Silver Chair or Magician’s Nephew?

In a recent interview with the Examiner, Mark Johnson discussed the next film:

I know you get asked this question a lot, but I’ll ask anyway: Will there be a fourth “Narnia” movie?

Johnson: Keep in mind that the two youngest Penvensie kids, Lucy and Edmund, don’t come back, so the next movie will have Eustace. We could do “The Silver Chair” or we could do “The Magician’s Nephew.”

Which book do you think fans want to see more as the fourth “Narnia” movie: “The Silver Chair” or “The Magician’s Nephew”?

Johnson: That’s a really good question. I couldn’t tell you. We should put it to the fans [to decide]. I know we have to do “The Magician’s Nephew.” I love that book! The question is: “Do we do it now and let our Eustace grow older? Or do we do ‘The Silver Chair’ and then do ‘The Magician’s Nephew’?”

Johnson has asked the fans, so let’s answer him. What do you think? Should the next film be The Silver Chair or The Magician’s Nephew? Click here and go to the bottom-right to answer our poll and let us know in the comments below what you think.

The order of the Narnia stories has always been a debate among fans. SC was published fourth, and MN sixth. But chronologically, MN is #1 and SC #6. Read more.

Original cover art: "The Silver Chair" (1953) and "The Magician's Nephew" (1955)

312 Responses

  1. Yoshirama says:

    silver chair, MN, Horse and his boy and then last battle. I don't mind the order of MN and HHB

  2. Kristena says:

    The Magician's Nephew!

    • Narnia101 says:

      Why can ask do you want MN instead of SC? I mean it would make more sense since by the time they would do SC if they did MN first Will Poulter would be to old!

  3. lilims says:

    The Silver Chair, honestly I don't think a lot of people would go watch the Magician's Nephew. The people love the Pevensie kids and I'm sure they'll love Eustace!!!!!!! So the Silver Chair!

    • EnnaGirl says:

      I love the Magician's Nephew while the Silver Chair, I personally think is rather boring. If it was entirely up to me, I'd do the MN first and SC later, but there's only supposed to be a summer between the VoDT and SC so that kind of shoots that one out.

  4. Jarpanlarpyn says:

    Eustace goes back to Narnia in the Silver Chair very soon after he did in VDT. So the Silver Chair would be the best for the next movie so that Will Poulter doesn't age too much to continue play Eustace.

    • Narnia Ultimate Fan says:

      I most definitely agree. Eustace would age too much if MN was made first. In VDT we see the bad side of Eustace and I am anxious to see his good side in Silver Chair.

      I think the order for the movies should be Silver Chair, Horse and his Boy, Magician's Nephew, and then the Last Battle.

      • Aravis and Hwin says:

        I agree!

      • terebinthiangirl says:

        Yes, that is the best order, the original order. And is there seriously anyone who read the books in chronoligical order and enjoyed them as much if you read them the way they were published?? To read the stories or watch the movies in the order the storiy happens isn't very exciting or interesting.

  5. Felix A Rodriguez says:

    Though Silver Chair may be cinematically more powerful, its time the general public gets to know the origin of Narnia. MN is one of the most theologically charged of the books, as is of course the Dawn Treader.

  6. Kimberly says:

    The Silver Chair. The magicians nephew is the last movie that should be made.

    • elanor says:

      I've kind of always thought that too. Wouldn't it be wonderful; everyone grows up with the stories, the myths, the characters, like Professor Kirke, and Jadis, and of course Aslan, but never really knew the exact story behind them, or how they all fit in. Then, after they made all the other books they make the MN…with the wood between the worlds, the first King and Queen of Narnia, the talking animals, and the most thrilling-the creation of the wardrobe. It's almost like the Stars Wars (not comparing them! :)) where you know the general story but not the little thrilling details of how the story connects and finally makes sense. Come to think of it…that's what they're doing with the Hobbit movie as well.

      • Annabeth says:

        I never thought of it that way, but I agree 100%.

      • terebinthiangirl says:

        But what about The Last Battle? It would be weird to have a moive about the end of Narnia ((LB)) and then have a movie about the beginning of Narnia ((MN)). I mean, you can't continue the story after it's done. LB should be the conclusion, cause it's the end of Narnia and the beginning of something more, and to learn the origin of it all right before the end would i think be the best choice, and very exciting and climax-building towards LB.

    • Mangolite says:

      I would put the Silver Chair next, then the Horse and His Boy followed by The Magician's Nephew and then finally concluded it with The Last Battle.

      • aragorn2 says:

        I hope they make the Silver Chair first, though I would like to see the MN I think it is unneccesary, because people already know Narnia exists. And if they do Will Poulter will be like 23 or 24 when they finally make the LB. Although they will have probably added several MLG's or MLB's to keep kid's interested

    • EnnaGirl says:

      I disagree. I think that I would be more than awkward to end Narnia in the Last Battle, then turn around and show how Narnia began. In order to get the climatic ending in the Last Battle, I think you need to be able to see everything Narnia has been and then see it all end. I think the order should be SC, MN, HHB, and then LB. Doing the Magician's Nephew and the Horse and his Boy between the Silver Chair and the Last Battle will give the kids the time to age as by the time the Last Battle comes around only Eustace and Jill are still in school.

      • Princess Lucy says:

        i agree with you totally…i mean its better to do the horse and his boy after MN and before LB…so the pevenses are older in the horse and his boy as in the books….and same with eustrace as of in the silver chair before MN

  7. Azon says:

    Oh The Silver Chair most definatly. They started making the films in publishing order, why change that now? I also like the feeling of see the creation of Narnia, and the destrution of Narnia back to back. Plus, it would be a sweet thing for people who have never read the books, to start watching MN and be like, "What?" LOL And then at the end they are like, "OH!!! It's the Begining of Narnia!! I get it!"And then have the lasy movie come out after the first story would be cool in my eyes.

  8. Bethany Weathers says:

    Silver Chair while Will Poulter is still somewhat young. Then move on to MN. Then HHB. Then LB.

  9. Reepicheep says:

    They absolutely must do SC next for 2 reasons, reason 1: it's my favorite in the series, reason 2: Will Poulter is 17 can you believe, he wouldn't last long. Next do Horse and his Boy, Magician's Nephew then Last Battle. Do you think they'll do LB in two parts like Deathly Hallows and Breaking Dawn are? (From Harry Potter and Twilight respectively)

    • Princess Lucy says:

      thats funny…i was thinking the exact thing…making LB into two parts like the other series..that would be cool…that way theres an extra narnia film and more scenes from the book will fit in the two films

  10. Griffle says:

    Magician's Nephew!!!!!!!!!

  11. kingTirian says:

    i really should think we shold do MN because oh we 've seen the old one and know ,,yea" it s great…"
    but MN is cool too cuz how narnia was made and everything. that would be cool in imax and 3d of how aslan would create everything…..

    Sc….hmmmm…will P. would get older but unless they film MN rightaway….will P…isnt he aliitle boy? then he probably can grow and mature just alittle then? however, even though i kinda want MN too go first, i think SC will be irst cuz of this grow problem..what do u think?

    • SnowingRoses says:

      Oh, no. Will P. was seventen last time I checked- he used to be able to pass for barely fourteen despite that, but in a recent interview, Apted said that a few months ago (which would be after movie shooting, so we don't have pictures) he began going through something like puberty. He's growing- just because he looks young for his age doesn't mean he'll stay that way forever.
      Silver Chair needs to come next.

  12. marianne says:

    Silver Chair! It's part of the same plot continuum.

  13. Kal says:

    The Silver Chair, absolutely! It's possibly my favorite book in the series. Also, it'd be better for the continuity I think, since it continues Eustace's story.

    Magician's Nephew would be fun to see, but I can wait for it. I agree with Reepicheep: The order should be SC, then HaHB, then MN, and then LB.

  14. Skandarlove says:

    Silver Chair,definetly! i agree with kal that it'd be better for the continuity.

  15. Sir Jack says:

    I think the Silver Chair would be better for the continuity, and I also think it's good, to stick to the publication order. (and I'm also realy exited about how they do the marshwiggles 😀 )
    but on the other hand I also love MN, and I think SC would bee easyer for them to ruin. (putting too much action and stuff in it.)

    AND: they could putt the Wite Witch in MN without annoying any fans 🙂 and everybody would be happy

  16. skandargirl_95 says:


  17. Paramoreanimelove says:

    SILVER CHAIR!!!!!!!I've been waiting for my fav Narnia book to be turned into a movie since LWW came out!!Besides it just wouldn't make sense to do Magician's Nephew after VDT.

  18. QStheG says:

    Horse and his boy)))

  19. Komali says:

    1. Silver Chair
    2. Horse and his Boy
    3. Magicians Nephew
    4.Last Battle

  20. Digory 83 says:

    I believe that Silver chair should definitely be made next, then Magicians's nephew, the Horse and his Boy, and finally the Last Battle. but please, please hurry fast as you can. For what we know this world might end before we see Narnia end! We might see the real Aslan's Country, before we even get to see it in The Silver Chair or The Last Battle.
    But then I don't think I'll be worrying about Narnia much, I'll be with Aslan's other Name, JESUS
    and then we can go further up and further in together!

    • HighQueenofNarnia says:

      Well, I don't know about the world ending, but at the rate production is making these movies, it might. 😉

  21. FrecklefaceJill says:

    The Silver Chair, especially because of Eustace, but the SC comes next, and it's one of my favorite Narnia books, so definatly the SC.


  22. F.H. says:

    Most Definetly! Silver Chair!, Silver Chair!,Silver Chair!, Silver Chair!. It’s my favorite book in the series, do it while Will Poulter is still young.

  23. Its so Sad as every one is voting for SC… But, I personally couldn't chose so whichever is picked wins…

  24. Ali says:

    Silver Chair! No contest. I love Magician's Nephew, but I consider LWW-PC-VDT-SC the four "core" Narnia books… establishing the main story of the Pevensies and their friends. MN, HHB, and LB are the volumes that enhance and deepen the world from that point on.

  25. Sonny says:

    4. Silver Chair
    5. The Magicians Nephew
    6. The Horse and His Boy
    7. The Last Battle

    That's the order I see making the most sense to me. See, SC is next chronologically, and it would be good to see Will P. play Eustace again. It wouldn't work so well to have another actor do it, though it's possible. I say put HHB after MN because by that time Will, Anna, Skander, and Georgie will have grown up enough to reprise their roles. Then LB last, of course. 🙂 Ah, I have such a hard time picking my favorite book!

  26. Laura Elizabeth says:

    I say Silver Chair! Although I would love to see Magician's Nephew, Eustace would probably be three years older by the time they got to Silver Chair if they did it after Magician's Nephew.

  27. QueenLucy12 says:

    I would very much like to see silver chair! But they need to do SC,MN,HHB, then the Big Epic Ending,(yes I said Epic!) The Last Battle. Just to think, I'll be 21 when these movies are done.
    We have to wait soooooo long! 🙁

  28. wannawork4Weta says:

    The Magicians Nephew first then Silver Chair

  29. Abby says:

    I definately think SC should go next. From this point, chonologically, it makes more sense. There's only one year between PC and SC (earth years) as far as the books are concerned so Eustace doesn't have to age much. But between SC and LB there's 5 years (did the math). Yeah. And as far as MN and HHB are concerened I don't really care the order…though probably HHB should go later because Lucy, Susan and Edmund are in this one as adult King and Queens so they need to be older. But just as long as they're all made and Last Battle is LAST I don't give a hoot. <3

  30. Michaela says:

    I think Silver chair should be next otherwise the actors will be two old after the Magician's Nephew. Play it smart Johnson; do the Silver Chair.

  31. Kate says:

    The Silver Chair! That one is awesome. So is the other one.

  32. Gandalfs Beard says:

    Silver Chair, Magicians Nephew, Horse and His Boy, The Last Battle:

    SC first so Eustace isn't too old. MN next so Jadis isn't too old, also because it sets up the "Witch Cycle", which is completed in the previous film (yes, I know they aren't supposed to be the same Witch, though if they made it so for the films I think it would be a nice touch) and because it's my fave book after LWW, Horse and His Boy next because the Pevensies will be a good age to play their older selves and Cor can carry the "kid factor" and it would be nice to see a "Happy Story" set in the Golden Age of Narnia before the kinda downbeat LB, then finally The Last Battle because it doesn't really matter how old Jill Pole (or the Pevensies) is at this point.

  33. Becky says:

    I personally hated both books. Both were boring and(especially the MN) was pretty philosophical. I would love for them to do "The Horse and His Boy" as that was always my favorite Narnia book.

    • Thekla says:

      Well I loved them all except PC. However I do like the way Walden has re-done the movie different from the book.

  34. Thekla says:

    Some people may want to do the "magician's nephew" (that includes Tilda Swinton) but I definitely vote for "Silver Chair" then "Last Battle" then "Horse and his boy" and then "Magician's nephew".
    Any comments on that set up?

    • SnowingRoses says:

      Well, Georgie would be a good age if HHB was made after SC, don't you think? But I like it overall.

  35. sam says:

    the silver chair!

  36. Liberty Hoffman says:

    The Silver Chair!

  37. icarus says:

    I don't see how Mark Johnson thinks the matter could even be up for debate. They either do Silver Chair next, or they never do it at all. There is only one window of opportunity for doing Silver Chair, please don't screw it up by getting ahead of yourself.

  38. pselpevensie says:

    im at 50/50…idk which to vote for. they're both such AMAZING stories!! mayb doing MN next would b pretty cool… i just want a 4th one to b made!!!!!!!!

  39. rosek says:

    definately that would be the silver chair…it would be so much more intriguing and might be good for the $$ which they need. the downside would be that Jill would come in, so they would have to film the Last Battle directly after to go with that. That would be awesome too!

  40. Smooshy says:

    Silver Chair. Magician's Nephew is too boring. I'd like to see it filmed but I'd much rather see SC. More interesting and something has got to replace the dryer-hose snake puppet….

  41. Victoria says:

    The Magician’s Nephew! I have always want to see when Aslan wakes up all the aninmals! 😀 Narnia narnia narnia. Awake, Love, Think, Speak. Be Walking trees, Be Talking beasts, Be Divine water.

  42. AslanJudah says:

    Why not go with Silver Chair next? It's next in the publication order. If the movies strayed from publication order just think of how confusing it will be to those on the outside who are trying to figure out which order to read/watch the Narnia stories. I will say though, that as long as Magician's Nephew is read after LWW you can drop it in anywhere. But I think if you don't go Silver Chair next you disrupt the "Caspian Trilogy" as it's been called.

  43. ak says:

    Silver Chair. Since Eustace is in it, I'm not quite so concerned about the age thing, but it's a continuation of his story. Magician's Nephew would feel like it's interrupting his story…and, in a sense, Caspian's. I guess the same could be said about Jill Pole between Silver Chair and Last Battle, but since she comes into Last Battle later on in the story, I don't feel like Magician's Nephew & The Horse & His Boy would be interrupting it as much as separating Dawn Treader and Silver Chair would.

  44. bdog1984 says:

    they should make the silver chair next and then the horse and his boy and then the magicians nephew. Do them in the order they were published.

  45. ladychristy says:

    I think they should do the Silver Chair beeause Eustace is in it

  46. Bob says:

    I say no way to A boy and his horse as a movie. It was in my opinion not very good. Now, Last Battle is a different story. I think it would put the lion, the witch and the wardrobe to shame.

  47. Jenn says:

    I say Silver Chair. Because just like it was said, there is only a short timeframe from VTD to SC. And I agree that it would seem to interrupt the timeframe. I would have rather them done the movies like it was done timewise, but I can understand why they did what they did. To do the movies the way C S Lewis write them.

    I would say, do SC now. And personally I love SC more the the Magician Nephew anyway. And then NH, but wait to show that one, let the actors grow some, then do the Horse and His Boy so Susan, Edmund, and Lucy, and for all we know Peter, though he was never it in, be there. Then make the Last Battle before everyone, as well as Eustace and Jill get too much older, then show the MN. And then they have the LB to show for say the following year.

  48. Queen Elizabeth says:

    I doubt the movies will be as popular once the pevensie children are out of it. I mean, after The Dawn Treader, we don't see the pevensies until the Last Battle. So until then I doubt the movies will be as popular.

    • americangirl says:

      really? I don't know!! I know Skandar and Georgie are SUPER popular, i guess will and anna are too..and ben. but..who knows!

  49. Narnian Princess says:

    Silver Chair…(I'm planning to audition for it too!) can't wait

  50. Bethany says:

    Silver Chair, without a doubt. Eustace is my love 🙂 And, honestly, I think that making the movies (and publishing the books as well) in the original published order is best because that's how we get the most understanding. C.S. Lewis didn't write the books in chronological order. He wrote them as he thought of them. If we read/see the movies in the order in which Lewis imagined it, then we gain understanding as he did.

  51. Savber100 says:

    Silver Chair, Horse and His Boy, The Magician's Nephew, and then the Last Battle in that order.

    Get it done Walden and Fox. 😉

  52. Auskaz says:

    I think they should make The Silver Chair first because of Eustace and how he'll get older the longer they wait. They did the same with The LWW and PC for the Kid's; technically HHB goes between the two. Also, none of the original characters are in MN, one is, but he is much younger than we've currently seen him. And I think it would be good to end the series with MN because that was how the books were published; it was published last because people wanted to know how Narnia all began.

    MN is one of my favorites and I don't really want to wait, but I think it'll be worth it! =)

  53. always narnian says:

    I just don't understand this. Isn't it obvious that The Silver Chair should be made Next? Eustace is in it, and he could grow alot by the time they get back to it if they delay. What if they had decided to make a Movie inbetween LWW and PC. Then in PC Lucy would've looked like she does in VODT in PC!

  54. williams says:

    They should do The Siver Chair next then HHB then Magician's Nephew – and they should be shooting the Last Battle while they are working on Magician's Nephew to keep Eustice the right age.

  55. Linden says:

    I think I have to agree with the majority on this: The Silver Chair next. As much as I would love for TMN to come out first, the actors have to be considered. Will and the actress who plays Jill will have to be a couple years younger for TSC than for TLB. TH&HB could come next, I suppose, although I don't really think it will end up with a good adaptation (considering it will probably be radically changed due to perceived racist elements). TMN will provide a nice kind of lead-in for the finale. That would bring it full circle. Oh, I'm excited about this! I like the last books (minus THHB) best!

  56. Lyle says:

    This is tough since both books ate my FAVORITE (Silver Chair being number 1, even over Wardrobe). So I guess Silver Chair would make more sense so Eustace wont age too much…

  57. Madi says:

    UM NO SORRY!!!!!! THE SILVER CHAIR IS DEFINETLY THE NEXT MOVIE!!!!! i mean its not like i dont like MN i love it its 1 of the narnia books but everything has 2 go in order so that it makes sense. so i think that the silver chair should totally b the next movie. and if they had 2 put MN in then they should have made it the first movie bcause that explains the whole story of how narnia came 2 b!!!!! so i vote SILVER CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    p.s the last battle definetly has 2 b the last movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Not Of This World says:

    Either one would be good

  59. HighQueenofNarnia says:

    Silver Chair FIRST!!! Eustace is the continuity there, as well as King Caspian et al.
    Then I don't particularly care whether they do MN or HHB next, though I'd prefer HHB, then LB.