‘The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’ Trailer is Here!

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for since Prince Caspian came out — the unveiling of the first trailer for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader! This film has had a tough journey from the book to the screen; for a while we didn’t even know if it would be made. The voyage isn’t over, but at long last the trailer has arrived in all its glory to tantalize Narnia fans around the world.


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Opening shot in Cambridge with recruitment posters

Recruitment Officer: Are you sure you’re 18?

Edmund: Why, do I look older?

Lucy: Edmund, you’re supposed to be helping me with the groceries.

Other boys in line: [laughter] Good luck next time eh squirt?

Outside of the recruitment building Edmund and Lucy load up their groceries on a bicycle

Edmund: Squirt! I’m a king.

Lucy: Not in this world.

20th Century Fox Logo and the Walden Media Logo

In the Scrubb household, Edmund and Lucy study a painting of an ocean with a tiny ship sailing on it

Edmund: Lucy, have you seen this ship before

A closeup of the painting and the waves are starting to roll and on one side a tiny trickle of water forms

Lucy: It’s very Narnian looking isn’t it?

In the same bedroom, all of a sudden the painting starts gushing water into the room and Edmund, Lucy and Eustace look dumbfounded

Eustace: What’s going on here?

Lucy: Edmund the painting!

Eustace yells and pulls it off the wall. Edmund and Lucy try to help, but water is rapidly filling the bedroom. Lucy screams and falls and suddenly the room is completely underwater with furniture floating around. They swim upwards towards the surface and just as they reach it and gasp for air Lucy turns and sees the Dawn Treader sailing towards them.

Lucy: Edmund!

Caspian and Lucy are hoisted out of the water onto the ship. Lucy, now in Narnian clothes looks into a mirror and sees her reflection and Aslan looking back at her.

Lucy: Aslan.

Aslan: Welcome. You have come far, but your journey lies beyond.

A shot of the Dawn Treader sailing away from an island at sunset. A shot of a minotaur on board as well as a couple crew members in the background. A shot of Lucy and Edmund standing on deck wrapped in blankets.

Lucy: Reepicheep!

Reepicheep bows.

Reepicheep: Your majesties!

A shot of a mermaid swimming in the water next to the ship. She waves and Lucy waves back.

Edmund: So if there are no wars to fight, then why are we here?

Caspian walks through a door followed by Edmund and someone else. Edmund looks through a spyglass. A shot of an island surrounded by fog. A shot of Coriakin magically throwing a map across the floor.

Coriakin: You are all about to be tested.

A shot of Eustace peeking through something. Smoking tendrils surround the ship and head towards the crew members. One in particular heads towards Edmund.

White Witch: Edmund, I can make you my king.

A vision of the White Witch

White Witch: And much more.

Lucy blows across the cover of the Magician’s Book and the letters on the front of it arrange into The Book of Incantations. She opens it. She sees a reflection of herself on one page and then begins to transform into Susan.

Lucy: I’m beautiful.

Lucy hears a lion roar and jumps away from the book as pages quickly turn away from the page. Next shot is Lucy standing in the Magician’s room as snow is falling all around her. She gazes up in wonder.

Coriakin: You have an extraordinary destiny.

Reepicheep quickly climbs up the mast of the Dawn Treader where he reaches the crow’s nest and looks out smiling.

Coriakin: Something greater than you could have imagined.

Narrator: From C. S. Lewis’ epic masterpiece…

Shot of the crew aboard the Dawn Treader with Drinian at the helm. Shot of what is likely Narrowhaven. Shot of Lilliandil glowing beautifully.

Lilliandil: The fate of Narnia depends on you.

Narrator: This Christmas…

Edmund holds Rhindon in his hand. It’s glowing blue. Lilliandil turns back into a star and shoots into the heavens while Caspian, Edmund, and Lucy look on.

Narrator: Return to Hope

Shot of a faun doing a flip in Narrowhaven and kicking someone. Shot of Lucy aboard the Dawn Treader about to fire an arrow.

Narrator: Return to Magic

In the magician’s study, suddenly where he was once invisible, Coriakin turns around with a book in his hand. Shot changes to the Dufflepuds bouncing around on one foot with Eustace standing in the middle of them looking dumbfounded.

Chief Dufflepud: This place just gets weirder and weirder.

Narrator: Return to Narnia

Shot of Caspian, Edmund, Lucy, Eustace, and Reepicheep paddling a rowboat through the sea of lilies. Shot of Aslan standing on dry ground next to Caspian, Edmund, Eustace, Lucy, and Reepicheep while holding back a wave.

Aslan: You have returned for a reason. Your adventure begins now.

Shot of Peter. Shot of Susan. Shot of Lucy. Shot of Edmund. Aslan standing on the shore roars.

End credits. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader form out of spiked rocks and then turn into the well known logo with the Dawn treader seen sailing in the background between snowy mountains. Christmas. 3D.

Narrator: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Directed by Michael Apted. This December in Digital 3D.

395 Responses

  1. Beginte says:

    I must say I'm also happy to see Susan and Peter. Before anyone jumps on me and destroys me, I once again say what I believe in – film based on a book is a rendition, I go to see it because I want to see a new take on some things, some new ideas, some changes. When I want to watch the story faithfully and literally, I read a book and see how it all plays before my eyes. Back to Susan and Peter, I've always missed them in VoDT, Susan being one of my top three favourite characters (along with Caspian and Peter), so I'm curious what they're doing there, and happy to see them 🙂

  2. Luis Daniel says:

    Last night or this morning how ever u say i watched the trailer 30 times alone and one time with my sist and she love it. Then i started to promote the trailer to every person i know. IM REALLY EXITED FOR THIS MOVIE< IS GOING TO ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • WilliamMoseleyandSkandarcrush! says:

      You pretty much said it right there! OMGOSH!!! I'm SO EXCITED!!! I'm so relieved that the white witch was at the Dark Island and haunts Edmund. I mean, he probably didn't dream about her recently, but he probably did in the LWW; just never mentioned. I love the, "Why? Do I look older?" This is gonna be awesome!!! I watched it 100 times over and over again

  3. LoveNarniaLive4God says:

    Did anyone catch Gaels appearance?????? it was for two seconds between 1:03- 1:05… she is standing next to lucy on the left hand side of the ship, and she's wearing that gown thingy, so u can spot her pretty easliy! lets just hope that this only means that her part in the film is just as small, and unoticable!

    • iLiveInNarnia says:

      i noticed it too!

    • Caspian says:

      But that means that she's with them on the Dark Island…*frown*

      Hmm…I like the trailer mostly. Two things…Edmund is starting to sound like Peter trying to be magnificent (and failing), and Caspian had no lines. I'm kind of wondering if the latter is because they want to keep his new awesome accent a secret…but I suppose we will see.

      Also, in the transcript thing, is it not Eustace who says "This place just gets weirder and weirder" instead of the Chief Duffer?

  4. thyservant says:

    Is it possible that some of the scenes of this trailer won't appear in the film? For example, the scenes of the four Pevensies…Because, you know, it did happen to PC…

  5. farsight1 says:

    Has anybody visited Narnia.com today? It's online and looks great.

  6. iLiveInNarnia says:

    Ugh. I have some major issues with this trailer. Not gonna lie :/

    • thyservant says:

      May I ask what are they?

    • Sam says:

      If you have issues with this trailer there is seriously something wrong with you. I hate it when people are all like, *whiny voice* "I hope they don't change anything!"

      • Bookwyrm says:

        Not everyone's opinion of the trailer is going to be "OMIGOSH!! IT'S SO FREAKING SHINY!!!" Get over it.

  7. CaspianX says:

    THIS LOOKS FANTASTIC! I can't say how good this looks!

  8. Hope in the Lord says:

    I love the snow falling around Lucy beautiful shot there. I like the fight in that village like place I'm guessing it's the lone islands but what's up with the faun? Is he one of the crew? Poor Edmund constantly being targeted by the witch it seems, can he never escape her after all she's done? Can't wait. 🙂

  9. Benjamin says:

    That is really cool! Not sure what to think about it other than it was really cool looking.

  10. Lylanarniafan says:

    I love Narnia, but I don't like the new music for the movie.
    but now i'm more exited to wach Narnia

    • Sam says:

      Do you mind telling me what's wrong with it? I love the new music!

      • Lylanarniafan says:

        well i like it but if you remember about the music of the first ones it was PERFCT because when youlisten the music you feel it you return to NARNIA

  11. QueenLucytheValient says:

    i have to admit i was scared at first because of the new director and i wasn't sure how the movie would turn out but i was absolutly amazed!! however ben as caspian didn't have many shots or any lines in the trailer 🙁
    but other than that i can't wait for december! <3

  12. Narnia-Fan1 says:

    omg this is so epic!!!!!!!¨I watched the trailer about 20 times!! Can't wait for the movie!

  13. daughter of the King says:

    I think I'm going to cry…….

  14. wild rose says:

    Wow, finally the trailer!!!!!!!!
    I can hardly wait for the movie

  15. Angelus 2222 says:

    Looks amazing! Love that the put Peter and Susan into this movie! Watched the trailer 20 times and still can’t stop.

  16. Only two minutes and it was the best two minutes of my day! I have a good feeling about this movie. It's the best book of the series and I think it's going to be the best movie of the series! I'll be texting my friends and calling family members to check out the trailer.

  17. IT IS TOTALLY AMAZING!! I LOVE IT!! This movie is going to be the best yet!!!! 😀 *squeals and can hardly breathe* SAIL ON!! Go Votd!

  18. TumnusTheBrave says:

    The action during 1:37-1:40 looks pretty cool. the faun doing the flip kick thing looks amazing.

  19. Marianne says:

    Okay… based on this trailer… there's isn't much of the feeling of that innocent, wonderful adventure here. This looks too serious. "The faith of the Narnia depends on you"… I'm not sure about the "You're all about to be tested" either. It could be good.

    What ever. It doesn't change the book, so if it's a good movie on it's own I'll like it anyway.

  20. Marianne says:

    *watches it again*

    It IS very pretty. And oh thank Aslan the White Witch is on the Dark Island. 🙂 Lucy is pretty, Edmund is handsome (but suddenly HE is having these king issues aswell…), not much of Eustace yet, but his paniced voice is good. And the part of the extraordinary destiny is very good. That's what Narnia is about, right? Learn that there is more than just the ordinary reality: the reality of God and spirituality.

    Susan and Peter being there looks rather fitting somehowe. After all, Aslan is refering to them all when he says there was a reason they were brought to Narnia, so it could work in the context.

    In the end, my only complaint it that it looks too serious and not adventurous and magical enough, but "the trailer always lies", so… 🙂

    • NarnianPrincess says:

      I agree with you 100%! It DOES look a little too hmm…"gloomy" and serious, but yeah, the trailer lies sometimes! 😀

      • Elf Maiden Archer of Rivendell says:

        Totally agree! I saw the Clash of the Titans trailer & thought "This movie's gonna be GOOD!", then I saw clips and the acting sucked, & the CG wasn't that great. But I thought the trailer was HANDS DOWN THE AWESOMEST NARNIA TRAILER EVA! Sorry, I am way to excited right now! 😉 My sisters and I were screaming our heads off when we 1st played it. And I was counting down to trailer release. I was @ the mall all day(the trailer came out 3pm my time. Saw it right now, twice. Gonna see it again, in 3D @ the theaters, & plug it into my(our) big HDTV! 😉 Lucy is gourgeous, Ed's hilarious (I notice he's having the king problems & temptations by the White Witch just like Peter in PC), Caspian (in my opinion & probably my friends, also) looks much better & more manlier looking with the beard! No offence, ok? It's MY opinion. I wondering about the Susan & Peter cameo, as they have Narnian clothes on. Wish Caspian would say something with the new brit accent. (Cannot wait til next trailer!) Visual effects are awesome!!!!!!! I am seriously going 2 see it in 3D! Oh, man I think I have way too much to say! I didn't get to comment on the last 3 posts because the comment box would not appear. (I would much indeed appreciate it if that was fixed. Thanks! 😉 ) I think today's one of the best days of this summer(until the next trailer) oh, and today I went to the used books store & found "The Crafting of NARNIA: The Art, Creatures, and Weapons from Weta Workshop"! For only less than $10! (original price £20 or $40) It was in fabulous condition, no tear, nothing! Like new! (Thank you so much God!) Hope everybody's day was awesome, too! Cheers! 😉

      • sheroo of stormness head says:

        I don't think they can really make Edmund have problems just like Peter in PC because everyone would be in uproar, and for two obvious reasons: 1, it would be too much like PC, and 2, It's Edmund. 🙂 However, can you imagine being turned away and being called a squirt after you've fought in how many battles?

        I'm so excited for December 10!

  21. NarnianPrincess says:

    This will be one of my favorite movies ever, I can tell already! It's not only my favorite book in the Chronicles, but it's my favorite book ever. I have a picture in my mind of what everyone and everything look like, and I was sure that the movie will crush all that I have imagined. But Oh no no no, it looks amazing. Absulutely amazing. You have no idea how excited I am! 😀

  22. Narnia Ultimate Fan says:

    Love it! Love it! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Ella Kelly says:

    I'm a little worried by the distinct lack of Caspian in the trailer. When it comes down to it, he is a pretty important part, but they focused in on Lucy A LOT. Still, it looks awesome and I can't wait to see it!

  24. Greg says:

    Looks amazing! Can't wait for the Dufflepuds!

  25. NarnianPrincess says:

    It doesn't mention searching for the 7 lords?!? Why is that, seeing that's the reason they are there?!?

    • Lady Jill says:

      That would probably give away too much of the story line for people who never read the book. As you said, it is the "reason" they are there.

    • Sam says:

      Don't worry, the seven lords will be in it. They are in the cast list.

  26. Alambil and Tarva says:

    I LOVE IT! It's going to be awesome seeing that in all its full 3D glory ^_^

    Although I'm a bit worried about one thing: did anyone else notice that Aslan looks a bit different? Like, less glorious than he did in the previous 2 movies? Because I really liked how they did him in LWW and PC and if he looks too different I'm going to be sad 🙁

    • Greg says:

      He does look a bit smaller, doesn't he? Perhaps just the angle of the shots for those scenes?

      • Alambil and Tarva says:

        Not just that–his face looks totally different in the scene when he's next to Lucy.

        Maybe it is just the angles. I dunno. I guess we'll have to see…

      • Ariel_of_Narnia says:

        It's a bit disappointing to see them change him in every movie. So far, I'm liking the look from LWW best.

    • Not Of This World says:

      Don't worry, it'll look beter in the movie 🙂 🙂 🙂

  27. narnia fan 7 says:

    I got up at 5:00 to see the trailer and its Awesome

  28. ana says:

    Dark Island??? It looks more like "Green Smoke Island". Not complaining just thought it was funny.

  29. Fantasy Lover says:

    This trailer is AMAZING! EVERYTHING looks great, the children (especially Lucy and Edmund) look older and beautiful! I believe this movie will make good box office! I love the places they went with the ship. There are even scenes that look exactly like how I imagined when reading the Narnia books (that is Voyage of the Dawn Treader) long time ago! I wasn't expecting to see it today in the morning but Narniaweb and Fox company just made my day. I can't talk too much because I wanna watch the trailer again and again!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Lucy says:

    (Screams like Massie Block in the first scene of the clique movie). Ehmagawd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That was so….ahh……I'm speechless. I LOVE Narnia!!! I'm enchanted, enctranced, besotted, you NAME IT!

    My only worry is that White Witch scene(that HAD better be the dark island, or I'm suing for breech of good taste and sense!). Other than that, I'm in LOVE!

  31. narniafan4ever ♥ says:

    This is amazing!!!!!!!!!1 I can't wait for the movie now! I loved the "why do i look older" line from Edmund…haha. And it almost seems fitting that Edmund would have his nightmare about the White Witch. lol….I am soooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    • Elf Maiden Archer of Rivendell says:

      I loved that line! Hahaha! I don't like Skandar personally because he's so evolutional (duh, he's Darwin's great-great [3 greats?] grandson) and hates Christianity, etc, but does do a great job being Ed, & 80% of his lines are hilarious!

      • RumbleBuffinTheStrong says:

        Yeah, when I heard that he was "related" to Darwin, and proud of it I felt a little disappointed. Hopefully he will see the truth someday.

      • Elf Maiden Archer of Rivendell says:

        Yeah! My friend & I always pray that he will convert, someday.

  32. Lady Aurora says:

    YYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS TRAILER!! It's better than I hoped it would be! I was worried that I might be disappointed, but I think they did a great job on it! Can't wait for the movie! 😀

  33. Quinlin says:

    One word……beautiful……

  34. Pebbles says:

    Yay! I saw it before this on some other website. But urg, I'm so excited!

  35. Oh man OK ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I screamed like this a week before it came out imagine me now ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh it was awesome speechless

  36. Not Of This World says:

    I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for Dec 10!

  37. RumbleBuffinTheStrong says:

    Is it just me, or does Aslan look different this time?? He seems smaller or something. If anything, He should look bigger. I thought the trailer was really. I downloaded all the screenshots. 89. 🙂

    • Molly says:

      I agree, he does look quite a bit different. You could tell even from the first poster that his design has changed somewhat.

  38. Chloe says:

    Wow, it looks so magical. I don't really know what to think. This trailer is ten times better then I thought it would be. It looks slightly darker, but at the same time more magical. Eeek, I am so freaking excited! Eclipse, Harry Potter, and Narnia all in the same year? I'm dying here. Hurry up December!!!!

  39. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was amazing! I'll post more in the forum 😀

  40. Taigan says:

    Honestly, the trailer wasn't as great as I thought it could have been. It was good, but is it just me, or is the reduction in budget just way to obvious, I mean, the CGI isn't nearly as good as PC or LWW for that matter. Don't get me wrong, some scenes look spectacular, eg. the snow falling, the spell book, etc. But some are just a little too lackluster, i.e. Star Girl rising into the sky, Aslan looking a little funny, etc.

  41. Lucy says:

    Could someone tell me where I can download this LOVELY trailer? I'd be awfully greatful.

    Thanks and best wishes,

  42. aravis tarkeena says:

    WOW!!!!!!!! I am so excited for the movie. Edmund's line at the beginning fits right with his character in PC. I agree that Lucy has way to many shots over anyone else,but hey, she's an awsome character. I am a bit disapointed that they did not have Eustace as a dragon or more of the Lone Islands. Actually, I am quite glad that the witch appears to Edmund. In the book, she like appears to Lucy. Having Edmund tempted one last time is a good excitement thing to have. RD looks awsome! I don't know how I feel about having a different composer. The music from the other two I just adored. I am so going to Toy Story 3 to see it in theater!

  43. Aunt Letty says:

    Like how neatly they answered all the questions we've been posing about the Quest of the film, and what the theme would be as they fiddled with scenes and characters for the movie.

    Ed: if there's no war to fight, what are we here for?

    Aslan: you are all about to be tested.

    Could play out really, really well, that. If handled right.

    And, if you think about it, Ed's question is a very insightful way to approach the book, too.

  44. Me says:

    just a tiny bit of caspian… =(

  45. Lutra's Pearl says:

    I got up at 2am CST and watched the trailer over ten times!!!!I was going to try and be one of the first to comment but after waiting a long time I went back to bed. Mt first thought was "this will be better then the PC was, then I got concerned about all of the little things then I got really happy. I just wish that they would have shown Caspain and Eustice more, they were only shown like once. But overall I am very happy with it. I can't wait till December!!! Keep the story of Aslan alive!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Omac the centaur says:


  47. Molly says:

    Wish the trailer offered more glimpses of Eustace – Will Poulter is an excellent young actor! The snippets where you could hear him were fantastic. Also surprised at the minimal appearance of Caspian.

    Just give me time; I've been waiting so long I'm bound to be a bit let down for a while. That being said, I've been waiting so long I'm bound to love it eventually. 😉

  48. Shy Galadriel says:

    Ow, ow, ow, ow! I am sooooo disappointed! I really expected more! Having Lucy morph into Susan was really lame! I was expecting them to digitally change her face to look like HERSELF!!! Not like Anna Popplewell! I mean, Anna's beautiful and all that, but hardly beautiful in such a way that wars would be fought over her beauty. I was kinda expecting them to digitally "glam" Georgie up… And the painting scene… well… it looked disappointing, but it could be much better in the movie. Maybe later today I'll like the trailer more.

    • Timo says:

      In the horse and his boy there IS a battle over Susan.. Or she has atleast an important role.. It makes sence.. I can imagine Lucy looking up to her sister like that..

    • Elf Maiden Archer of Rivendell says:

      Remember this is ONLY the teaser trailer. Plus Lucy is beautiful herself, so it's a tiny bit ironic. Plus the movie is always much better than the trailer. Just compare the LOTR trailers with the epic 3-4 hr. long movies & then compare those with the extended versions, etc.

      • Shy Galadriel says:

        You know what, that helps… it really does. I KNOW that the painting scene will be much better than what they did in the trailer. But having Eustace say "what's going on here" AFTER we've seen water move and pour out of the painting already was slightly corny. Then it got REALLY corny for Lucy to say "Edmund the painting!!!"

        I mean…
        It's just, and she already had said "she's a very Narnian ship" WHILE we saw the ocean move! I imagine that it will be much more magical in the actual movie. But the trailer really, really stinks. Beyond stinks, it B-stinks.

  49. narnian resident says:

    i wanted to scream so bad but my friend was sleeping right here and i didnt want to wake her, so i kinda did a stifled scream and i just couldnt stop smiling!!!
    anyway, i just love it!!! the scenes are so amazing! i find it sorta funny how now Edmund is missing his kingly state and hates being called a kid, just like Peter in PC, and i like that. gosh, Lucy looks so grown up! i was like, "Wow! is that really her?!" i love Eustace, he looks perfect, and his lines are really good, especially the one where he says near the end, "this place just gets wierder and weirder." Caspian looks great although i wish he had some lines, so i could see how the new accent would sound like. Reepicheep is awesome! i just love him! i love the White Which thing where she tempts Edmund, alot like she did to Peter in PC, telling them she would make them King again. all of the amazing special effects and graphics are absolutely breathtaking! it looks like Lucy is going to have a bow, perhaps Susan's bow? that would be really cool. i noticed Peter and Susan near the end, and it almost looked like they were wearing narnian clothes, so i dont know what thats all about but i hope its good. all of it is just so amazing i am so excited that i will not be able to contain myself until December. this has offcially made my day, and perhaps all the days ahead until the movie 😀

  50. QueenLucy12 says:

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
    Soooo… very…beautiful! *crys* I KNOW This movie is going to be AWESOME!!! Wow! I have been waiting Months and months! it was SOOO Worth it!!!!

  51. -centaur- says:

    hmmm…I've got mixed feelings. First, it looks overall good. I don't really like how Lilliandil changes into a star…speaking of which, There's still no Ramandu…have we seen any evidence of his character? Caspian and Eustace weren't in there much, but that's ok I guess…Coriakin looks way different from my mental picture of him, but not a bad different. (he needs a longer beard). If Edmund is registering for the army because he doesn't want to visit Eustace, I think that's pretty funny…The book of incantations looks great.
    Overall, pretty good. I wish we could have seen shots of the dragon and serpent though, I was looking forward to that.

  52. NarniaQueen411 says:

    it looks really cool…but i hope they done veer too far off… lots of focus on Edmund now. But William still comes back! (just 4 a sec at least).
    SOOOO EXCITED! i am soo having a movie party 4 my 15th birthday (right after the movie comes out!)

  53. Narnia Lover says:

    I watched it on Facebook and oh my gosh! I can't WAIT to see it! I'm having one of my freek-a-zoeds right now!

  54. Brent says:

    It looks like they are going for a more Harry Potter feel for this film than LOTR. Which I think is a great direction. Narnia is not Middle Earth, and I think the Disney films were always trying to make it so.

    VotDT is absolutely my favorite of the series, but I was really worried they would try to stick to close to the source material, because the episodic nature of Dawn Treader would never work as a two hour film (it would work better as a tv mini-series). It looks like they may have shifted things around a bit so that it flows much better in one sitting.

  55. Casue says:

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! I am so siked!!!!!!! I cannot believe how epic this looks!!!!!!!!! I was really really hoping that they would have Susan and Peter in there (If only for two seconds)!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ben Barnes looks amazing but i really wish that he had some lines in the trailer…………as in him loving a certain Narnian Queen with whom we all are aquainted. *smiles deviously* I also wish that the Minotaurs looked the same….even though they still look cool….i miss the good old person in costume….*sighs* Lucy looks so grown up though! I like how Edmund is sort of being like Peter with the whole "Not a King in England" thing.

  56. Going4God says:

    I was hoping that the painting would major on the DT, and not just having it in the corner. The CGI effects were quite lame. I was expecting a bit more, sorry.
    I'm not sure wether people will have a good first inpression on this movie, since there were not many relistic senes.
    Anyhow, me being me, I was very happy about the trailer.

    Go VDT!

  57. Casue says:

    Wait a sec….. who is Gael? Was she in the book?
    And it's almost like Lucy and Edmund are morphing into their older siblings ex. Lucy with the book, Lucy with the bow; Edmund wanting to be King and Edmund being tempted by Jadis. Strange………..

  58. ibart9 says:

    except for 2 things
    – Reep's new voice, AAAAAAAUUUUUUUGHHH
    – what is with P/S in trailer? i guess that they arent quite ready to give up on the 4 Little Children of LWW

  59. Elf Maiden Archer of Rivendell says:

    Reep's new voice almost sounds the same as the older version. About the other people's comments: Gracious, peoples why so negative & critical & preferred? Just get content & the cg is great, you people are way too used to freaky "awesome" cgi, but that's not what it's supposed to be about, how technical everything is, etc. It's supposed to about the story & moral! It's not avatar, it's Narnia. (Sigh)

  1. June 17, 2010

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