Silver Chair or Magician’s Nephew?

In a recent interview with the Examiner, Mark Johnson discussed the next film:

I know you get asked this question a lot, but I’ll ask anyway: Will there be a fourth “Narnia” movie?

Johnson: Keep in mind that the two youngest Penvensie kids, Lucy and Edmund, don’t come back, so the next movie will have Eustace. We could do “The Silver Chair” or we could do “The Magician’s Nephew.”

Which book do you think fans want to see more as the fourth “Narnia” movie: “The Silver Chair” or “The Magician’s Nephew”?

Johnson: That’s a really good question. I couldn’t tell you. We should put it to the fans [to decide]. I know we have to do “The Magician’s Nephew.” I love that book! The question is: “Do we do it now and let our Eustace grow older? Or do we do ‘The Silver Chair’ and then do ‘The Magician’s Nephew’?”

Johnson has asked the fans, so let’s answer him. What do you think? Should the next film be The Silver Chair or The Magician’s Nephew? Click here and go to the bottom-right to answer our poll and let us know in the comments below what you think.

The order of the Narnia stories has always been a debate among fans. SC was published fourth, and MN sixth. But chronologically, MN is #1 and SC #6. Read more.

Original cover art: "The Silver Chair" (1953) and "The Magician's Nephew" (1955)

312 Responses

  1. Mayor Wilkins says:

    "The Magician's Nephew" is very cool.
    I STRONGLY support making "The Magician's Nephew" next!!!
    Tilda Swinton would be absolutely amazing in that movie!! 😀 😀

  2. samuel says:

    All of the Characters in the books are younger than their movie counter parts, If memory serves me correctly, in the book LWW peter is supposedly only 10-12 years old, much younger than the peter in the movie. I think many of the new subplots such as *ahem* "Suspien" are merely a product of that age difference.

  3. samuel says:

    I disagree, in fact if they make Horse and His boy last then Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy would be able to play their adult parts as kings and queens of narnia in the golden age, which would be awesome. I wonder if the if the film makers might consider making both SC and MN at the same time since none of the characters cross-over, they could finish out the series by filming LB and HOB at the same time. Which would mean that Poulter and [Jill] would not age in between SC and LB (I can't remember how much human time has elapsed in between those two)

  4. samuel says:

    ooops I meant I disagreed that the horse and his boy won't be made into the series. Although they probably will want to ground the story with the adult pevensies… so rearranging the narrative similar to the way they did Prince Caspian… like begin the story with King Edmund[?] and Susan preparing for the journey to Calormen, then cutting to the story of Shasta. which would make logical sense

  5. Kyra says:

    I say let Eustace grow older… even though the Silver chair DOES seem to make more sense to do now… 🙂 The Magician's Nephew would also be better to do b/c then ppl could finally get the "background info" on all the movies and Narnia…:) Let Eustace grow older, and THEN do the Silver Chair… that's just my opinion:)

  6. Renee says:

    *unless Eustace is gonna get too old…. like Prince Caspian old… then do the Silver Chair…

  7. Kathy McCormick says:

    I think if you wait too long to do the magicians nephew that it becomes pointless because it explains so much about the other movies….I think if you could do that movie (The Magicians Nephew) next and produce the Silver Chair quickly following the MN so that Eustace doesnt grow up too much; that it would solve any issues…I think the magicians Nephew was and is the best book and like i said explains so much of the other movies that if you wait it would almost be pointless unless you wait till all movies have been made to see them in order! hope this helps you out…

  8. Natalie says:

    Just as long as they even MAKE another one I will be happy! I think it makes the most sense to do the Silver Chair next though. [also…disappointed with all the changes that were made in VDT 🙁 ]

  9. Narnia Fan says:

    Reviewing all the comments, I think the best approach, providing the movie studio was willing to fund it, would be to do SC, HHB, and MN all at the same time. There is not any character crossover between the 3, and the original Pevensie actors should be grown enough to pull of HHB. These could be released on a 6 month release interval (maybe one at Summer 2012, Christmas 2012, and Summer 2013). Once these 3 are completed, all of the characters can come together to work on LB (which if memory serves actually calls for the younger versions of Diggory and Polly and not the older versions)

    Barring the above, which I admit is probably just a wish, I would suggest the order be SC, MN, HHB, and LB.

    But that's just my opinion.

  10. Elisa says:

    I think that The Silver Chair should be the 4th film, cause after the The Voyage of The Dawn Treader we need a sequel, not a prequel

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