‘The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’ Trailer is Here!

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for since Prince Caspian came out — the unveiling of the first trailer for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader! This film has had a tough journey from the book to the screen; for a while we didn’t even know if it would be made. The voyage isn’t over, but at long last the trailer has arrived in all its glory to tantalize Narnia fans around the world.


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Opening shot in Cambridge with recruitment posters

Recruitment Officer: Are you sure you’re 18?

Edmund: Why, do I look older?

Lucy: Edmund, you’re supposed to be helping me with the groceries.

Other boys in line: [laughter] Good luck next time eh squirt?

Outside of the recruitment building Edmund and Lucy load up their groceries on a bicycle

Edmund: Squirt! I’m a king.

Lucy: Not in this world.

20th Century Fox Logo and the Walden Media Logo

In the Scrubb household, Edmund and Lucy study a painting of an ocean with a tiny ship sailing on it

Edmund: Lucy, have you seen this ship before

A closeup of the painting and the waves are starting to roll and on one side a tiny trickle of water forms

Lucy: It’s very Narnian looking isn’t it?

In the same bedroom, all of a sudden the painting starts gushing water into the room and Edmund, Lucy and Eustace look dumbfounded

Eustace: What’s going on here?

Lucy: Edmund the painting!

Eustace yells and pulls it off the wall. Edmund and Lucy try to help, but water is rapidly filling the bedroom. Lucy screams and falls and suddenly the room is completely underwater with furniture floating around. They swim upwards towards the surface and just as they reach it and gasp for air Lucy turns and sees the Dawn Treader sailing towards them.

Lucy: Edmund!

Caspian and Lucy are hoisted out of the water onto the ship. Lucy, now in Narnian clothes looks into a mirror and sees her reflection and Aslan looking back at her.

Lucy: Aslan.

Aslan: Welcome. You have come far, but your journey lies beyond.

A shot of the Dawn Treader sailing away from an island at sunset. A shot of a minotaur on board as well as a couple crew members in the background. A shot of Lucy and Edmund standing on deck wrapped in blankets.

Lucy: Reepicheep!

Reepicheep bows.

Reepicheep: Your majesties!

A shot of a mermaid swimming in the water next to the ship. She waves and Lucy waves back.

Edmund: So if there are no wars to fight, then why are we here?

Caspian walks through a door followed by Edmund and someone else. Edmund looks through a spyglass. A shot of an island surrounded by fog. A shot of Coriakin magically throwing a map across the floor.

Coriakin: You are all about to be tested.

A shot of Eustace peeking through something. Smoking tendrils surround the ship and head towards the crew members. One in particular heads towards Edmund.

White Witch: Edmund, I can make you my king.

A vision of the White Witch

White Witch: And much more.

Lucy blows across the cover of the Magician’s Book and the letters on the front of it arrange into The Book of Incantations. She opens it. She sees a reflection of herself on one page and then begins to transform into Susan.

Lucy: I’m beautiful.

Lucy hears a lion roar and jumps away from the book as pages quickly turn away from the page. Next shot is Lucy standing in the Magician’s room as snow is falling all around her. She gazes up in wonder.

Coriakin: You have an extraordinary destiny.

Reepicheep quickly climbs up the mast of the Dawn Treader where he reaches the crow’s nest and looks out smiling.

Coriakin: Something greater than you could have imagined.

Narrator: From C. S. Lewis’ epic masterpiece…

Shot of the crew aboard the Dawn Treader with Drinian at the helm. Shot of what is likely Narrowhaven. Shot of Lilliandil glowing beautifully.

Lilliandil: The fate of Narnia depends on you.

Narrator: This Christmas…

Edmund holds Rhindon in his hand. It’s glowing blue. Lilliandil turns back into a star and shoots into the heavens while Caspian, Edmund, and Lucy look on.

Narrator: Return to Hope

Shot of a faun doing a flip in Narrowhaven and kicking someone. Shot of Lucy aboard the Dawn Treader about to fire an arrow.

Narrator: Return to Magic

In the magician’s study, suddenly where he was once invisible, Coriakin turns around with a book in his hand. Shot changes to the Dufflepuds bouncing around on one foot with Eustace standing in the middle of them looking dumbfounded.

Chief Dufflepud: This place just gets weirder and weirder.

Narrator: Return to Narnia

Shot of Caspian, Edmund, Lucy, Eustace, and Reepicheep paddling a rowboat through the sea of lilies. Shot of Aslan standing on dry ground next to Caspian, Edmund, Eustace, Lucy, and Reepicheep while holding back a wave.

Aslan: You have returned for a reason. Your adventure begins now.

Shot of Peter. Shot of Susan. Shot of Lucy. Shot of Edmund. Aslan standing on the shore roars.

End credits. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader form out of spiked rocks and then turn into the well known logo with the Dawn treader seen sailing in the background between snowy mountains. Christmas. 3D.

Narrator: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Directed by Michael Apted. This December in Digital 3D.

395 Responses

  1. Brian in Calgary says:

    I loved the trailer. Some might say "this" wasn't in the book, and "that" wasn't in the book. To me that isn't important – "this" and "that" could simply add to the story as told by the book. The important question is whether "this" or "that" actually CONTRADICTS the book (IMHO that was one of the flaws in PC – there were too many elements that flat out contradicted the book).

  2. MP_in_Narnia says:

    For some reason, I'm not ecstatic about the trailer… I don't hate it, but I'm definitely not screaming and jumping around like I thought I would… Hmm it might be because I kept having nightmares last night about the trailer…and they were horrible! But don't get me wrong…I'm one of the biggest Narnia fans out there, (especially so of DT, I even painted a picture of the Dawn Treader last year!!!) so why I feel this way is more than puzzling. 🙁

    In the real trailer, for some reason, I found Lucy's voice different/slightly annoying. Has she changed her accent for THIS movie too?

    And there was a shot about midway through of Aslan… Oh my gosh… I thought he looked like a costume/puppet! :/ Please, again, don't get me wrong…I'm usually extremely optimistic and excited, but for some reason… I'm not in LOVE with this trailer.
    Maybe I'll like it better later! Sail on DT!

  3. Ari says:

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!! I love how Edmund tries to enlist and it doesn't work. I don't like how they try to present him like Peter in PC. I don't like Peter, never have, and have always loved Edmund so PC was such a victorious slap in the face to my Peter loving friends. This whole "I wasn't always a kid" thing from Ed was annoying. Painting scene isn't how I pictured it, but it could be interpreted that way. Love Coriaken's house. It's even better than I pictured it. I ABSOLUTELY POSITUTLY WITH-OUT-A-DOUBT LOVE the White Witch's scene. It's brilliant, particularily if it is on Dark Island. I don't like how they morph Lucy into Susan. love the snow scene. Love the star. Love the sword glowing blue. Like everything else.
    About this whole "The movies are growing darker and more serious!" thing. I kind of like it. I know this is troublesome and scary for some. For me however, these movies coincide with my taste. I was kind of young when LWW came out, and it was perfect. PC, just enough brutality, drama, romance, and above all, Sprituality, for my age. I can tell VDT is going to be perfect.

    • Aunt Letty says:

      But…funnily enough, Edmund loves Peter and hates the White Witch. And, usually, when he comes to Narnia, it's to help prevent the darkness and scary stuff if he can.

      Not that you can have a story without the dark stuff, as Lewis himself points out in one of the CofN books ( I forget which at the moment).

      Just curious…because I've never heard anyone say they don't like Peter; what is it that you dislike about him?

  4. boke_wyrm says:

    One of my favorite scenes in the book is the spell "for the refreshment of the spirit". It is really a story about "a Cup, a Sword, a Tree and a Hill". Achingly beautiful, but how to do it on screen? I wonder, therefore, if the scene with the snow in Coriakin's library is actually part of the refreshment spell, meant to revive Lucy's memory of her first arrival in Narnia, in a way that works cinematically.

    • ztr_rider says:

      I'm very interested to see what they do with that. Many people interpret that story as Lewis alluding to the Last Supper and the Crucifixion. Cup (last supper), Sword (Jesus is arrested), Tree (the cross), Hill (Calvary). Personally, I agree with that interpretation and I hope they don't rule it out in the movie.

      • Aslan's Meadow says:

        That is very neat! I never though of that.
        That is definitally what I'll think of whenever I read about the story now.

  5. Ari says:

    Oh, yeah, Caspian has a beard!!!(or mustache. I forget)

  6. Sam says:

    I noticed Asland looked weird where he appeared halfway through the trailer, but he looks a lot better at the end of the trailer.

    • MP_in_Narnia says:

      Exactly what I thought.

      • Edson07 says:

        Me too, he looks diferents there, but at the end he looks better.

      • wolfloversk says:

        I noticed the same thing. I love the 2nd to the last shot of him. Reep seems a bit bigger but otherwise he's perfect. Sail on Narnia!!! Sail on!!!

    • Midshipman Pepper Darcy says:

      I think Aslan looking weird in the mirror was because 'he was in the mirror' I was freaking out at first too because I thought: 'his body's gone!' then I looked at the screen cap and put 2 and 2 together: he's just showing up for Lucy's sake ; ) Or maybe I'm wrong 🙂 I was concerned at first as well 🙂 SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!

    • Lutra's Pearl says:

      I like his roar at the end. I thought they did a really bad job at it in the first two. It was not strong enough at all, this time seemed better. Keep the story of Aslan alive!!!

      • Omac the centaur says:

        ya I liked his roar better this time to. CANT WAIT 4 THE MOVIE!! whoops, there i go yelling again. lol 😉

    • vince519 says:

      It looked to me as though Lucy was seeing Aslan in the magician's book which would mean he was supposed to look "illustrated".

      • vince519 says:

        Scratch that. I think they are looking out a window. I don't really think Aslan looks so weird though.

  7. Aslan is Back says:

    I think the trailer is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
    Only disappointments: Nothing about "Dragon Eustace"; Caspian had no lines(wanted to hear the accent); Aslan looked a bit different; and I don't get Peter and Susan being in it…Thought that didn't happen till the Last Battle, and Susan isn't in that one…hmm.
    LOVED: "Why, Do I look older?"(fav. line so far);Reep's voice doesn't sound tooo different; White Witch testing Edmund; the resemblance btwn Lucy and Susan and Edmund and Peter…It makes sense since they're siblings:); and Everyone looks sooo grown up!
    I am beyond excited and remaining cautiously optomistic about my worries:) Thank you God for letting us see the beginning of a story that was written for your glory!!!!

    • Timo says:

      Well actually the White Witch doesnt test edmund.. She's dead.. It's just edmund's worst nightmare, that turning him against himself…

      • ztr_rider says:

        I too hope it's only something as subtle as that, but considering the way they "expanded" on the Prince Caspian movie, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the White Witch's evil spirit is controlling the 'Dark Island' and that she is responsible for the fates of the 7 lost lords in the movie. (not that I think it would be a necessarily bad change… it would bring more focus to the story which I found to be rather meandering in book form)

      • stephanie says:

        really?? are you sure? i hope so. because, it's really stupid to make edmund's character annoying like peter in PC.! with ambition of power to command more than Caspian! edmund is not like that! why it would be a temptation to edmund "i can make you a king" when he is already a king!!!he never wanted power since his redemption and Aslan's sacrifice for him. they can't ruin edmund's character.!

      • Omac the centaur says:

        he does think that he is superior to Caspian at goldwater, until asland comes. but yes, i would be so mad if they did that to him to. >:(

      • Puddleglum says:

        I cannot recall the exact reference, (if someone has a Bible handy?), but there is the verse that says that if we resist the devil, he will flee. That does not mean that he will leave us alone permanantly.
        If the witch represents evil, or the devil, in the books then it stands to reason that she re-appears at times to tempt. Even if it is in a dream.

      • Aslan is Back says:

        The White Witch is not necessarily "dead"…just beaten. If she represents the devil, which is what I believe C.S. Lewis intended, then God continually beats Satan, but does not destroy him, yet. I believe that will happen in the "end times" like it says in Revelation. Therefore the Witch may very well keep popping up in the other stories(hopefully-one-day-movies), like the Enchantress in SC.
        The Witch appearing to Edmund in dreams to tempt his ego seems very likely as well.
        As for Edmund being too focused on power, like Peter in PC, it actually is in the book. That is what the magician means when he says that they will all be tested…Edmunds test is his hunger for power and authority. Most younger brothers seem to want this…remember, Peter was not supposed to be power crazy in PC:)

  8. sgk474 says:

    It looks absolutely amazing! Can't wait!

  9. Wow! That was great! I watched it as soon as I got up this morning! The only thing that is driving me crazy is the White witch! I think the kids look great! I want to see it sooooo bad! I can hardly wait till midnight of Dec. 10!
    It looks like they are trying to go to the book more on this one. I love the scene where they join the Dawn Treader. Eustace is perfect. Just how I imagined him when I was reading the book! A little chubby and blond! I think that Lucy is looking great. 🙂 She keeps that sweet face that Lucy was supposed to have. Looks like they nailed the Dufflepuds too. Happy about that! I think the scene I am looking forward to the most in the one with the Magicians book. That has so much potential! I am looking forward to Deathwater island too!
    Just can't wait for the whole thing!

    • Oh, and I am sooooooooooo excited about 3D!!!!

      • This is really really great! I really don't think the White Witch thing is a big deal. From the looks of it, it will be a quick 30 second appearance, I mean how much time can they spend on a nightmare of the White Witch returning. It's called The Voyage of the DAWN TREADER, not the lion THE WITCH, and the wardrobe! 🙂

  10. twinimage says:

    Feeling rather optimistic at this point. 🙂
    This film looks like it's going to be a good one! It really gives you a feel of adventure, which is should.
    I'm surprised at how much they've kept from the book!

    Some things are… confusing? but not really concerning at this time:

    White Witch I assume will be something like Dark Island. You can see they have their lanterns lit around the ship.

    Peter & Susan??? What? They are in Narnian clothes and in what looks like Narnia??? What's concerning is that it appears Lucy is wearing her clothes that she wore during the rest of the trailer. So, what's up with that? A dream sequence maybe? I don't know if it could be considered a flashback if Lucy's in Caspian's clothes.
    Good thing is, through the rest of the trailer, it's just Lucy and Edmund with Eustace. I seriously don't know where Peter and Susan could come in at in this film.

    Ramandu's daughter looks kind of weird all blue like that. And why does she fly into the air? I think I recall one Narniaweb story saying they following the "blue star". So maybe they meet her early on and follow her to Ramandu's Island? That's probably where that scene in the trailer is from.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Ramandu himself will not be in the film at all. I don't know why they'd want to cut him out though.

    Why is Edmund's sword glowing blue? Personally I think their trying to copy more Lord of the Rings, it reminds me of Frodo's sword. Maybe it's part of the Dark Island? The skies behind him were dark and menacing.

    Ramandu's Daughter says, "The fate of Narnia depends on you." Why? what's up with that? I'm guessing it has to do with the added storyline with the seven swords?

    These are all just curiosities. At this time, I'm not going to worry, because I have a feeling that any changes to the story won't make a HUGE impact on how I will like this film.

    Again, I'm thrilled to see the trailer! And it looks like they're going is a good direction with this.

    • As much as I want the story to stick to the book, I would not be too upset if they did go to Narnia for a short time. I think it would be great. 🙂
      I was confused about Ramandu's daughter too.

      • Jill says:

        What do you mean the seven swords? I think that the whole Peter and Susan thing is to show how far Edmund and Lucy have come in VDT and that they are now just like Peter and Susan were at the end of Prince Caspian, so therefore they cannot come back. I could be wrong, its just a thought.

      • Bookwyrm says:

        You do realize that having Peter and Susan in Narnia in VDT would make Aslan a liar?

  11. Tauriel says:

    Oh, it looks absolutely GORGEOUS!! 😀 The visuals are simply stunning! I love it!

  12. MP_in_Narnia says:

    In the scripting that was added below the trailer, it was typed that the Chief Dufflepud says: "This place just gets weirder and weirder." However, I think it's much more likely that Eustace is the one saying that line.

    Opinions? Did I miss seeing the Cheif talk?

  13. miriam says:

    I think it looks AMAZING!!! I wasn't too sure about how they did the lilly scene at first..but when i look at it again it looks incredible!. So Excited..When King Caspian comes through the double doors..WOW! 😀

  14. Eden says:


    • Omac the centaur says:


      • Eavis says:

        My ears, people. Like I don't dig loud noises, man.


        I know, it's exciting. Just please, stop shouting.

      • wolfloversk says:

        *whispers "hooray" excitedly*

      • Puddleglum says:

        Oh let them. If you don't like it do what I do and carry some cotton and bee's wax in your pocket for your ears. Trust me it works.

      • Omac the centaur says:

        truly i no not why i scream exept 4 the excitement. i'm sure it wouldn't be something a centaur like me should do. in the future, i shall try to keep my voice 4 the battle.
        for Narnia, and for Aslan!

      • Puddleglum says:

        I mean no offence my friend.
        I am quite content with loud noises from other folks. I am just prepaired for the eventuality.

      • Omac the centaur says:

        then no offense taken. 🙂 however i do long 4 the sounds of battle again.

      • Puddleglum says:

        Wait for the Last one.

      • Omac the centaur says:

        I shall. they SHOULD have some centaurs at the stable. and maybe a minotaur also. r u marshwiggles any good at fighting?

      • Puddleglum says:

        I must admit I am not much with a sword, and find sharp object more suitable for whittling . Though we do have some marginal skill with the bow. You have to be to get an eel, as they tend to be rather evasive.
        But I guess in a pitched battle you would do best counting on an elf, or faun as I would most likely shoot myself in the foot.

      • Omac the centaur says:

        no doubt ur foot has had enough painfor its lifetime. well, we can count on u for the food then. 🙂

  15. Narnia Fanatic says:

    I think the graphics and visuals for the trailer look great! I would have liked to see them showing Eustace as the dragon though. And i hope they don't make it too much different from the book. I do not understand why the White Witch is there. And it looked like Peter and Susan were in Narnia?! I am excited to see how this will all fit together! I would have liked to hear what Capian's voice would sound like. But overal I am very excited and cannot wait to see the movie!!

  16. kirstainrohan says:

    wow! I like it very much! Lucy is charming as always 🙂 and the scene with the lilies in!…. I'm hopefully optimistic about the movie and looking forward to it coming out. Wonder if this is the only trailer we'll see? haha It's great!

  17. AncientEgyptFan says:

    This trailer was awesome! I really like the shot near the end of the trailer when Lucy is walking towards the camera. Can't wait for the movie! 🙂

    • AncientEgyptFan says:

      When Eustace goes to pull the painting off the wall, does Edmund yell "Don't Eustace, No!".

      • QueenLucy12 says:

        yup Edmund says it 🙂 does anyone know :what movie would the Prince Caspian trailer be on?

      • ztr_rider says:

        the trailer is supposed to be attached to Toy Story 3. It's going to be like a double feature. 😀
        3D trailer anyone?

  18. Christina says:

    Thank God for the trailer,I'm very very happy to see its finally here! =)

  19. narniafan#1 says:


  20. Casue says:

    Who is gael????????

    • Gael is the MLG (Mysterious little girl). Some think that she may be Drinian's or Rhince's daughter. I don't think anyone knows yet. She appeared in some of the footage that was taken by the Narnia Webbers. She does not appear in the book and I think that there is still a good deal of speculation over her.

  21. luis alfredo says:

    No puedo creer q este viendo el trailer de narnia, esta demaciado bien!!!!! viva narnia

  22. N-Fan says:

    One thing I'm really glad about is it looks like they've changed things from the book. Voyage is a great book, but its format would make a terribly boring movie. It needs to be changed to work on the big screen and it looks like they've made some improvisations and I approve.

  23. Liberty Hoffman says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS! IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME! yay! awesome! awesome!

  24. emijoy says:

    this trailer is terrible! i was so disappointed when i first saw it. i thought it would be more like the trailers for the previous movies. they better come out with a better trailer.
    it sounded a little bit fake and a lot less exciting.

    there's no metion of eustance turning into a dragon or the 7 lords.

    aslan seems different and a lot less important.

    i hope the new director hasn't ruined the movie.

    • Brock Hammon says:

      emijoy, you wrote:

      this trailer is terrible! i was so disappointed when i first saw it. i thought it would be more like the trailers for the previous movies. they better come out with a better trailer.
      it sounded a little bit fake and a lot less exciting.

      there’s no metion of eustance turning into a dragon or the 7 lords.

      aslan seems different and a lot less important.

      i hope the new director hasn’t ruined the movie.

      This is EXACTLY how I feel! I'm glad I found someone who agrees with me.

      I feel like one would have to be high to enjoy this trailer.

      • caspian fan says:

        its called a teaser trailer gosh. i mean just
        remember how weird the pc trailer was and it turned out fine
        when trailer 2 came out.

    • Susan the Gentel says:

      I feel the exact same way! I've been waiting for this for 6 months and now i am rather disappointed, it looks like the movie is focused more on magic than the previous films and i personally don't like that very much. Yes i know that there is magic in the book but this trailer seem to more focused on it then Alsan and that saddens me. The CGI of Aslan seem to be getting worse in each movie!! I was expecting the trailer to be similar to the first two but i am not impressed hopefully a better one comes out soon. Sorry to be so negative!

    • Sam says:

      What makes you think this movie is all about magic and barely about aslan. if you read the book you would know aslan was only in one or two scenes. It's the Chronicles of Narnia, there should be magic in it.

      What people are so excited about is this: Everything in the trailer was confirmation to us that they are following the book pretty close. Every clip was from an obvious scene in the book except for the one with the star girl talking to them which is unlike the prince caspian trailer when almost the entire trailer was of scenes that they added to the movie mainly because prince caspian was almost a completely different story.

    • Sam says:

      Eustace turning into a Dragon will be in the movie because I saw a video of them filming a scene with eustace as a dragon.

      and the seven lords will be in it because they are in the cast list. look for yourself.

    • wolfloversk says:

      I think Aslan really isn't too bad except the first shot. His snout is too white thats my only complain, and the closeup of his eyes needs work, but he looks great in the rest of them. When I first saw it it seemed to magical for me too, I was hoping they wouldn't do that because Adamson tried to make the first two feel like a real place and I thought it was a nice touch, but when I looked at it again, the magic seems to be exactly where the book described it, especially in the magician's house. Realizing that made me feel a bit better about it. The other thing that bothered me was the delivery of some of the lines, but if you look at the LWW trailers the delivery changed drastically from trailer to film, and I expect (and hope) its the same way with VDT. Overall I like it.

      • Susan the Gentel says:

        Yes! That's exactly how i feel. The only thing about magic that worries me is if they over do the part about the 7 swords and make that too magical and unbelievable.

  25. Chrissy says:

    SWEET!!! I'm still really excited to see this movie, but to be honest this trailer was a let down.

    Aslan seemed weird/cheap (like the BBC Aslan). Especially Aslan’s eyes. I loved his eyes…they were always something special about them, but now it seems like there’s nothing special or charming about them.

    The actors were not as believable (their acting came off as cheesy and disconnected…..I know they can do better than that)

    Obviously what was with Jardis, Peter, and Susan???

    What was the point? The trailer didn’t seem to have any focus. It seemed too ambiguous and random. Plus, where was the dragon??? I really hope they didn’t take those scenes out!!!

    The first image of the ship looks really cheesy…like an amusement park ride. The top view of the ship looks better, but on the sides, it looks like plastic.

    “The fate of Narnia depends on you.” WHAT??????

    I can tell the general quality of the film doesn’t look too great…

    I like the Lucy and book scene.

    Edmund with the blue sword is just too much like “sting” and it looks fake and plastic

    The dialogue seems cheesy, too =(

    I hope the movie will be different from the trailer. Obviously since this is just the trailer, I may end up loving the movie after all. But this trailer doesn’t seem all that great (besides the music). But it does seem like they’re trying to follow the book….trying lol (maybe not fully succeeding).

    • emijoy says:

      i aggree with everything you said. this trailer does not seem to be going anywhere!

      • Chrissy says:

        @ emijoy
        I know, right. And yeah, you're right. They didn't even mention the 7 lords…..that's like a major plot line.

      • Purple says:

        *Tries not to laugh.*
        Trailers aren't supposed to tell about the plot line really! You're /not/ serious, right? They're only to make people want to see the movie. Not tell the plot!

    • Charlotte says:

      I totally agree with you! The CG effects were so cheesy and the part with Liliandel turning into "the blue star" felt very much like Super Mario Galaxy. And I don't think anyone who saw this trailer would say "oh, that looks like a good movie!" I think they'd be more inclined to laugh and say "they're making ANOTHER one?"
      It doesn't feel good to criticize a Narnia movie trailer, especially VDT, but this trailer has me more worried than excited. Maybe Disney would have done a better job….

      • Charlotte says:

        I've completly changed my mind! Watch it again, and your eyes will adjust to the digital film. And then…… WOW! I'm so so so excited for this film now!! 🙂

      • Sam says:

        Why is everyone assuming that is Lilliandil. Lilliandil was a star/human. that girl was like a complete star

    • Brian in Calgary says:

      With respect to Jadis, it looks like she is in the part of the story that shows the Dawn Treader at the island where dreams (nightmares) come true. She would certainly be part of Edmund's worst nightmare. Maybe Peter and Susan are part of someone else's dream?

  26. Aravis & Hwin says:

    It looks great!!! I love it and can't wait to see more! Although… I would have liked to see Eustace swinging Reep around by his tail :)!

  27. NarnianElf says:

    WOW… WOW… I can say nothing else! The trailer is SPECTACULAR!! It's better than I ever hoped! Everyone and everything looks great! Oh my goodness, this just gets better and better!!

  28. thyservant says:

    When you have a careful look at the setting of the scene where the four Pevensies appear, you won't get worried about Susan and Peter's appearing at the end of the film.

  29. QueenLucy12 says:

    When I first saw the trailer I Thought "OMGSH!!!! This Movie WILL Be the best one of the YEAR!!!" *going to watch it again for the 20th time!*

  30. MB says:

    Guys, about the 'no mention of the Seven Swords.' I don't think the blue-glow sword is actually Edmund's. I think that's one of the Seven. You know, like a video game, they glow when you collect them. Just a guess.

  31. Bertman316 says:

    I'm tremendously encouraged by this trailer. It really seems to capture the magic and fantasy that I think people missed in the previous film. Apted really seems to've done an amazing job – it looks rich, colorful and totally inviting!

  32. jill pole says:

    i have mixed feeling about the trailer.

    GOOD: it seems that they included some main points from the book, like the painting and the Dufflepuds. Eustace looks how i imagined him.

    BAD: the acting is cheesy. the actors don't seem like they really are the characters, and they just come across as themselves reading the lines. the animation is terrible, mostly with aslan, but the animation for the painting was bad too. and why is edmund's sword glowing? i don't remember that in the book…
    and i also got a sort of child-ish sort of vibe from the trailer. did anyone else notice that? the trailer seemed more directed at kids, which worries me.
    i don't want to write the movie off yet, so i guess only time will tell, right?

  33. King_Cor_the_Great says:

    This is probably my favorite trailer out of the three movies

  34. ~Lava~ says:

    It appears that it is Edmund that she appears to and it is and Nightmare Island.

  35. Anna says:

    All I can say is…WOW! 😀 trembling with excitement!!!

  36. snowstargirl says:

    Hurrah! The trailer is finally here. 🙂 I'm so excited!

  37. NarniaNut says:

    YESS YESS!!! I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOOOOVVVVE IT!!!!!! it looks very fantasy and i think thats what the book was supposed to be111

  38. KingofKings'Daughter says:

    WAHHHH!!!! It's here!!!! As soon as I finished watching the trailer, I emailed my other Narnian friends (fans) that don't get updates from Narniaweb! And I just showed another friend the trailer!!!

  39. Sherlock007 says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMIGOSHOMIGOSHOMIGOSH!!! It's actually, finally, really here!! It looks amazing! Oh, but now I just want to see the movie even more!!

  40. Long Live King Skandar says:

    I like the score. It sounds like the other two but different, and it adds to the effect of the scenes themselves, as all good movie scores should.

  41. NarniaHannah says:

    first thought: AHHHHHHHHh!!!! THE TRAILER IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!
    2ND thought: Edmund better not be a brat like Peter in PC! that line "I'm not a squirt, I'm a king!" sounded WAAY to much like Peter in PC.
    all other thoughts: Eustace looks great! just like I imagined! luv the dufflepuds! and Reep's voice wasn' as different then I thought it would be! very surprised in a good way! I thought Aslan looked funny. and why is Lilliandil glowing? and why is Edmund's sword glowing?? AND WHY ARE PETER AND SUSAN AT THE END OF THE TRAILER IN NARNIAN LOOKING CLOTHES?!?!?!
    I feel very excited as well as nervous. 12/10/10 can't come soon enough!!!!!!!!!!

    • Long Live King Skandar says:

      yeah, edmund's line "im a king" has bothered a lot of people. but this doesnt necessarily mean that he'll be just like peter was…obviously, no teenage boy likes to be called a squirt whether he is a king or not. Secondly, Edmund's character has seen how ego can lead to many mistakes and cost people their lives. i kind of liked edmund's line because it shows just how much the pevensies still think about narnia.
      but one thing's for sure, too many people/things glow in this trailer.

  42. Skandarlove says:

    This movie looks SPECTACULAR! i can't wait until it comes out on DVD!
    when i saw that the trailer was finally out, i screamed with happiness! 😀 😀 😀 and ohhhh my god i knew that Caspian was going to have a beard,thing 🙂

  43. Eye2EyeIIIV says:



  44. Maenad says:

    Something for everyone to remember: trailers are to get the general public excited. You don't put big story points in the trailer, you use exciting, tantalizing shots. There is still probably a lot of post production going on (hence some animation being rough). Scenes used in the trailer won't necessarily end up in the final cut of the film. Dialogue has probably been dubbed over where it won't actually occur. The trailer music is not part of the score. A lot of the things most folks seem worried about are just standard trailer features that probably won't bother the actual movie.

    It seems, though, that they've got the characterization of Edmund and Lucy spot on. With Peter off at university, Edmund is "man of the house", and I love love love the idea of him trying to enlist underage. So many young boys did that in the 40s, and so many got through. Great nod to the time period. He does sort of inherit Peter's issues with reconciling his former kingship with his position as a teenage boy, but that's a common theme that fits both of them. His worst nightmare being of the Witch(and her tempting him again) makes total sense with his character and with his story arc. I'm also glad to see Lucy coming into her own and really showing her strength. I would believe that the Lucy I saw in the trailer was Lucy the Valiant, unlike PC where they made her into a rather maxim-spouty Jiminey Crickett. They're clearly not afraid to let Georgie do some action anymore! The theme they're going for in this one is a testing of each characters'weaknesses and strengths. Aslan said so: "You're all about to be tested".

    • kingTirian says:

      totally agree with you…

      when aslan says "your journey begins now." it dosent mean he was talking right there and then. it could have been somewhere else. they just put the dioluge in there dosent really mean aslan is saying it there.
      peter and susan were maybe just there as a little flashback/vision?
      prince caspian, i mean king caspian, was just probably rowing them back and just saying goodbye…

      i wonder what edmund and lucys’ expressions will be when they’re told they cant come back to naria.

      anyof you ladies cant really play jill pole in the silver chair…one of the problem is the british accent. and somewhat eustatce’s age.

      there.feedback would be totally great…thnks!!

      the last king of narnia,

  45. Ari says:

    Something to point out to all of you who whine about "How it's not like the books."
    C.S. Lewis puts a lot of description in his books. A lot. And that's fine. That's great. That's fantastic. But when you transfer it onto the big screen, you get problems. Why? Becaues all those pages of magnificent description that'll entertain us with the books gets lost in the split second we take in the scenary. To entertain an audience, you need more conflict, more action, more danger than just beautiful scenary. I agree with whoever said VDT's a great book, but without a little embellishment makes a pretty dull movie. There might be a very dramatic, epic storm scene. This by the book. Go ahead, make it more dramatic. I wouldn't mind them sailing with a little more purpose than they were in the book. Make more of Burnt Island…I've always felt a little cheated at that part. It's a movie, not a book. Get over it.

    • kingTirian says:

      totally agree with you…

      when aslan says "your journey begins now." it dosent mean he was talking right there and then. it could have been somewhere else. they just put the dioluge in there dosent really mean aslan is saying it there.
      peter and susan were maybe just there as a little flashback/vision?
      prince caspian, i mean king caspian, was just probably rowing them back and just saying goodbye…

      i wonder what edmund and lucys’ expressions will be when they’re told they cant come back to naria.

      anyof you ladies cant really play jill pole in the silver chair…one of the problem is the british accent. and somewhat eustatce’s age.

      there.feedback would be totally great…thnks!!

      the last king of narnia,

    • Warrior 4 Jesus says:

      Agreed Ari. But I can't agree with you when you say that Lewis described things in great detail, he didn't. The descriptions in the Narnia books are very sparse but they give the reader's imagination a lot of room to interpret things visually, as they see fit.

  46. TheScribblingScribe says:

    I'm a bit disappointed by this trailer. I don't think it advertises Narnia correctly… plus the overall structure is rather weak and cheesy; it wouldn't really excite me to want to watch the movie if I was unfamiliar with Narnia.
    However, the majority of the footage looks great!
    My thoughts so far…
    Eustace seems FANTASTIC! I can't wait to see more of him!
    The Dawn Treader looks amazing!
    The Magicians Book scene looks excellent so far, and it seems like they followed the book.
    Reepicheep, Aslan, and Caspian all look spectacular.

    A minotaur on the ship. Really?
    Caspian is with them at the end of the world, but I don't see Eustace…?
    No mention of Eustace as a dragon either. That makes me kind of nervous.
    The soundtrack feels cliche and lame to me. Hopefully it's not the official movie music.
    And lastly, I'm annoyed that Edmund seems to have developed the same attitude Peter had in the last film. "I'm not a squirt, I'm a king!" and all that. Anyone else bothered by it?

    (Georgie is so grown-up now!)

    • Sam says:

      OMG, people! people!! They are not going to show everything in the trailer. If you've seen it all in the trailer, what's the point of going to see the movie! They have to leave SOME surprises!

    • Puddleglum says:

      Now Sam, be calm.
      Scribe is simply being who a scibe must be, analytical.
      Details, details, etc.
      Once off the chest, one can sit back and enjoy the story as is.

  47. Chloe says:

    I am so excited!!!!! Hurry up December.

  48. Mackenzie says:

    *Shaking and crying with joy all at once*
    Oh it looks brilliant!!! Better than Prince Caspian!!! Lucy looks much older! Was that the White Witch? What's she doing there?

  49. sam says:

    ive been waiting for this!!!!

  50. TumnusTheBrave says:

    i like the logo

  51. TumnusTheBrave says:

    Georgie's acting in 0:29-0:31 is terrible (no offence) but i think it would have been better if she acted a little scared

  52. thyservant says:

    When do we usually have a second trailer?

  53. thyservant says:

    It's weird that the four Pevensies are dressed in Narnian costumes but the setting of the scene doesn't look like the ending part. It seems to consist of some colourful pillars… Oh, curiosity kills the cat…

  54. Embrace says:

    The only bad thing about the trailer is that there wasn´t enough Eustace and Caspian and no dragon or sea serpent… But that was expected. From a marketing sense it was very efficient though. This movie needs to gather as many of the viewers of the first movie as possible… I need to see The Silver Chair and The Last Battle!

  55. FrecklefaceJill says:

    It rocks! Can't wait for December! It comes out a week before my birthday, yay!!! **nearly falls off couch waiting….waiting….waiting………** Come on! I want it to come out before December! I can't wait that long!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. QueenLucy12 says:

    does anyone know when the Super trailer is coming out?!?

  57. Josiah says:

    It looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. tableknight says:

    "the fate of narnia depends on you all"? don't like the sound of that, lilliandil.

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