Treader!

  30. narniafan4ever ♥ says:

    I knew that in the book there was a picture of Aslan in Caspian's cabin on the Dawn Treader….I wonder if they decided to make it a mural instead…

  31. icarus says:

    It's not actually been typed in all-caps, its just been presented in a font which has all its characters in the style of capitals. If you copy and paste the text into a MSWord/Notepad/Wordpad you should be able to view it in a sensible font. 🙂

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    wow! thanks! I can't wait!

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    Icarus, really? That's good to hear. Thanks mate.

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    Who can?

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    Ah, that makes sense. Thanks!

  36. narniafan4ever ♥ says:

    Hey, I like your name, Warrior 4 Jesus! 😀 I am a His warrior, too! 🙂

  37. Me Sa U Sa says:

    WOW!! I havn't commented in a while. Sorry. I have been SO Busy with stuff. But that sounds really good. =)

  38. WillMoseleyandSkandarcrush! says:

    Yea. me too! I'm a Warrior 4 Jesus as well!

  39. WillMoseleyandSkandarcrush! says:

    I don't remember a pic of Aslan in his cabin, but it'd still be cool if he had something of Aslan. Lucy sleeps in Caspian's room, right? That's cool. I wonder if they'll make her talk to the mural now and then. That'd be so cute! Hope the year goes quickly so it wouldn't take so long to wait 4 the movie!

  40. narniafan4ever ♥ says:

    Or, maybe it was a shield hanging on the wall. Either way, there is a scene in the book where Caspian goes into the cabin and then Aslan, through his own picture, speaks to Caspian and tells him that Lucy, Edmund, and Eustace were to sail east…or something like that….I don't remember. I haven't read the book in a while. And, yes, I want this year to go by quickly because of the movie, but I also want to enjoy the year as well. I can't believe how fast time is flying already! AH!!!!!! 😀

  41. narniafan4ever ♥ says:

    haha….a band of warriors….lol 😀

  42. Nicola says:

    They're truely amazing I went 4 times to watch them film fantastic can't wait till Dec 2010

  43. NarnianElf says:

    I am too!! I love your name, Warrior 4 God. I love learning that the people who write these chats are Christians!!!

  44. NarnianElf says:

    I have that same problem. I get on NarniaWeb as much as I can, and yet the latest headlines always have tons of comments already! ah well.

  45. NarnianElf says:

    This is SOOOO awesome. it is indescribable how much I want to see this movie! I want to act Jill Pole in TSC and TLB so bad, I have dreamed about it at night (except it was a bad dream :D)Anyway, this is SOOOO cool! They are doing such an awesome job on this production.

  46. Milady of Narnia says:

    I am so excited!

  47. Waleed Sajjad says:

    wer da heck do u get emotikonz on dis?!?!

  48. narnian resident says:

    yeah it said there was some sort of plaque or picture of a lion's head, and after caspian has his temper fit and he storms into his room, the lion head comes to life and tells him that he must return to narnia and Lucy, Edmund, Eustace, and Reepicheep are to continue sailing east. im looking forward to that scene, cuz its such a cool part in the book. caspian never really has a one to one talk with aslan and this is that chance he does, and aslan scolds him for being angry. i hope they make it really cool!

  49. narnian resident says:

    its not hard to know that some readers of Lewis are definatly christian. after all, his stories are all christian based anyway. thats one BIG reason why i love reading his books 🙂

  50. narnian resident says:

    i thought they said a long time ago that some man had bought it. i'd rather it be owned by someone than scrapped, the Dawn Treader is just too great for that. if thats the case, they should find a home for it, like somewhere in america or new zealand, and make it into a walk on narnia expedition display. now that would be awesome! why dont they ever take advice from us? they should, cuz i think we narniawebbers have got some good ideas 🙂

  51. narnian resident says:

    lol thats funny narniaelf! im sure we all dream of being in the movies, working with the movies, or doing something with the movies. i just want to be there with them to experience it! i'll intern! i'll tell them im doing a project on how a movie is made! lol that would be cool! i would love to work with the costume designers, or the scriptwriters. i bet i could give them some great ideas with the script 🙂

  52. narnian resident says:

    really nicola?! i want details 😀 what was it like? how did it look? lol i just want to know