Episode 69: Trailer Time! Voyage and Discussion.

Running time: 1 hour

The VDT trailer is upon us! To tackle this mighty beast, Rilian sets sail with Gymfan15 and Warrior4Jesus in this voyage for the NarniaWeb Council. But this time, they are joined by Tirian (NarniaWeb founder) and his bright outlook to contrast Rilian’s underworldly gloom.

Note: This podcast is back online after being down for a few days due to technical difficulties

UPDATE: Here’s a short video with clips from the podcast:

48 Responses

  1. Eustace+Jill says:

    It's so great that you got Tirian on a Podcast! That's so awesome! Now, we finally get to hear his voice for the first time. 🙂

  2. Warrior 4 Jesus says:

    I enjoyed doing the podcast. Thanks for including me. It was great to talk with Rilian and Gymfan again and meet King Tirian (online) for the first time. By the way my username is Warrior 4 Jesus (Warrio is a villain from the Nintendo Mario games). 😛

  3. aragorn2 says:

    Finally 🙂

  4. Savber100 says:

    Great Podcast!
    Tirian's optimism was quite infectious. Nice contrast compared to the recent more doom and gloom (but valid) opinions we been having.:P

  5. Little Joe says:

    Lol, we've kinda been at a spoiler stand still for a few days and we've been left to speculate again… I hate speculation.

  6. Aslan's Meadow says:

    It's been taken down! Hurry!
    I'm dying to hear what everyone says.

  7. Pepper Darcy says:

    oh good, so some of the mods are looking forward to it? I thought everyone or mostly everyone was hating it… and thought I was being the big bad wolf because I liked it!! 🙂 Maybe the last trailer allied some of the questions? I'd love to hear this, but I really don't have the time… =(

  8. aragorn2 says:

    I think I will love the movie, it's just that it might not be The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

  9. Mark Sommer says:

    Sure, I finally have time to listen and it's down. :/


  10. wolfloversk says:

    I feel your pain. I've been waiting for this since the trailer came out, and I finally see it, and I can't listen to it :'(

  11. A_Narnian_Ship says:

    so close!!! yet so far away…..

  12. Lirenel says:

    Any quantification for the word 'soon'? I'd appreciate a ballpark figure even.

  13. Shastafan says:

    I watched only seven minutes before I turned in for the night and they took it off, but I like how confident and positive Tirian was. He made me feel more positve! I can imagine how that contrasted to everyone else's opinions! 😀

  14. WarriorOfNarnia says:

    Why wasn't glumpuddle in this one?

  15. Warrior 4 Jesus says:

    Everyone thought it would be best to have a balance of opinions in regards to discussing the trailer.

  16. Warrior 4 Jesus says:

    Yes, it was great to have Tirian's positivity there to provide some balance. I'm in awe of people who are optimists.

  17. Narnian_Dreamer says:

    Awww… I saw this and got all excited and then read the last part and had a Major mood swing! 🙁 I went from excited and happy to sad and gloomy. It's kind of like I was Tirian and all of the sudden I was Rilian!! 🙂 Anyways I would like to know when the link will be back up so we can all watch it!!!!

  18. glumPuddle says:

    It was supposed to be today, now it might be tomorrow.

  19. Princess Lucy says:

    Its an interesting podcast…they have mention things that i have never thought about…Tirian's comments were good as the trailer does looks exciting and have high expectations on the actual film…which i absolutely agree…i think it will be a well made film…sail on dawn treader 🙂

  20. Princess Lucy says:

    if any of the cast or crew is reading this…i want to let u know that you's done a fantastic job in making this beautiful story and all the other previous stories…and i thank you very much for doing this for us..at least for the ones that are excited to watch it….and i do wish you's the best in your career's….GOODLUCK!!!!

  21. aragorn2 says:

    I am more or less an optimist, I wish they didn't change the story and the initial gloom of watching the trailer has worn off and I have realized that me whining will not make the movie closer to the book so I might as well enjoy it for a fun adventurous movie.
    Which I am sure it will be.

    Be awed :):)

  22. WarriorOfNarnia says:

    Gymfan cracks me up! She is so funny!

  23. wolfloversk says:

    Waitin' on the podcast…

  24. glumPuddle says:

    It's back online!

  25. glumPuddle says:

    Obviously Tirian is right in saying it’s not like they’re pulling Caspian’s attraction out of nowhere. It’s in the book. What the filmmakers are doing is taking something subtle, nuanced, and thematically relevant and turning it into something shallow, cheap, immature, and totally uninteresting. So they aren’t making something up; they’re just distorting something and making it stupid. They’re turning it into typical Hollywood nonsense. They’re pressing the easy button.

    Read the scene in the book before responding to this comment. Then watch the scene in the trailer. See the difference? The book is magical, subtle, and ties into the overarching theme of the book.

    Just like almost everything in the trailer, it seems like the filmmakers only understand the surface of VDT. They understand little of the larger themes or subtler aspects. They understand WHAT Lewis wrote, but don’t seem to understand WHY he wrote it. They don’t seem to understand the point. They’re missing something key.

    This is just the impression I get from the trailer. But, trailers lie. This may very well just be a misleading trailer. Like Tirian says, the filmmakers are trying to make a neat trailer. Which often means “cheap, misleading” trailer.

  26. glumPuddle says:

    My heart sank when Tirian said that he didn’t think the themes from the book would be the main themes of the film. I hope he’s wrong, and I’m sure he does too.

    I do think Edmund seeing the Witch as his nightmare harms his character development. Edmund not being taken in by the Witch in PC is actually a pretty interesting character moment. Having her come back in VDT throws all that out.
    But either way, at the very least it’s boring. Why are they continuing to recycle old ideas from previous movies? Why not take the characters somewhere new? (It’s called development).

  27. glumPuddle says:

    Will Poulter looks simply awesome! Two thumbs and two big toes way up. "Where the blazes am I?!" I don't think he could have delivered that line any better. There's shock and anger of course, but there's also condescension there.

    The sea-serpent looks pretty cool. Not what I expected or imagined, but it does capture the creepiness of a creature that you would ONLY find near the world's end. It should be something totally unlike what they'd find in Narnia, and I think it does.

  28. StevoBaggins says:

    Didn't Tilda Swinton say that her entire time filming lasted 20 minutes or less? (or something to that effect) I don't think she'll have a big part. Even the Focus on the Family audio drama of VDT has Lucy remembering the White Witch laughing while killing Aslan, and that version is almost exactly true to the book. I'm not all that worried about the White Witch. I am worried about the 7 swords and Ramandu's daughter saying "I am your guide"…which seems to tell me that she might have way too large of a role. I agree that her comment that "I can change forms" is cheesy and unnecessary.

    The Sea Serpent reminds me of the spice worms in Dune.

    Also, GlumPuddle makes a good point about trailers lying. I have seen things in trailers that have given me expectations that turned out to be not true. Hopefully it will be better than it looks. But I'm glad they're telling us now that they may not be as true to the book as we would like…so I have time to come to terms with that and separate the movie from the book. I just hope it isn't so far from the books that the fans give up on the series and they end up not being able to adapt the rest of the series. I can't wait for HHB, MN and LB.

    I will say, though, that after seeing the trailers for VDT and Deathly Hallows, I am very excited about DH…but not nearly as excited about VDT as I was before seeing the new trailer.

  29. Sir Jack says:

    I'm also afraid, that they're gonna make tilda swinton play the The Lady of Green Kirtle, but I'm wondering, how they're are going to do this if they have her in VDT, too.
    (in the silver chair:)eustace: "Oh, I know that woman! thats a realy mean witch, lets do, what she told uns to do!!"
    I just don't see HOW they could put her in both films

  30. WarriorOfNarnia says:

    Why does everything in Narnia have to be compared with Lord of the Rings? I hate that!

  31. WarriorOfNarnia says:

    I thought that the White Witch would be Lucy's nightmare like in the Radio Drama.

  32. aragorn2 says:

    Edmund was not tempted by the witch in PC, only Peter and Caspian were, though if he and looked into her eyes he would have fallen under her trance too.

  33. aragorn2 says:

    I compare Narnia with the LOTR, everything is always compared with something and the LOTR are the best fantasy movies ever made so they are what everything else is compared to. I see no problem with that.

  34. Rilian says:

    LotR was a fantasy book done right as a film (though imperfect, as always). To a lesser extent, Harry Potter has been well done, though I think the series is more hit and miss for each film.

    LotR and Narnia are very different, but let's face it. Team Jackson spoiled us.

  35. narnian resident says:

    great podcast. i dont really have any imput to give about it. its good

  36. narnian resident says:

    i wonder how you get onto a podcast? i would love to be on one, but i dont know how that would even be possible

  37. narnian resident says:

    personally, my opinion on the film is not negative, its not positive, and its not even neutral. i simply am refraining myself from having any serious opinion on it until i see the movie. i am excited, of course. i will always be excited for any sort of Narnia thing, especially movies. but right now, i have no opinion, so that way when i see the movie i go in with a neutral mind and enjoy it.

  38. Rilian says:

    It would not surprise me if there's someone on the scripting team who would love to do a Voldemort thing. You make her the villain that's defeated (almost) in all 7 books.

    But then, even in The Last Battle, Aslan isn't seen destroying Tash!

  39. Louloudi the Centaur says:

    Hey, on Aslan's Country, I found a new article thing that is some play released from Scholastic or something.(I'm not trying to be a news poster or anything)It kind of disturbs me. I believe it may have to do with Edmund falling to the White Witch. It said that(WARNING: SPOILER) Edmund seemed to think about a sea serpent on the Dark Island and that green fog may have something to do with making it. Oh, PLEASE let this play be some dumb children's story subplot that is not going to be in the movie. DON'T have the White Witch give Edmund a sea serpent. Why the heck would Edmund even think of a sea serpent? It is not going to get the ship of Dark Island. The reason I post this here is that Edmund may actually fall to the WW. And that really ruins the story,Edmund's, and Aslan's character like some people have been discussing. 🙁 My apologies if this is a bad place to post this NarniaWeb.

  40. Gymfan15 says:

    Why, thank you! 😉

  41. FriendOfNarnia2 says:

    Wow! Tirian, you're such a positive fellow! I wish you could be on more podcasts.

  42. Rilian says:

    Now all that has to happen is for one of them to dream of the stay-pufft marshmallow man to attack them. 😛

  43. Pattertwigs Pal says:

    I for one am not able to separate good movie from good adaptation. What's the point of making a movie based on a book if it isn't a good adaptation? Based on what I've seen it won't be the worst adaptation I've seen. I agree with Rilian. It is possible to go into something expecting not to like and to end up liking it. I'm setting my expectations low so I won't be disappointed. That way I might be pleasantly surprised.

  44. GlimGlum says:

    I laughed so hard when I saw that in the movie theater. 😀
    Interesting podcast and hearing our Grand Poobah for the first time. 😀 Some good, some not so good, some let's wait in see.

    I do plan on seeing VDT. Can't wait for the first podcast
    after VDT opens!

    At least Rilian found a good reason in Will Poulter to venture forth into a movie theater with a (hopefully) nice big screen and great sound. 😀

  45. samuel says:

    I'm wondering about the quote that was released a little bit ago about how they borrowed from "the book that lewis never wrote" and how he used the plural "witches" when talking about SC. I'm wondering if the "witches" are not going to be in SC, but are rather in the "unwritten book," now just bear with me a moment we saw tilda as the WW in LWW and PC, and soon we are going to see X as the LOTGK. So in the writers' and the director's mind it might make sense to introduce LOTGK in this movie, but not without seeing the last of the WW (even in a dream), to transition the "unread" audience between the two witches. If this is the case they would probably be introduced as sisters. Also if Eustace is a dragon during the dark island scenes he may be out of the way to seeing the LOTGK and therefore would not recognize her when he comes back, also this is where she might be "banished to the north" which would set up a cliff hanger for SC… although this is all speculation on my part, The Silver Chair needs a new actress take the role of LOTGK, preferably one younger than Tilda, able to be both a serpent and a beautiful enchantress.

  46. samuel says:

    3 points:
    1. Remember with editing the way it is, It's not clear whether lucy is yelling at edmund because he is about to give the sword to the witch.
    2. The dark island is about fear, Edmund's fear might be "What if I had said yes?" "What evil would have been unleashed"
    3. Even with character development, in real life often old temptations can come back and haunt and even push the same old buttons with us, even after receiving forgiveness (from Aslan), or Salvation (to use a Christian Analogy)

  47. narnia fan 7 says:

    Good podcast nice to hear Tirian on it. I don't think the witch will have a big part in the film but I will never get whie thay had to brine her back for VDT. the sea-serpent looks good and Will Poulter looks Awesome! reep look ok 49 days to go further up and further in.!

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