“No One Touches the Tail” TV Spot Online

We received dozens of reports on the new Voyage of the Dawn Treader commercial that has just appeared on TV. It’s got lots of great new shots. Check it out!

YouTube link is here.

Thanks to Lilly the Valiant, Jenn, and Louloudi the Centaur for the heads up!

EDIT:  A slightly higher quality of the video can be found by clicking here.

147 Responses

  1. I recently saw this on t.v. and thought oh my god and start jumping up and down with glee,long live ASLAN!!!

  2. I saw this on tv and starting hopping for glee!!!

  3. Annabeth says:

    Oh.my.gosh. i JUST found this link on Yahoo, it's a trailer, but it's waaay longer than the others and *SPOILERS* Peter and Susan are in it!!!

  4. Much better. The pacing is stronger, and gives it more the feel of an all-ages film, not just a kiddie-flick, and the humor at the end works (in part because it's character-driven, not to mention that it's being spoken by a mouse).

    This should be one of several different TV spots that Fox needs to start inundating the market with. If they can give each one a different feel (action/adventure, mystery, drama), they'll capture the attention of a wider range of viewers.

  5. Samuel the Magnificent says:

    Did anyone notice that Eustace is a dragon during the sea serpent scene? (or whas it that way in the book?) either way is fine with me.