Ramandu’s Daughter Given a Name – Lilliandil

Posted June 1, 2010 12:39 pm by fantasia_kitty

We were contacted by someone within the production who shared a few tidbits of information with us regarding the character of Ramandu’s Daughter.

First, the lovely actress who was the stand-in for the character of Ramandu’s Daughter is Stefania Duncan; 21 year old model and actress from Queensland Australia. Her profile can be seen on StarNow.com here.

Second, the character has been given a name for this movie: Lilliandil. Tirian can confirm this name from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader footage he saw a few months ago. He also mentioned that Douglas Gresham was the one who created this name. Very pretty!

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  • Jill Pole says:

    I think that is a great name for Ramndus Daughter. I hope the actress can play her real well. I think Johnny Depp would make the perfect Puddleglum! He is tall and thin and very used to having pale skin and strange hair and he also does different voices very well. Is it just me or can anyone else this him as making a great Puddleglum?

    • Matthias of Redwall says:

      wow, I never thought of that…
      that’s a great idea!!
      he totally would make a great Puddleglum!

  • Jill Pole says:


  • RuralNarniaFan says:

    Heh, not really what I’d call a star-ish name – but then I don’t know what is. xD

    I just hope they pronounce it "Lill-ee-AHN-dil" or "Lill-ee-AHN-deel".

  • HighQueenofNarnia says:

    I bet that here on NW, there will soon be a member whose username is Lilliandil. 🙂
    Probably the same for Narniafans, Aslan’s Country, Lion’s Call, etc. 🙂
    Just a guess!

  • Katana says:

    Lilliandil is a good name for Ramandu’s daughter its so pretty but also ethreal and mysterious.

  • loverforben says:

    Oh, my gosh! She is so beautiful! They have picked a great girl and a great name for Ramondue’s daughter!