Confirmed: Walden is Talking With Fox About Making The Magician’s Nephew

Dekkie attended NRB’s Sunday Super Session in Nashville today and has posted the following report which confirms that Walden is leaning toward making The Magician’s Nephew next.

Michael Flaherty just confirmed that Walden was talking with Fox about the Magician’s Nephew.

I just got back from attending NRB’s Sunday Super Session in Nashville, TN, where Flaherty and Simon Swart from Fox spoke about “Connecting with Audiences in an Age of Distraction.” And Narnia, of course. A few noteworthy tidbits:

When asked by Phil Cooke of Cooke Pictures and host of this session if Walden would make any more Narnia movies, Flaherty responded, without hesitation: “Yes. We are talking to Fox about making the Magician’s Nephew next.” The audience clapped. He then mentioned that there was some debate about whether SC or MN should be next, and asked the audience to clap for their favorite. A few (including myself, loudly) clapped for SC, but the majority cheered for MN.

Flaherty also referred to Gresham as “the CS Lewis Cop,” and talked about when the production team would wonder what Lewis thought of something, Gresham would say something like about how once he was having dinner with Jack and he said that if there ever was a movie made it would have to include such and such. Flaherty, laughingly, added that he wondered how many of those stories actually happened.

Phil Cooke talked about the time he was at the first screening of the VDT trailer, 20 minutes after the trailer was shown, he received a notification on his phone from Google about all these Narnia sites having detailed reports about the trailer. “These people are crazy.” I laughed – because we are.

Flaherty gave a “huge, heartfelt thankΒ  you” to the audience for their support of the film, saying that many thought the franchise was “dead” after PC. He seemed pleased and not worried that VDT made “only” $100 million domestically.

Swart also talked about how excited Fox was to be able to pick up the franchise: “We get a shot at Narnia?” and saying that they “jumped in with both feet in.”

Thanks to Dekkie for the report!

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  1. Mayor Wilkins says:

    Andrew Adamson said once that the three most beloved stories are
    Dawn Treader
    Magician's Nephew

    Douglas Gresham, Mark Johnson and co. have said many times that they "Have to make 'The Magician's Nephew'"

    If they decide to go with "MN" next, is it really that much of a surprise?
    Not really. Plus, as was stated above, "Magician's Nephew" is a much stronger story.

  2. always narnian says:

    I think Martin Short would be good as Uncle Andrew, except I don't know if he's tall enough! =)

    • I'm disappointed that their doing Magician's Nephew and not Silver Chair next, don't get me wrong I love all the narnia books a lot, but this is mainly because if they don't SC soon Will Poulter's age could become a huge problem, but at the same time I'm happy that their doing another narnia movie. With the kind of response that VDT got from people I thought the narnia series was dead.

      Now in order to make this new narnia movie work they must put it in the hands of a much better director then Micheal Apted was and better scpirt writers, because let's face it Micheal Apted was the wrong guy to direct VDT.
      I don't he think he was as passionate about C.S. Lewis's vision as he should of been and didn't have enough experience with epic, fantasy movies, before VDT he was making indy dramas and documentaries, and is best known for directing a James Bond movie from what I read, does that sound like the right guy to make a narnia movie. NO! Of course not they need a director whose more experienced in epic, blockbuster, fantasy movies, and whose way more passionated about the narnia books and C.S Lewis's vision.

      Then the narnia movies will star being back on the right track, better and more successful. That's why Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings was so successful. It's where it all starts good directors and good scpirt writers.

      • always narnian says:

        I DON'T WANT MN YET, believe me! I am a big book fan! i agree… πŸ™‚

      • stephen says:

        Another reason why I want to see SC be made before MN that I forgot mention before is because I believe that all the narnia movies should be in chroniclogical order, because that's what makes the most sense. They are called "The Chronicles of Narnia" after all.
        But after hearing what GlumPuddle had to say, he makes a good point. People might be more interested in seeing a naria prequal, showing how narnia was created then a sequal to PC and VDT. So it might be more successful at the box office for that reason.
        But I'm still worried about Will Poulter's age becoming a problem by the time they get to filming SC, and I don't want him to be replaced, he's a really good actor and did such a good job as Eustace in VDT. I also hope to God that Micheal Apted will NOT! direct this movie, if he does it'll be like George Lucas directing The Phantom Menace.
        In other words the death of the narnia movie franchise.

      • Anhun says:

        I think script-writers are even more important. I loved VDT for giving me such a brilliant depiction of Eustace, and for showing me some of my favorite moments from the book, but I couldn't help cringe at the script-writers attempts to turn Narnia into Shrek.

      • Hallows says:

        You're right, Stephen Barnhouse, Apted was just not the right director for VDT. We need a new director and new screenwriters. My choice for director would be Mike Newell. I would be happy if Andrew Adamson came back, though. Guillermo Del Toro would make an interesting MN, but it would be too dark. My dream director would be Steven Spielberg, but that's not going to happen. A lot of people would like Peter Jackson, but he'll be working on The Hobbit for the next three years. As far as screenwriters go, my choice would be Michael Goldenberg, who did the 5th Harry Potter and the 2003 film version of Peter Pan. By the way, for those of you who think that he would not be good because of his HP5 adaptation, that was Yates' fault. Yates cut out 45 minutes from the final movie.
        As far as SC versus MN goes, I would like to see SC. It is a much easier book to translate to film. The fact is, SC has exactly what the the VDT screenwriters were going for in VDT: a straight foward, object oriented plot. SC would be much easier for children to understand. The plot is just, "Okay, we have to find this lost prince and we have signs to help us". MN is much more unpredictable and less relatable for the audience. I think SC would be a bigger box office success because of this. It will be much more understandable and entertaining for children. The biggest factor, however, in how much money the film makes is how good it is. This is something that studios do not seem to understand. You can make a film for a specific market all you want, but you have to make a good film. Think about it, it is December, you are a casual moviegoer and you want to see a movie. Your local theater has three movies playing, Narnia and two others. You go on Rotten Tomatoes. Narnia has a 48% rating and the other two have 80% ratings. What are you going to see? Narnia? I didn't think so. The better a movie is, the better reviews it gets, the more people go to see it. It's that simple. This is proven by the fact that each subsequent Narnia film has gotten worse reviews and each subsequent Narnia film has made less money.
        To those who feel that fans are being too negative about the Narnia films: We have every right to feel negative about the films. Think about it, so far we have gotten three films, each released 2 and a half years after each other, which means endless waiting. Only one of them has been a great film and a good adaptation(LWW). The other two were average films and terrible adaptations. They have been dissapointing financially and fans have had to deal with questions about whether the franchise will even continue, let alone whether the remaining films will be any good. Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, the two other major book/movie fantasy series have been much more successful, both artistically and financially. The Narnia books are on the same level as these other two series. We deserve the same quality that they get. The Rotten Tomatoes rating for the LOTR series is 94%. For HP it is 83%. For Narnia it is 64%. The highest grossing Narnia film has still grossed less than the lowest grossing HP or LOTR films. Narnia fans have every right to be negative because the films are not nearly as good as they could be. I think, assuming they make MN, that if it makes less than 500 million worldwide, they will not make any more films after MN. I think the best time to release MN would be either summer 2012 or March 2013. If it was released Winter 2012 it will have to be sandwiched in between The Hobbit and Breaking Dawn part 2. This will leave it ignored by teenagers, which is a key market(perhaps THE key market). March is a great movie time because the Oscars have just happened and so everyone is thinking about movies. Last year Alice in Wonderland and How to Train Your Dragon were both released in March. These were both family movies and both had fantastic results at the box office. This year, Rango(great movie, by the way), the new Gore Verbinski(director of Pirates of the Caribbean) animated film, with Johnny Depp, was just released, and I'm sure we'll see that racking up the $$$. Overall, Fox needs to put together a great trailer and promote it intensely. The VDT trailers were terrible. Honestly, if I weren't a Narnia fan, I would have just thought "Lame". Trailers really do sell a movie.
        Overall, I'm dissapointed that we are not getting SC next. I think it is one of the most cinematic of the books and, handled by a competent director and screenwriter, could be a truly great film. This jumping around in the chronology is not good news. I am excited for MN though, particularly because the filmmakers sound excited about it. If Andrew Adamson directs and is excited and passionate about the story, like he was with LWW, I think we could have the second great film in the Narnia series.

      • Ana says:

        I think MN would be great (as long as they can make it without putting a battle in it)! I do agree though that it would be a shame to wait until Will was too old to keep playing Eustace in VDT. Maybe they could do two at once πŸ™‚

      • ERIKA says:

        "stephen says: March 3rd, 2011 on 5:27 PM Another reason why I want to see SC be made before MN that I forgot mention before is because I believe that all the narnia movies should be in chroniclogical order, because that’s what makes the most sense. They are called "The Chronicles of Narnia" after all."

        ARE you talking about when they were writen or the narnia hisory?
        if your talking about narnia history it shuld have been first but if about when writen yes shuld have been after SC and who sayes that thy want to do it latter to keep LB open and i do not think HAB shuld be done (due to not relly having anny thing to do with the story)

      • Allison says:

        I would also like to point out that Silver Chair is not the only book that comes before Magicians Nephew but also Horse and His Boy!!! And I for one am very frustrated by the fact that Magicians Nephew is coming out before both of them. It just isn't right. I mean that's part of what makes Magicians Nephew so great! the fact that it reveals so much and gives you this amazing sense of aw when you find out. I think if you reveal all that too early you will lose some of the… wonder.

    • Shy Galadriel says:

      Forget Martin Short! I want Kenneth Branagh! I've wanted him for the part since I heard his voice reading MN. He's absolutely the perfect voice for the part and I think with some clever makeup he'd be the perfect look as well! πŸ˜€
      (He'd have to have a white wig, lose some weight and be shot so he looks taller… but they shot Georgie so she looked taller in DT!!)
      For those of you non-Shakespeare-ians, Mr. Branagh was in the second Potter movie as an arrogant lying cheat.

      • Anhun says:

        I don't think Short or Branagh are creepy enough. I can totally see Branagh as King Lune, though. I think he would break my heart with his longing for his lost son. It would take a talented actor to do that with so little screen time.

    • Dufflepud12 says:

      Its definitly because of Tilda Swinton…… They like her too much………….Don't get me wrong, she was good, but they overuse her.

      • Eleno5485 says:

        TOTALLY, TOTALLY, TOTALLY agree with the Tilda Swinton comment. Somehow they've decided they need to keep making the stories that would use her. But then, why couldn't they have her be the lady of the green kirtle and do some CGI effect that would make her look a little different. I mean, Lewis even said that she and the White Witch were of the same kind, basically. I'm really wanting to see who Puddleglum is played by too! I think they should use Hugh Laurie, but I think he's too big of an actor in America now for them to use him. I also think that Brannaugh and Martin Short are awful choices for Uncle Andrew. He does really need to be played by someone that can be pathetically slimy, and not just plain silly or overacted, which is how those men would play him.

    • Kim says:

      Why no to the Harry Potter thing and make MN and then make SC to come out a few months later then do the last two books the same way! That builds interest!
      I am an American, but Americans don't appreciate good movies like narnia! They want blood gore and filthy language and tons of sex! Unfortunately here in the USA, that's what they want!
      Go Narnia!

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        no, it's what "they" think we want. that, and them thinking they have to make "cutting edge" movies, to show how cool they are. meanwhile, the highest grossing movies are now pixar type stuff.

    • narniafan1 says:

      Martin short??!! nooooo!! i would say Jim Carry but they should pick someone. unique like someone noone has ever heard of

  3. Lyle says:

    As much as I want to see Tilda Swinton again, I kinda wanted to see how the Lady of Green Kirtle would be made in the bigscreen πŸ™

    • Anhun says:

      Forget her, I want Puddleglum! πŸ˜›

      • Puddleglum says:

        I (ahem) most definitly agree.

      • stateofgreen says:

        Me too. I want to see a CGI Glimfeather doing his "translation" duties for Trumpkin.

      • Puddleglum says:

        I keep asking, and hope some producer is reading, why not do both at once? It would solve the problem of the children getting to old for the part, and still introduce the professore at a young age.

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        apparently it's not that easy getting funding for one, let alone 2. that was the advantage of disney producing, they have bucks.

      • stephen says:

        WOW PuddleGlum, it's like your reading my mind, I was thinking they should do the exact same thing. I mean since the filmakers are so keen on skipping The Silver Chair and The Last Battle and going straight to The Magician's Nephew.

      • stephen says:

        ah, your right High Queene Shelly Belly its not to fund a movie, especially a big blockbuster movie like The Chronicles of Narnia. But do you really think a huge, major Hollywood studio corperation like Fox can't afford to make the narnia movies. Remember this is the same studio that produced most of the Marvel superhero movies and Avatar. So I really don't think Fox will have any issues producing narnia; wheather it be The Silver Chair or The Magician's Nephew.

      • Anhun says:

        Actually, Fox has been experiencing something of a dry streak lately. You can read about it on Box Office Mojo.

  4. Seiko says:

    Do both The Silver Chair with Tilda Swinton as Lady Of The Green Kirtle, and then The Magican's Nephew with Tilda Swinto reprising her role as Jadis. Both will make excellent movies (they are better stories than Caspian, Horse And His Boy, and Last Battle in my opinion). Set them back-to-back for 2012 (The Silver Chair) and 2013 (The Magicans Nephew." Do it "you saw how the witch's reign ended…now see how it began." But the Magican's Nephew first can work.

    I mean, look at the franchise "Underworld." They did two stories and then went and did a prequel, and then are back to the main story again. Narnia doing three stories, going back to a prequel, and then continuing can work. That, and in all honesty, in terms of what they feel will be the most sucessful, I think they will choose "Silver Chair" over Horse And His Boy and The Last Battle. Not that I don't want to see Horse And His Boy, but I feel it's better left as Number 6, and can probably be made on a lower budget too (just in case box office numbers don't quite hold up).

    • Tilda says:


    • narnaifan says:

      i agree wit making both movies together, it solves the decision of which to make first, wit Will's age or wat the fans demand. kind of like what lord of the rings did, they didnt have a break between making each movie, and they were out quicker so we can enjoy more movies. i think u're right about tilda in the sc chair too. and if its money they are worried about, then get johnny depp to play puddleglum, he'd b perfect, he plays loads of characters like that, and most ppl will come to watch just to see him

    • Dufflepud12 says:

      What about the Horse and his Boy?????? that was the best one!!!!!!!!!

      • butterflygirl says:

        i totally agree with you! i love the horse and his boy!but i think that now they've started to use will the have to stick with him and just move Jill's age up. but you know im totally fine with whatever they do as long as they keep doing them

      • Seiko says:

        Well I do want to see Horse And His Boy as well (a million times more than Last battle or ever wanted Caspian, thought the movie's inclusion of the white witch ressurection scene and the Miraz' castle scene made it far better), but not before Silver Chair and Magican's Nephew. It wouldn't make sense to anyone before Silver Chair, and The Magican's Nephew seems have more in favor. It's too bad they didn't do it second, but you can't blame the studio for going with one chronical style over the other. (with Magicans Nephew first and Horse And His Boy third, rather than as 5 and 6)

      • Seiko says:

        At this point I would stop worrying about them not getting to do it. Like Silver Chair and Magican's Nephew, people have spoken about Horse And His Boy a lot too, much more so than Last Battle. With Dawn Threader hitting 400mil, I see no reason to worry. This series is a million miles away from being over.
        Some number projections (order of first two doesn't matter):
        Silver Chair: 110-130mil budget, 350 mil box office finish
        Magican's Nephew: 110-130 budget, 375 mil box office finish
        Horse And His Boy (as 6): 100-120 buget, 320 box office finish

        I do expect the numbers to be like that for many reasons, mainly book popularity, relations to Jadis (obviously a box office score), previous characters (Will Poulter/sequel to Dawn Threader), versus a different story entirely (Shasta being introduced others only shown near the end). I could be wrong though-if they got the actors back to play Susan and whatnot, it could do much better, especially if the movie gave them bigger roles. This is obviously a somewhat unpredictable franchise. At some point "Dawn Threader" was announced to a bomb. Definitely not!

      • Seiko says:

        More of the silly note Dawn Threader bombings. It's made more money than Tron: Legacy on a 30mil lower budget! In your face stupid Disney, who dropped a super-franchise! It's also a "take that!" to other contenders like The Hobbit, or the never-happening sequel to The Golden Compass called "The Subtle Knife."

      • georgiehenleyluver says:

        exactly!!!!! how can they say underworld did 2 sequels and then a prequel and narnia will do three movies and a prequel when there is really two prequels left

  5. Mayor Wilkins says:

    I notice a lot of complaining on this site.
    I thought Narniaweb was supposed to be a source for FANS of the movies.
    It seems to have devolved into a place where a lot of disgruntled so-called "fans" come to complain about what the movies are supposedly doing wrong.

    Why don't we turn our attention to more positive things?
    If they do "Magician's Nephew" next, how about embracing it?
    After all, they are at least planning on DOING ANOTHER MOVIE.

    I'm sorry, I'm just tired of seeing the same comments and complaints.
    I shudder to think of what "the producers" think if they do visit this site on occasion.
    No wonder so-called "Narnia fans" are not taken seriously. There's very little enthusiasm for the project here any more. They are probably wise to ignore you. Frankly, I'm thinking of ignoring you too and going elsewhere. It seems like there's 80% Narnia movie hatred here. You guys do a nice job covering the news, but you could really use a refill on your enthusiasm for the films. It's no fun coming here anymore.

    For those of you out there that do support the movies, (and embrace them for what they are) I salute you. They are planning on making another movie. And I'm sure it will be a lot of fun as we anticipate it's arrival. πŸ˜‰

    • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

      perhaps someone web savvy can make SIDE place for additional POSITIVE commenting only. any takers??

    • moonwood says:

      Well said ! I am also very excited about The Magician's Nephew, it is a masterpiece.
      Let's talk about our favorite scenes, and how we think they may do it, instead of: 'nooooooooooooooI wanted SC'

    • Anhun says:

      I do support the movies. I loved LWW and VDT, and I enjoyed PC. The thing is, they haven't made up their minds. The pro-SC crowd are hoping that they'll hear our comments and respond. This is especially true for those of us who have zero interest in seeing a MN movie. You don't hear the SC supporters telling the MN supporters not to share their point of view, why do you guys tell us to shut up? It's really bad on the movie discussion forum, where some of the pro-MN mods are acting like dictators.

      • moonwood says:

        I see a few people bring a positive feel to this forum,
        but you do not let this happen. I think practically every person on this site wants to see MN, just maybe not next. that's o.k. they have the right to thier opinion, io completely identifie with it,
        but it is not normal to only concentrate on this fact.
        They are continuing the series ! The news we have been waiting for so long.
        Why don't you stop your bitterness, this is very far from a 'Narnian attitude.'
        You need to take on a positive attitude, stop poisoning this site with your bitterness, and grow up.
        You sound like a child who has just been told he will be getting cherry ice cream for desert, instead of the expected chocolate.
        Let the rest of us enjoy this AWESOME news. If you don't like it, keep it to yourself
        Stop spoiling it for everyone else.

      • moonwood says:

        'Anhun says:March 2nd, 2011 on 7:23 PM
        Frankly, if I was C.S. Lewis, I’d be ashamed to admit to having written PC, never mind worrying about how people adapt it.'

        + no interrest in MN, either …
        That is the kind of weird attitude I am talking about. What are you doing on this site ?

      • Anhun says:

        I'm not saying that people like me and Eponine, who won't go to see an MN movie are the majority of the pro-SC crowd. I'm just saying that for us, the thought of MN coming next is especially disappointing.

      • stateofgreen says:

        I don't think the people posting about how they want to see SC are bitter, they're just disappointed. I also support the books and franchise but seeing the downturn in quality of the script in VDT compared to even PC didn't make me happy and I'm one of the disappointed if they are really not going to make SC next. People are allowed to post their disappointment if they're polite and knowledgeable about it. The site is for all who love the books.

      • Non-Negotiable Comment says:

        moonwood, I love the idea of a (great) film adaptation of 'The Magician's Nephew'. I think it's probably the most beautiful of the books, and I have no fear about how an intelligent, passionate filmmaker who UNDERSTANDS THE MATERIAL can bring it to life on the big screen. I believe in the medium of film far more than most people here, and I refuse to accept "That won't work in a movie." as an excuse to butcher a beautiful work of literature. So, I'm optimistic (at this point, anyway), and I am thrilled about the POSSIBILITY of a great adaptation.

        Regardless, I am still very disappointed to not see 'The Silver Chair' next. The two positions are not diametrically opposed. 'The Silver Chair' is the next story. Plain and simple. That's what most of us would like to see. This move, while very logical on many levels, smacks of desperation. Very little good ever comes from panicking. I'm hoping this will be a rare exception to that rule, but…

        Lastly, while I will never tell anyone else what to write, here's some friendly advice: unpleasant and unimaginative responses like "Stop poisoning this site!!" are childish, and accomplish nothing. We come here to discuss Narnia. Whatever we feel like saying about Narnia. Not to reach a consensus, and certainly not to validate YOUR opinions. If you disagree with someone, refute their claims with facts. If you have a problem with someone like Anhun (with whom I almost never agree), who has always maintained a courteous and respectful approach to interacting with others here, then you are in for quite a shock, if and when you ever venture out into the real world, and, say, get a job in an office. There, you will have to deal on a daily basis with people who will, I am sorry to say, often have different opinions than yours, and who will, quite likely, not be anywhere near as nice.

        I suspect you'll disregard this advice, but I thought I'd offer it up, regardless, seein' as how I'm such a sweet guy.

      • moonwood says:

        Non-Negotiable, as for the first part of your response, you are right on the ball.
        As for the second, you know I'm right, you just love to argue with me too much to pass this up… ; )

      • Anhun says:

        non-negotiable, my response to your first paragraph can be summed up in the following formula:

        "The Hollywood Blockbuster Treatment" + Magician's Nephew =
        Hot Mess

        As for your other comments, I agree. Consensus is boring. . . Okay, you didn't actually say that. But that's the spin I'm putting on it. πŸ˜›

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        i think the negativity stems from them trying to update a classic and taking unbelieveably strange turns to do it ( a soul eating CAVE for VDT, instead of the real storyline- finding your heart's desire fufilled by findng heaven- Aslan's country?????). If they just made a better version of the faithful BBC series, it would have been golden.

    • yeo15 says:

      you are so right.
      WE should be thankful that they are still planning to continue the franchise whether it's MN or SC that comes first.
      I'm just so happy for this good news. I've been waiting for this "greenlit" news all the time.
      Thank God.

      • always narnian says:

        I don't understand what you mean about "negative" comments on this site. I thought this site was for Narnia fans, and we are Narnia fans even though we make "negative" comments- it's because we love the books, and the movies haven't met the standard of the books. It seems like you're saying we can't state our opinion. I think we should be nice, but there are those who are fans of the books… and those are the "negative-commenters". Or the ones who simply state that the movies should be faithful, both in the storyline and the allegory.

  6. The Narniad says:

    I'm very…conflicted about this. One one hand I'm ecstatic that they've gotten to the stage of even talking about another movie, and I think the Magician's Nephew would look absolutely AWESOME on the big screen…but on the other hand, I LOVE the Silver Chair. And what about Will Poulter? I loved him so much as Eustace- I can't bear the thought of him not coming back for another film! And I'd cry with happiness at seeing Puddleglum on the big screen and I've always loved Jill…urgh, I'm whining.
    Anyways, I'll warm up to whatever they eventually choose to do- I'd just set my heart on seeing my favourite book of the series made into a movie I guess πŸ˜‰ Hopefully the next film will reboot the series πŸ˜€

    • StarAsterisk says:

      Same here! I would love to see MN done because I have never seen it in any version adn i think it would be interesting. But didn't it seem like they where leading up to SC in the end of VDT when Eustace's mom said that Jill Pole was waiting for him? So, that kinda made me think they where going to do SC, but oh well.

  7. Michael McDaid says:

    Well this is good news. I was hoping for Silver Chair next. But Magician's Nephew could be interesting. Especially since no movie version exist of this book yet. If thet can sell Fox on International Sales. Domestically Narnia dipped some more this time. But Internationally the movie made as much as last time well not including inflation rates.

  8. claireyy says:

    yeah, i want sc next like all of you. but at least we get another narnia flim, right? will is probably gonna age a little, and i hope they still use will anyways!
    how are they gonna do sc, hhb and lb then?

  9. Tawariell says:

    Honestly, I don't mind MN being next because it's in my top 3 favorites.

    However, I'm thinking that this is the best time for SC to be made because the people will remember Eustace and it is part of the Caspian trilogy.

    Plus, I think MN would be best toward the end, especially if they end up making LB, then I think MN would be a good follow-up for it.

  10. Gwayne says:

    I went to NRB's Sunday Super Session as well, and I was so excited when Michael Flaherty said that Walden Media is talking to Fox about making MN. When he asked the audience which movie they wanted (SC or MN) I heartily clapped for MN. Two of my reasons for this is to support Walden Media, and the other is that I'd like to see the MN. Not that many movies are about the creation of a world, in this case Narnia. MN is the first book chronologically in the Chronicles of Narnia, so this would be a great addition to the already made Narnia films.

  11. The Diamond Rose says:

    Unfortunately, I think that if they make magicians nephew next then they prob aren't going to make any more after that. It would be a perfect place to stop, wrapping the series up with a prequel… Not that I want it to stop, but the producers might think that way.

    Hopefully, whatever happens M N will turn out well! : D

  12. Sierra says:

    Magician's Nephew? Oh…

    I don't get it, why not do Silver Chair next? Will rocked as Eustace and I don't want him to get too old to play the role.

    I'm still happy, though. I can't wait to see who play Polly, and who voices Strawber-*cough*- Fledge.

  13. FΓ£ Brazileiro says:

    Sorry for the bad manners, but you also give the U.S. the worst box office in the series, has the right to choose the movie and still choose wrong. Nobody noticed that the Walden / Fox wants to end the franchise, complete with a preview of the first movie! I love the magician's nephew, but looking at a Brazilian site of Narnia figured it out. Please American fans! Vote by Chair desperately silver or otherwise probably never see another adaptation of the Chronicles of Narnia in theaters! I Love The Magician's Nephew, but first the good of the series would be much better to silver chair, because after that there may be an adaptation of the last battle and eventually return to the magician's nephew and the horse and his boy!

  14. Seiko says:

    It's kind of ridoulous for anyone to say that we shouldn't be very vocal about the choosing of "Silver Chair" or "Magicians Nephew." They want to know which one we'd rather see next. Back-to-back is really the only solution.

    It's not that they have no faith in another installment, they simply want different options. Voyage has made over 387mil. It's fine. To me though these two are the best two behind Lion, Witch, Wardrobe and Voyage.
    My favorites in order would be:

    The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe
    Voyage Of The Dawn Threader
    The Silver Chair
    The Magicians Nephew
    Horse And His Boy
    Prince Caspian (found the movie to be a considerable improvement)
    The Last Battle

  15. always narnian says:

    How do we vote on wanting SC besides Narniaweb??????? They need to know how disappointed everyone is!

    • Seiko says:

      They simply should listen to the fans. They know they have a franchise that is more than worth doing. I believe they want to hear what we think about Magican's Nephew first. Let's tell them about doing "Silver Chair" first then MN, or let them know what we think about going back-to-back. I mean if Dawn Threader hits 400mil, then what is stopping either of these sequels from making about 320-380 (or we could be suprised) at the box office.
      I'm suprised nobodies mentioned the 3-D. Film them both with fusion camera system too, that will increase the profits and increase likliehood of them doing the Horse And His Boy and then finishing the series with Last Battle.

      • Seiko says:

        In the meantime, we can laugh at these lines from a spoof of Narnia:

        "Come with me to my white castle." The camera shows a shot of the white castle fast food restuarant.
        "The kids have es, the kids have es…scape..adid…the kids have escaped!"
        Or, her rolling in on her "Tokyo Drift" sled.
        These are all from a very inappropriate movie called "Epic Movie." A lot of was really stupid but the actress playing the white witch was funny. Heh, maybe Jennifer Coolidge can play Lady of The Green Kirtle! Just a joke.
        Bryce Dallas Howard could play Lady of The Green Kirtle well.

      • stateofgreen says:

        I could see Bryce Dallas Howard as TLOTGK. Good casting.

      • Anhun says:

        Not a bad idea. She's really distinctive-looking (an important quality in a Narnian witch). I still prefer Natalie Dormer, and I don't know anything about Howard's acting, but it's something to think about.

  16. Kimberly says:

    I will be honest. If they do the MN next I will not go see it. The story was partially so magical because you did not know the origination story. Learning that after was wonderful. I will not go and see them out of written order. And I will encourage the people I know that know nothing of the books beyond what they have seen in the movies to skip it as well. CS Lewis wrote them the way he did on purpose. We should honor that.

    • moonwood says:

      You are not fooling anyone… LOL
      You are ( like me ) way to passionate about these books not to go see the movie.
      I don't want to burst your bubble ( well…) but I think you are writing this because you want the producers to read it and think 'Oh no ! boycotting ! ) It won't make a difference, in my opinion.
      Anyone passionate enough to write on this site will want to see the movie at least once ( probably a lot more, to study it ) : )
      'Don't be sad, have a cookie…'

      • Anhun says:

        That's not true. Some narniawebbers have boycotted VDT. I do agree that announcing a 1-person boycott won't make a difference. A better approach would be to say why you think SC would be a better investment.

    • moonwood says:

      And I agree, it would have been nicer, in the original order, but these guys want to make as much money as possible, and that means making as many of the series as possible, and they feel that the best way to do that is to go with a big, more popular story right now.
      The reason I accepted this so quickly, is that it is clear that they are doing it this way with the idea of being the way to make as many of the books as possible.
      I rather get several more movies, rather than maybe just one more…

    • Narnias #1 Fan says:

      Kimberly I have to disagree with you there. Your attitude shows why VDT was not as big as LWW! All the 'fans' gave up on Narnia after the let down of PC. Your not going to have a 'perfect' Narnia movie, so be thankful for what you got! Hey! AT LEAST THERE IS GOING TO BE ANOTHER MOVIE! The movies will never go with books perfectly so enjoy what you have!!!

    • Not Of This World says:

      Look at it like this, Kimberly: If everyone thought like that, MN will not be sucessfull. Then, if not sucessfull, we will not get to see any other movie. We need to see the movies so we can see more! That sounds like a good deal, right? πŸ˜‰

  17. Eowyn of Lantern_Waste says:

    I think we should just be really happy that there are even talks to make another film!!!!!!!!! A few weeks ago it was touch and go whether we would get another film at all so we should all be celebrating that at least it appears there is going to be another Narnia film. Personally I think Walden and Fox are trying again to go back to that "magical" feel that did so well in LWW. It seems to me that the Magician's Nephew may appear to them a more marketable product with the presence of the witch and the entering into a new unknown world by Polly and Digory. In these repects the story is closer to the themes of LWW than say PC or VDT. Anyway just my two cents worth πŸ™‚

  18. moonwood, to fans embracing MN says:

    Any suggestions on how they will handle Aslan singing narnia into creation ?
    I think it is important that his voice ( word ) is what brings life to Narnia ( obvious biblical allusion ) but how ?
    I doubt L. Neeson can sing well enough…what if they have him humming with beautifull music, that would match the different things being created ?
    Any ideas ? This is no small detail !

    • Aunt Letty says:

      Very good point. I have confidence that this is one problem that they'll solve better than expected. It's the sort of thing "they" usually handle with grace, these days. But like you, I'm curious…

    • Puddleglum says:

      I would rather think his voice is quite suitable for a bit of humming, or with some coaching, some sort of song.

    • moonwood, to fans embracing MN says:

      Why am I assuming L. Neeson can't sing ? How should I know ? LOL
      Do you remember the flash of a thousand stars suddenly appearing, while joining aslan's song in their icy voices ? : )

  19. Aunt Letty says:

    Very gratified to hear that the studio is willing to give it another go! I hope for the best.

    More than which book is to become a film, I would like to know who might be considered for director, and even more, who will be writing the adaptation. If I could have any say, I would vote for someone who's already shown keen perceptiveness in adapting the page to the screen in the case of a beloved classic. Someone such as, but not limited to, Andrew Davies. I wouldn't go for someone whose feature skills revolve around action films or special effects, because those can be gotten under subcontract.

    I agree with Non-Negotiable that there is potential for great film-making in either SC or MN, but only if the writers and director are able (allowed by the production people) and willing to go beyond the obvious stuff found on the pages.

    It would also be a good thing if the casting director was able to forget physical resemblances to the characters (even including age; I've seen good actors convincingly portray whatever age they need to within certain limits), and just look for the actors who really seem to "get" what the characters are about, what their purpose is within the story, and who are able to truly become those characters. I don't care what they look like. And, no, that was not a negative comment on anyone's performance in previous Narnia films.

    Well. That's what I would vote for if it was up to me, but of course it's not, so… Here's hoping.

  20. moonwood, to fans embracing MN says:

    Memorable scenes from Magician's Nephew :

    ' Lewis' description of the royalty Digory and Polly encounter frozen in position at the great hall of Charn is meant obviously to show the progression of corruption that occurred in this line, from kindness to cruelty to despair to depravity, culminating in the most evil of all, Jadis herself ' –Paul F. Ford

    'We are the empress Jadis'
    "A voice in the crowd at the lamp-post calls Jadis ' Hempress of Colney 'Atch '
    Colney Hatch was a London insane asylum at the turn of the century. Thus in 1900, 'Colney 'Atch for you !' was cockney slang for ' you're crazy ' " –Ford
    Can't you see the look on Jadis' face when they all start laughing ?

    The flash of fire ( that burns nobody ) that turns Narnia's dumb beasts, into beasts that are self aware!

    I think it would be amazing if they started the movie with a 5 minute sequence of the final conflict between Jadis, and her sister in Charn, with Jadis uttering the Deplorable word, and all going silent, all life dissapearing from that world, except her.
    Audiences would be blown away, and amazed at the depth, and intricacy that is this series…

    Digory's temptation by Jadis to eat the fruit of life, and noticing her face now very pale, with that messy stain of fruit around her mouth…

    Digory giving the fruit to his mother, and seeing the color return to her face ( hmmmm interesting, never made that link before. once again the difference between following Aslan's will, and going against it)

    Note to producers ! We MUST see good color on Jadis' face until she eats the fruit ! —She is not the White Witch yet !

    • Puddleglum says:

      I recall a commentary on PBS about Lewis. How one of the events in his life that initially turned him from God was the early death of his mother.
      Imagine the trauma in his mind as he included this very scene in the story.

      • moonwood, to fans embracing MN says:

        I agree, there is little doubt…Lewis was about the same age as Digory, and in the book we feel Digory's sadness so much…
        In Surprised by Joy, Lewis recalls that when his mother was dying he had heard that if you ask God something, and really believe, he will give it to you. He prayed fervently, but was very disappointed, and disillusioned to find that his mother had died anyway.
        He wrote that it was years later, that he realised that he had gone to God without love, or awe, and had expected him to cure her , and then supposed, just ' go away' as if being put back on a shelf…
        It is interesting to note the fear, respect and awe that Digory feels as he slowly approches aslan to ask help for his mother.
        And what an unforgettable response from Aslan !

      • Puddleglum says:

        Now I must go and read the book again!

    • Mayor Wilkins says:

      The inclusion of the final battle between Jadis and her sister is a really great idea!
      But how would they handle the Deplorable Word I wonder? I don't think we're ever supposed to know what it is. Hmmm…. still, very good idea. They could have Jadis doing her two-sword style again, which I know so many people enjoyed. I also felt that Jadis's swordsmanship and chain dress were products of Charn. They were very Charn-like. πŸ˜‰ So it would be good to see that.

      As for her transformation into the White Witch, that is a curious one, because Tilda's Jadis does not have excessively white skin in LWW. There are a number of possible ways around this, however.

      1. Hair color. Perhaps her original coloring was not blonde, but a darker color or a different shade. So that when she eats the apple, her hair color changes to the very pale, almost sun-bleached blonde she had during the final battle.

      2. Skin tone. As mentioned above, it would have to have some color. Maybe even a noticeable tan (Charn did have a red sun, I think….that could account for a very dark tan).

      The other possibility is the use of visual effects to make her face extremely white right after she tastes the fruit. But I don't know if I'd like this too much.

      And what about the ice crown growing up out of her head? What about a possible progression of her gowns as the film goes on? This time moving from hard armor to the more icy hues of LWW. I don't know.

      Whatever happens, Tilda Swinton has to play Jadis in "Magician's Nephew."

      • moonwood, to fans embracing MN says:

        I agree, we cannot be allowed to hear the deplorable word, that would ruin the illusion !
        True, Swinton's face in LWW is not the ' icing sugar white ' Lewis intended, and it may look weird to make up Swinton's naturally pale skin…
        So it is a very interesting idea about hair color.
        Especially that all the illustrations have Jadis with black hair.
        The argument goes that Lewis did not describe what color the
        White Whitch's hair was, but we also must remember that Lewis commented
        on Pauline Bayne's work before it was printed, correcting her at least once ( asking her to 'pretty up' the children a little : ) )
        I wonder how Swinton would look, starting off with long black curly hair ?
        It had not occurred to me that she was 'Jadis of Charn' like when she was in armour…
        Neat connection !
        They did think ahead, let's not forget the apple shaped tobacco container on old prof's Kirkes desk…

      • Mayor Wilkins says:

        Thanks, moonwood, for your response. πŸ˜‰
        And yes, I have always thought they should bring back the chain and armor costume of LWW for MN. πŸ˜‰ That, in combination with the spiked chariot (probably driven by something other than polar bears—demon horses? Dragons?) instantly made me think of Charn. I've said to myself so many times, "That's the look of Charn." Barbaric, war-like, but also with a touch of alien royalty and style. Perhaps the White Witch sort of reverted to her Charn self after all of her ice gown melted away? I don't know. This would be a neat connection though.

        Talking of connections, yeah, I've smiled on the apple tobacco holder many times. πŸ˜€ And the whole wardrobe is decorated with the story of "Magician's Nephew," not just the tree, but also the rings, Charn and the apple in the other wooden panels. πŸ˜‰

        One thing I do hope for though. I hope Jadis sort of becomes The White Witch over time. What I mean is, I hope Tilda is allowed to kind of evolve into her. Tilda should be the Empress Jadis of Charn before she becomes the icy White Witch.

        Hair color just seems like the best possible option to show some kind of change in Tilda when she eats the apple. They *might* do something with her gowns or the ice crown. I don't know. Depends on what Isis Mussenden (if she's still Costume Designer) wants to do with it.

        Tilda might look good in black hair. I would like to see her in red though. She had a touch of red in her hair during the LWW battle. I wonder what a full-on red look would amount to? But perhaps you do have a point. Going from black to very pale blonde would be the most dramatic change.

        On an unrelated note, I would like to apologize for my little outburst earlier this week.
        Everyone is entitled to their opinions.
        Cheers, everyone.

    • stateofgreen says:

      I could see Bryce Dallas Howard as the young Jadis and then Tilda can be the changed Jadis after she eats the apple.

  21. reepicheeps archer says:

    This is ridiculous!
    And may I point out that… This will probally not make sense to the non-massive fans of Narnia and will leave them confused. It dosent make sense why they arent bringing Eustace back now after VoDT because they brought the Pevensies back in PC and they usually bring the charactes back at least twice in each movie and lastly this is crazy and makes less than no sense to me! πŸ™

  22. Seiko says:

    I think Bryce Dallas Howard could pull of f Lady Of The Green Kirtle for many reasons:

    -Her similarity in looks to Tilda Swinton-could be used as plot device to be related, she could even play her sister in Magican's Nephew
    -Her ability to play dark characters of this nature-Victoria in Twilight
    -To look natural with different hair color (green?)-as seen with blonde hair in Spider-Man 3

    Basically she's a great actress and would be perfect. Someone that's a "name" might help the box office too. The Twi-Hards can say "hey it's the actress who played Victoria" and see whomever she plays.

    However they handle The Lady Of The Green Kirtle, whether they want it to be a ressurection of the white witch, someone related, just another witch, or a ressurection in a younger body, I support any effort. The rest of the "Silver Chair" should be kept the way it is, but this one place that could use some serious exploration.

    As far as "Magicians Nephew" goes the only alteration I see that might be necessary is Aslan actually singing. Some sort of song about creation might work better on screen.

  23. moonwood, to fans embracing MN says:

    The problem that must be solved with Aslan singing ( or probably more appropriately humming, as no words are ever specified anyway ) is that it must be extraordinary music. The bigger problem would be Aslan NOT singing, it would taking away the very powerful statement that not only is He the origin of the creation of all in Narnia,
    but ( for bible scholars here ) it is done through His Word. It would be a great disrespect to C S Lewis, and would create a very different mood to the story.
    Bryce Dallas Howard would probably be great in the role of the Lady of the Green Kirtle, and let's not forget, that although she is vaguely referred to as one of the 'same crew' of evil witches like Jadis, she is suggested to be of normal size ( not close to 10ft as Jadis is in the books ) and looks young, innocent, and very pretty, with a soothing musical voice, and laugh…Where Jadis is alarming, although seductive; the Queen of the Deep Realm is soothing and seductive, with her 'sweet quiet voice'.

    • Mayor Wilkins says:

      I wouldn't mind BDH playing the Green Lady. That's a good idea. πŸ˜€
      But they better not recast Jadis.
      No, no and double no. Tilda has to reprise the role.
      If nothing else, for the sake of continuity. Jadis should be played by the same actress throughout the entire series.

      • moonwood, to fans embracing MN says:

        I agree, it has to be Tilda Swinton–but I don't think we have reason to worry ?
        She appeared in the last 2…

      • moonwood, to fans embracing MN says:

        Red hair sounds AWESOME !

      • Mayor Wilkins says:

        At this point, my chief worry is that Tilda Swinton might be too busy. πŸ™
        I realize, however, that my fears are probably irrational.
        Tilda still seems extremely enthusiastic about "Narnia" and, according to Perry Moore, Tilda was pushing for them to make "Magician's Nephew" next.

        I hope and pray that she returns to play Jadis in "Magician's Nephew."
        All I can do is pray.

      • lucylittleone says:

        I agree that DBH would be an awesome LOTGK. TS is a bit to thin and wan…also I picture the early Jadis as rather Amazonian…strong and muscular…she might have to put on some weight! What about Christopher Lloyd as Puddleglum? Or even better, Rhys Ifans?

  24. moonwood, to fans embracing MN says:

    Paul F. Ford wrote the definitive Companion to Narnia in 1980, an exhaustive 450 page reference book of all that is Narnian, with extensive references to the biblical allusions.
    Here is an example, his many footnotes not included…

    Character profile of 'Uncle Andrew' in Paul F. Ford's 'Companion to Narnia'

    "Andrew ketterley
    The mad magician of MN. Andrew is Digory Kirke's uncle, the older brother of Digory's mother, Mable Kirke and resident in his sister Letitia Ketterley's London house, where he lives on the top floor.
    He is a pale shadow of his Narnian counterpart Jadis, but through him Lewis provides a frightening suggestion of the destruction that can occur in our world if power is given to the hands of immoral experimentors.
    Completely without conscience, he is only out for himself: he has no scruples about sending polly unwittingly into an unknown world–one into which he does not himself dare to venture;
    he shows the depth of his despicableness when he silences Digory's protests by suggesting that any further noise might frighten his seriously ill mother to death; and he thinks nothing about his godmother, Mrs Lefay, and his deathbed promise not to open her Atlantean box.
    He shows himself to be the very antitheses of Stock responses to human values at every sep of the conversation he has with his nephew in chapter 2.
    Rules are for children, servents, women, and ordinary people–not for 'geniuses' such as himself. He has toiled his entire life to learn magic at a great cost to himself, so that he could open the forbidden box–and all it contained was dust( Lewis expects his readers to agree that this is the natural reward for a life devoted to magic)
    At the reminder in Digory's speech that he is just another in a long line of evil magicians from the fairy tales, and that justice is always done, Andrew seems for a moment to realize the horror of his choices.
    But his choice for evil takes over again, and he attributes Digory's 'warped' moral sense to his having been 'brought up amoung women…on old wives' tales'
    In their experimenting with the rings, Digory and Polly discover that uncle Andrew does not really know how the rings work; like most magicians, Lewis sais, ' Uncle Andrew…was working with things he did not really understand'
    At the arrival of queen Jadis in his study, his chaotic speech is quite similar to Dr. Wither's in That Hideous Strength.
    He obviously met a magician of greater power, and tries to piece together the shreds of his dignity by boasting that he comes from an old Dorsetshire family–a boast that is all the more pittiful for his lack of fundamental values.
    As MN progresses, Uncle Andrew becomes more and more a figure of fun. A combination of his best clothes and brandy, turns his head to the grown up kind of silliness called imagining one is in love. He looks even sillier when he stumbles out of the crashed hansom cab;
    and when he is sweeped into the Wood Between the Worlds by Digory's magic ring, his troubles really begin.
    Thinking he is dead, he claims he never wanted to be a magician and it's all his godmother's fault.
    His total removal from the world of the spirit is evident during Aslan's creation song, of which Andrew has no comprehension. His mouth falls open, but not in joy. His chief desire is to hide from the sound.
    He calls Narnia 'completely uncivilized ', because he thinks technology is the mark of civilization .
    His primary reaction to the wildness of the Lion is the desire to shoot him, especially as he presents an obsticle to Andrew's dream of commercial possibilities in this land where everything grows.
    Andrew's extreme selfishness is most tellingly expressed in his inability to understand anything that does not relate to his own needs.
    He and the newly created talking beasts watch one another, the animals out of curiosity and Andrew out of fear.
    Here he show himself to be not a true scientist, but only 'dreadfully practical ' Andrew sees the animals only as potential threats, and cannot understand their intelligent speach.
    For thier part, they cannot figure out whether his is animal, vegetable, of mineral, and their ensuing conversation about Andrew's nature is one of the funniest in all the chronicles.
    The miserable Andrew is eventually released by Aslan from the cage in which the animals had kept him, and he spends the rest of his days living at the Kirke's country house."

    • Mayor Wilkins says:

      VERY interesting read! πŸ˜€

      I have pondered the casting of Uncle Andrew for a very long time.
      But I wonder who they will ultimately choose for the role?
      Likely someone no one has thought of.
      It would have to be someone who could be scary, but would ultimately pale in comparison to the stature of Tilda Swinton.

      I wonder, if one of these profiles exists for Jadis, would you mind putting that up?
      I realize it's probably a lot of typing. So if you don't wish to, that's all right. But I would love to read one of these about Jadis. She's my favorite villain in the entire Chronicles. πŸ˜€

      • moonwood, to fans embracing MN says:

        It is a lot of typing !
        But fun to share. I will do it in pieces maybe a little smaller than the last one:
        Jadis is next.

      • moonwood says:

        Character profile of 'White Witch' in Paul F. Ford's 'Companion to Narnia'
        Does not include all the footnotes
        Part 1 of 3
        "White Witch
        As the White Witch of LWW, she is responsable for the hundred years of winter that falls on Narnia; as Jadis of MN, she is the possesor of the Deplorable Word.
        The two are one and the same: characterizations of evil that cannot really be killed, but must be watched for, and confronted over and over again. According to M. Beaver, the White Witch is the offspring of a giant, and the demon Lilith. She is bad through and through, and she is especially villainous because she looks human, but has not a drop of human blood in her.
        When Lewis was writing LWW, he had not yet conceived of MN; thus, although he strives mightily to blend the two characterizations, there are loose ends and unanswered questions.
        We are told that the tree of protection will keep the witch out of Narnia as long as it flourishes; meanwhile, she has fled to the north, 'growing stronger in dark magic'.
        But by the time of LWW, she has managed not only to gain entrance into Narnia, but she has succeeded in gaining enough power over it to hold it in the enchantement of winter without end.
        This would imply that the Tree of Protection has either weakened, or died, or been circumvented in some other way, or that Jadis has become such a master of the dark arts, that she is able to overcome the tree's effects.
        All this must remain speculation, however, because we are never told what happened.
        Another question that arises is how an inhuman witch became the last of a long line of kings and Queens of Charn, when those kings and queens were all humans. Lewis's description of the royalty Digory and Polly encounter frozen in position in the great hall of Charn is meant quite obviously to show the progression of corruption that occured in this line, from kindness to cruelty to despair to depravity, culminating in the most evil of all, Jadis herself.
        This corruption is only possible in human beings, as nonhumans ( especially the combination of giant and demon) may be assumed to be bad from the start. "
        Part 2 of 3
        "The White* Witch
        She is the self proclaimed Queen of Narnia, and she is determined to kill the sons of Adam, and daughters of Eve who's thrones, according to the prophecies, are already waiting in Cair Paravel.
        She rides ina sleigh driven by a dwarf and pulled by white raindeer, and she herself is dressed in white fur to her neck. She wears a gold crown, and carries a gold wand.
        Her face is deathly pale, and her mouth is crimson.
        Edmund thinks her beautifull but stern.
        She has imposed winter without end on Narnia, and that world is blanketed with white, killing snow.
        That she is evil is indesputable: she has no conscience and no scruples, and will do anything that is in her advantage.
        She entraps poor Edmund with the sweet seduction of Turkish Delight; she turns Narnians into stone statues that decorate her courtyard; and she sends a pair of wolves to kill the Beavers and the children.
        Her worst and most unforgivable offence, of course is her slaying of Aslan at the Stone Table, during which she endevors to drive him even deeper into despaire by boasting that he has given her Narnia forever, lost his own life, and not saved Edmund after all.
        Here, however, she shows the vanity that is in the end her undoing.
        She assumes that, like her, everyone else lacks a conscience and scruples–and if they do not, then they are fools. In believing she can control everything, she blinds herself to other possibilities.
        But her knowledge only goes so far: she knows the Deep Magic, but Aslan knows the Deeper magic. Her army consists of all the worst animals and most ghastly creatures of dreams and nightmares, including bats, wolves ghouls, and hags.
        Aslan's army, powered by the newly freed narnians,
        overcomes thies beastly apparitions and the witch herself is killed by Aslan**.
        *The usual meaning of 'white witch' as one who practices white magic ( good magic in which the Devil in not invoked ) is not the meaning Lewis intends. Here white is used as the color of death, the time of winter when nothing can grow and good people are 'frozen', prevented from overcoming the evil that holds them all in thrall.
        The stage is thus set for the coming of spring, and the rebirth of nature brought by Aslan"
        **In PC the hag informs Doctor Cornelius that the White Lady ( her name for the White Witch) is alive and may be called upon for help.
        Lewis might be suggesting that, though dead herself, the white witch's evil spirit is able to live on
        by means of the dark magic."

        Next, part 3 of 3 : Jadis

      • moonwood says:

        Paul F. Ford's 'Companion to Narnia'
        Page 441, part 3 of 3 : Jadis
        "Jadis is the queen of Charn, the last in a long line of kings and queens, who desires to gain power not only over her own world, but over as many worlds as possible.
        Like the White Witch, she is pale and intense.
        Unlike the White Witch, who is a broadly painted cardboard figure of wickedness, Jadis is more finely drawn.
        She wears extravagant royal robes, bejeweled and embroidered and finer than those worn by any of the other queens in the great hall at Charn.
        She rules over a dead city, having overcome her sister ( the former queen ) with the ultimate weapon, the Deplorable Word, which she learned at a great cost to herself.*
        Like the White Witch she also deals in sweet seductions–the maddening verse on the pillar
        'causes' Digory to strike the golden bell, and it's sweet tone lets Jadis loose upon the world once more.
        In England, Jadis is truly a vision. In that world, she is larger than life, a vision of pure energy on the drab London pavement.
        Her power, which is sapped by the timeless air of the Wood between the Worlds, is intensified in our world, and she is able to wrench an iron bar from the lamp-post outside the Ketterley residence.
        That she is a figure of evil is indesputable ( witness her selfish destruction of the inocent people of Charn; her merciless beating of Strawberry; her guided tour of the castle, in which she points out to Digory and Polly her favorite spots–the dungeons, the principale torcher chambers, and the site of a great and arbitrary slaughter by her grandfather; and her knowledge of the Deplorable Word )
        But she is also an occasion for laughter, and the butt of jokes. Her behavior at the lamp-post is outlandish and causes the onlookers to conclude that she is insane; Sarah the maid finds it most exciting.
        The image of Jadis holding on to Jill's hair as they reenter the Wood between the Worlds is painfull, but it also serves to make Jadis seem ridiculous and childish.
        Perhaps her most frightening attribute is her desire to come into our world, and her assumtion that magicians are the ruling class here as well as in Charn.
        Once she meets Uncle Andrew, she ceases to notice Digory at all, and Lewis comments parenthetically that 'most wiches are like that. They are not interrested in things or people unless they can use them; they are terribly practical.'
        Finally she is a symbol to Lewis of the inevitability of the chaos begun by the impersonal experimentation of our technological society.
        *This is a parallel to uncle Andrew, who ruined his health by becoming a magician ( 'One doesn't become a magician for nothing' ) it is one of several intentional parallels that Lewis makes in order to impress upon the reader his belief that the quiet violations of natural law in the privacy of a scientists laboratory are the same as, and lead to, the ultimate violations of the sacredness of life practiced by Jadis and other unscrupulous rulers"

    • Mayor Wilkins says:

      Once more an interesting write-up. πŸ˜€
      Thanks for your efforts. πŸ˜‰

      So it seems Ford suggests the possibility that The White Witch's demonic spirit lives on eternally. And why should it not? Not only was she the original "seed of evil" in Narnia, and its Satan, but even evil persons have an immortal soul.

      "In PC the hag informs Doctor Cornelius that the White Lady ( her name for the White Witch) is alive and may be called upon for help. Lewis might be suggesting that, though dead herself, the white witch’s evil spirit is able to live on by means of the dark magic"

      I wonder if the movie(s) production team used this book?
      It seems to directly suggest the eternal presence of her spirit, and thus, supports her inclusion in "Prince Caspian" and "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" on Dark Island.

      Of course, my theory is that Dark Island was her final defeat. It seemed like when her Green Mist ghost was torn to shreds, that was the complete end of her. That's just my reading of the scene. Probably a discussion for another day.

      • moonwood says:

        'Of course, my theory is that Dark Island was her final defeat. It seemed like when her Green Mist ghost was torn to shreds, that was the complete end of her. That’s just my reading of the scene. Probably a discussion for another day.'

        An interesting idea…
        I may be wrong, but if the writers of the movie ( VDT ) followed Lewis' description of the Dark Island, it is the black magic of the island itself that makes our dreams ( and nightmares ) come true.
        So I would get the impression that it is the evil of the island that took on the shape of the White Witch, not actually supplying a 'vessel' for her spirit.
        If this is the case, then only the Dark Island has been defeated ( defeated only by Aslan, in the book )
        I agree that any soul will live forever–even evil ones…so the danger would have been to somehow use black magic to give her a some sort of body in PC ?

      • Mayor Wilkins says:

        I'm getting this Paul F. Ford book. It is much too much fun. πŸ˜‰

        I wonder how Tilda will interpret Jadis in the movie? I personally picture her wearing less (or no) jewelry. What I picture is essentially The White Witch's battle dress, only perhaps, with full-on red hair instead of blonde. She would not likely be wearing Aslan's fur either (obviously). Perhaps some other rich fur trapping, or maybe necklaces will go here.

        As Tilda had some unspoken difficulty with the Alexander McQueen-inspired ice dresses, I think it would be wise to stick with the lighter chainmail garbs. To me, this was the most Charn-like piece in her wardrobe. Also, it was made lighter for freedom of movement, which Tilda will certainly need at various points in "MN."

        There are a number of fashion options still available to her. Different colors of mail are possible, certainly. At one point, Jadis may have one of gold links. At another, she may have one of blue, and then of course, silver. I wonder if green would be possible, as that might look all the more "alien."

        I know that if Isis returns for costume, she will definitely do something special with Tilda. And why pass up the chance? Tilda is great at wearing some oft-times odd fashions.

        Now we come to the question of Jadis's character. She is so dramatic in the book ("Lead on, Slave!!," etc…) that it is difficult not to laugh at her. But I can pretty much guess right now that Tilda Swinton will play her more seriously. I could be wrong. I mean, Tilda can be funny. But her approach of Jadis is always one of inhuman coldness. I think this approach is necessary for the feature film. It will make the witch more of a threat to the Londoners than a joke…. but OH! Can you imagine her fury when they do laugh at her?? Oh, she will own them!! I can't wait. πŸ˜€

        As to the above resurrection discussion, we will never know how the ritual would have ended (thanks to Edmund). I believe that, had the "Adam's blood" made contact, the ice would have simply peeled back as it did around her hand, and she would have been made new. Her wand would likely have been made new too by the ice on the floor. Wild speculation might be she would have emerged as either herself or The Green Lady. But that's kind of… out there.

        I don't believe she was alive in the ice. What we saw was either her immortal soul or some kind of vision of what was to come. Clearly we were peering into a kind of empty Hell. On the commentary, Andrew Adamson described her as being trapped alone in a kind of underwater world or something. Hell for Jadis appears to be emptiness. If you look back, it kind of makes sense. In Charn, she was the only thing left. In LWW, her ice castle was empty and cold. In death, her soul is left utterly alone for all time in a frozen place not unlike the winter she herself created. This is a strange sort of justice, really. Hers is a high and lonely destiny, indeed.

        It is interesting also to note that in PC and VDT, both times, Jadis offered forth her hand. First to make contact with the life-giving blood, second to secure Edmund's surrender to temptation. Is there any connection? We'll never know and can only wildly speculate.

        What would have happened if Edmund "took her hand" ? Would her promises come true? Probably not. Would she have lived again? Who knows. Dark Island's plan was the corruption of the world, not necessarily the destruction of it. Of course, corruption breads destruction. πŸ˜›

      • moonwood says:

        Wow some really interesting points !
        Yes, you should get the book: the way it is cross-referenced, is a lot more interesting that what I wrote…

  25. commonlogic says:

    Off topic but encouraging:
    Hollywood Reporter is reporting 14+ million already in Japan; total international is about 293.6 million;

    Plus about 104 million domestic = almost 398 million worldwide. Will easily break 400 million and just might surpass PC in worldwide sales.

  26. NathanSpellman says:

    MN seriously? It sounds anti-climatic to have a prequel now. If they want to finish it right, they ought to make SC and LB.
    You may like MN and HHB, IMO they wouldn't add to story. MN would only make people think "Desperate", and "They just want to do a Narnia "Hobbit".
    What about epicness I thought that was Hollywood aim… What could possibly be more epic than LB! It's the perfect ending… Plus it would create lot's of debate… Meaning: Free advertising

  27. Noogah says:

    "He seemed pleased and not worried that VDT made 'only' $100 million domestically."

    This made me happy. πŸ™‚

  28. Jake says:

    Boy I can just picture the seen of Narnia's creation already. I hope go along with what the book described: "Out of the trees wild people stepped forth, gods and goddesses of the wood: with them came Fauns and Satyrs and Dwarfs. Out of the river rose the river god with his Naiad daughters."
    To be honest, I hope they depict centaurs and giants being created along as well. I'm surprised that with the centaurs and giants being absent in MN that it hasn't been raised to question.

  29. Queen Susan the Gental says:

    I am fine with whatever movie they make next just as long as they keep making them but I am a little sad that they are skipping the Silver Chair. I do like the book although it is a little creepy in some places. But I think they will do a wonderful job on the Magiciain's Nephew as long as they stick to the book. It is a pretty exciting book. I mean, like they get to hang out with Jadis, the White Witch and ride a pegasus and Uncle Andrew gets planted and watered by an elephant…It's pretty full of adventure. Not anything like the first three with their swords fights and battles though. But I think it will be good. I can't wait to see it.

    • moonwood says:

      I like Silver Chair a lot too, and I feel sure they will end up doing it.
      I think the producers feel the best bet to make as many of the movies as possible, is to use MN as a 'sling-shot'…

  30. Narnias #1 Fan says:

    Hey fellow fans!!! Listen up, I had a interesting idea. Everybody seems pretty grumpy that the movies are not going with the books as much as they should. So let's do something about it! If you as a Fan of the books and movies want the movies to go at least 90% with the books…
    Say I!!!!!!
    Let's make the Fox and Walden hear us!!!
    Come one lets say

    • moonwood says:

      I also really care about them following the books CLOSER THAN THEY HAVE SO FAR !
      I !!!!!
      Though I don't care about the order, if the compromise means as many movies as possible.
      90 % sounds very reasonable, but they can play with that…
      Do you think the best thing would be to come up with a LIST of specific details, everyone agrees they CAN'T leave out ?
      That would be a lot more embarrassing to ignore…
      and easy to follow.
      We have a while to work on this list, and argue over it…at best they could listen, at worst we will have had the fun of a 'good jaw about Narnia'

      • Mayor Wilkins says:

        "LWW" was adapted extremely well. πŸ˜‰
        But I agree we should make a list and try to be more productive about what we want, rather than aimlessly complain. πŸ˜‰

        This is only off hand, but….

        Two things they MUST include for me would have to be….

        1.) I love the moment when Jadis listens to the song/music of the lion and understands it is a magic stronger and different than her own, and so says, "This is a terrible world, we must fly at once. Prepare the magic." I CAN NOT WAIT to see Tilda's face at this particular moment. I'm sure it'll be fantastic. Maybe the same kind of thing as her "Impossible" face, only with a lot more anger in it?

        2.) The garden temptation of Digory. No question, this MUST be included, pretty much as close to the book as possible. I know Tilda could pull this off. We have seen her temptations in "PC" and "VDT" and they were extremely effective. Just put an apple in her outstretched hand and you've got a good start. πŸ˜‰

        I will one day compose a full list. This is all for now though. πŸ˜€

      • Narnias #1 Fan says:

        Come on fans, say I!!! Were need to let Fox and Walden know that sixty percent with the book is (not going to cut!)
        90% people!

  31. StarAsterisk says:

    Wow, I can't beleive you where so fast to get this on NarniaWeb! Haha. I too attended NRB and I was really happy to be able to hear Michael Flaherty speak along with all those other guys! I thought it was funny how he talked about movie critics, especially eight-year-old homeschooled Narnia fans! I was like, "try teaching a whole class of those!" haha.

  32. RilliandiL says:


  33. BOO-YAH says:

    I love narnia… like love love… I love the books, and I enjoy it when the movies come out… I am looking forward to whatever they make next. My only worry is that most movie goers these days don't read the books, and their connection to the movies would have been the Pevensies. They would go oh oh I love the Pevensies! When VDT came out I knew people that were tossing up the idea of going to see it because Peter and Susan weren't in it anymore. So whatever movie comes out next people are just going to say there is no point in seeing this movie because the 4 main kids arn't in it. Which is sad becuase this is the chronicles of Narnia not the chronicles of the Pevensies. Don't get me wrong I love them too, but when VDT came out I wasn't at all dissapointed that Peter and Susan wern't going to be there, I was just extremely excited that Eustace was going to be there! But the people that havn't read the books wouldn't have even known who Eustace was, so they didn't care, and that's probably going to be the same with the next one. They have just gotten to attached. I am extremely looking forward to the next movie, even though my favourite character is Edmund and I know he's not going to be in it… Edmund has had his turn, and I accept that… I just can't wait to see Polly, Digory and JILL!!! Again the people who havn't read the books don't really care, so something really different has to stand out about the next movie that is going to make people want to care. I think it would be a great idea to have a well known actor play one of the characters like Johnny Depp, because that way people will go to see the movie just to see that actor, and it will make the movie money, and they will keep making them. I don't really care though, all I know is I'm gonna go see the next movie… even if no one else wants to!

    • Aslan's official fan says:

      I am so with you there!
      If everybody doesn't want to see the next amazing film I'm still going to! πŸ™‚

  34. moonwood says:

    I agree with you on so many points; worries about not seeing beloved characters–but I felt the same when I read the book, but got to like the new characters right away: you see this should not be a problem if they produce a movie with a strong script, and likable characters…
    Basically, if it's a good movie, people will want to see it
    The producers, let's face it, are the ones who have been choosing mediocre script writers, and directors.
    Narnia fans want better than mediocrity !!
    These books mean so much to us, we want ( and these stories DESERVE ) the best

  35. MASON91 says:


    • Mayor Wilkins says:

      There simply isn't enough money, I wager.
      Otherwise, it's a great idea.
      Just not possible.

  36. farnia says:

    When they have made their minds about what book they think will bring in the cash, then please do not have the premiere screening around the same time as The Hobbit.

    If I remember there was quite a bit of competition going between Peter Jackson's King Kong and Prince Caspian.

  37. Juzuma says:

    I think that they both will good. In second film was some great moments,VDT is really amazing,but first film is only good… Farnia,I read The Hobbit,and it was good. It won't be premiere Narnia in the same time! You can't know,when they'll start filming. But you can wait. Are you a girl? I'm clever girl! You're stupid. (sorry,but you aren't clever) You must think about it. Be carefully! Your words'll stay here forever. Remember.

    • farnia says:

      Ohhhh I am shaking in my boots! The Hobbit movie officially starts shooting in 3-4 days time 21/03/11. Bang!bang!bang. Without any more interferences or delays. Hoping for a release date of the 1st film around December 2012. Did I type 2012 OHHHH! OMG SOMETHING BIG IS HAPPENING here is it the end of the world? another giant Tsunami? He's wondering if this writer is a girl? mmmmmm.

      I will keep you guessing because I do not want to know your gender.

  38. redeeemedqueen says:

    EEK! HORRAY! πŸ˜€

  39. moonwood says:

    Mayor Wilkins sais:

    'Two things they MUST include for me would have to be….

    1.) I love the moment when Jadis listens to the song/music of the lion and understands it is a magic stronger and different than her own, and so says, "This is a terrible world, we must fly at once. Prepare the magic." I CAN NOT WAIT to see Tilda’s face at this particular moment. I’m sure it’ll be fantastic. Maybe the same kind of thing as her "Impossible" face, only with a lot more anger in it?

    2.) The garden temptation of Digory. No question, this MUST be included, pretty much as close to the book as possible. I know Tilda could pull this off. We have seen her temptations in "PC" and "VDT" and they were extremely effective'

    I quite agree !
    My list of things that must not be changed, off the top of my head ( will also surely think of more )
    1.) The creation of life must look like it is a direct result of Aslan's voice, and the stars must join in the song, at the instant of their creation !

    2.) A faithful, word for word account of the first face to face between Digory and Aslan

    3.) The answer too the comment, that Aslan could have supplied them with food for the journey: ( paraphrased ) 'I think he likes to be asked'

    We are making a list, 5 so far, Of the —'Elements we respectfully ask producers do not leave out of the MN movie'— who else wants to join in this list ?

    Wouldn't John Cleese be perfect as Uncle Andrew ? He totally has the range:
    Strong, scary ,dominant, sniveling, and hilarious. Very tall, as well.

    • Mayor Wilkins says:

      John Cleese— what a wild and crazy–but inspired idea.
      I could actually dig that. πŸ˜‰

      Ha ha ha ha, could you imagine Tilda with him? He he he he it tickles me.

      "So! You would steal off back to your own world?"
      "Yes, madam, I certainly would!" (paraphrased of course)

      Oh, one more thing I would like to add….. Aslan crying on the subject of Digs' mother. But I do wonder how essential this might actually be. Then again, it is Aslan's sympathy for her that eventually wins Digory over. And the contrast between the false temptations and wickedness of Jadis to the genuine sympathy of the lion is certainly a stark contrast.

  40. Alambil and Tarvis says:

    This is crazy, but I'm praying they change their minds and make SC next. WILL POULTER IS 18. That should be enough reason to make it instead of MN next…

    • moonwood says:

      Perhaps if we pray, it should be for God's will to be done…

      • Mayor Wilkins says:

        People are making way too much of Will Poulter's age.
        So what if he looks somewhat older? They can still make it work.
        I still support MN all the way. It has NEVER been adapted into a film of any kind before.
        I think MN deserves it. That said, I fully believe that Walden hopes to make all seven if profits allow it.

  41. moonwood says:

    This forum has become like the end of a thunderstorm…you think the rage is ebbing away and you see a few rays of sun coming out, but then you hear more thunder, still rumbling from miles away… LOL

    • Mayor Wilkins says:

      I would like some confirmation on what they are actually doing soon so we can put the debate of "which one" to bed. I have a STRONG feeling "MN" is next. But in my opinion, it will only work if Tilda Swinton comes back. Maybe they are waiting until she commits to the project?

  42. BladeKing says:

    Although "The Magician's Nephew" is my favorite book in the series, I can't say I'm at all pleased to hear that it will be the next movie installment. Why go on to "The Magician's Nephew", especially if:
    1) The Green Mist was made to tie "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" and "Silver Chair"
    2) If Eustace asks Aslan if he will go back to Narnia and Aslan replies "Narnia may yet have need of you"
    3) If you are going to introduce a new main character that is in more than one book in the series, than you should go on until they are dropped out of the picture
    and 4) It's the most logical thing to do
    In my mind's eye, I think this should be the order of making the movies:
    "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe", "Prince Caspian", "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader", "The Silver Chair", "The Last Battle", "The Magician's Nephew" and then "The Horse and His Boy".
    The only reason "The Last Battle" is before "The Magician's Nephew" and "The Horse and His Boy" is because Will Poulter and the actress for Jill would be too old if they do it last.
    I hope they know what they're doing, especially if Michael Apted is still a part of this…

    • Mayor Wilkins says:

      In a perfect world, they would make "The Magician's Nephew" and "The Silver Chair" in different locations at the same time. But there just isn't enough money, I guess.

      I know the production team has always talked of making "MN" though.
      They are likely more excited about this than "SC." To them, "MN" probably seems more likely to succeed at the box office.

      1. Tilda Swinton. Undoubtedly the best villain they've got going for them. For many people, she was the best part of LWW. She is also an Oscar winner, which does add extra weight to the name. Lots of non-book readers are kind of fed up with her small ghost cameos. Not because they are tired of her, (frankly, how could you have "White Witch fatigue" because of a total of five extra minutes in the two sequels??? I think that's utter silliness, guys) but because they want her back full time and twice now they haven't gotten what they expected. MN gives them what they want, just in prequel form. Yes, the wide audience DOES want Tilda back full time.

      2. Direct tie to the most successful film of the series (LWW)
      3. Arguably more religious tone than "Silver Chair" (Creation story might appeal to more church groups)
      4. Prequels are in. (Star Wars did it first, now we have X-Men and The Hobbit–success of these films aside, prequels are in)

      • BladeKing says:

        In reply to Mayor Wilkins:
        I understand from what direction you're coming from, but I still think that Silver Chair should be made next. I already stated my reasons, minus one:
        If you are going to mention Jill Poll, when she shouldn't be mentioned, and you're going to do "Magician's Nephew" next, then you shouldn't have just mentioned her at all.
        I just wish they could just listen to the fans sometimes. =/ All in all, it doesn't really matter. It's just a movie.

      • BladeKing says:

        I guess I can be optimistic about this, if I allow it. =) To NOT mess up the movie for me, they pretty much need to follow the book word for word. I'd love to see them open the movie up with Charn, so that at first you won't quite know what's going on but later it explains it when Digory and Polly go there.

  43. get-cartern says:

    I would have to say that if the franchise is to remain alive, it must re-ignite peoples awe and wonder in Narnia. The Magicians Nephew is just the book to do that. People who have never seen Narnia before would be able to take their children and (if done well) it could satisfy both. I also think, people who have never read the books would be curious to find out more about Narnia's origins. I would personally love a Silver Chair to be made next but from a financial point of view there is a better likelihood of both being made this way. On the point of Poulter's age. He is already 18, I dont believe he will change dramatically over the next few years. Though that all depends on how quickly they make The Magician's Nephew. I do believe Voyage of the Dawn treader was released at the perfect time of year. Christmas releases seems to demand less action to satisfy than summer releases, which would satisfy The Magician's Nephew's story.

  44. NarnianBadger says:

    through this whole journey, from when I first discovered LWW was in the works, I've tried to remain positive, hopeful, and optimistic. but if they decide on MN over SC, I think my last strand of optimism will snap. I feel like I'm watching a train wreck in slow motion. how do they plan to go back to Silver Chair once Will Poulter looks way older than VDT-Eustace? they can't afford to think in terms of one movie at a time–if they make MN next, how can the franchise possibly have any future? I almost feel like asking if this is some big joke or something–it just seems so ludicrous that they'd even consider shooting themselves in the foot like this. if it's because they want to bring the White Witch back for continuity… I'm no expert on movie-making (although I do have some experience in marketing), but it seems to me that Narnia's episodic nature is part of what makes it unique. it does not have a major overarching plot like LotR and it's not supposed to. the unique qualities of each story should be made to shine, not watered down. anyone in a creative profession knows that uniqueness is a huge asset, as long as you have the talent to pull it off, to sell the concept to the audience. besides, trying to create greater continuity between the movies hasn't exactly paid off for them.

  45. dancingflamedragon says:

    While I'm very happy that they're discussing the possibility of another film, and I'd like to see MN made into a movie, I have to say that I'm one of those who would definitely like to see SC next. The end of VDT completely leads into SC, and it just seems odd to leave that film with that ending and then do a prequel next. And the main thing – Will Poulter needs to be Eustace, and if they do another movie first and take as long as they've been taking between the other films, he might not be able to pass in terms of age anymore (although he is already in his upper teens and probably won't go through any rapid growth spurts anymore, so oddly enough that could work to his advantage in that sense).

  46. ye-ji says:

    헐 λ‚œ ν•œκ΅­μ‚¬λžŒμΈλ°…μ˜μ–΄κ°€ μ™œμ΄λ¦¬μ–΄λ ΅λ°!!!?/

  47. moonwood says:

    Waaa Waaa Waaaaaaaa !!!!!!

  48. DebG says:

    I am also disapoointed that SC won't be next. However, in one way making MN is a smart move. The MN has as much if not more "magic" as the Lion, Witch & Wardrobe had. Everything literally comes to life and is born in the story…including the magic apple tree which is used to build the wardrobe. Furthermore, Jadis is one of the main characters. This will re build the excitement….some of which was lost after LW&W. THEN, this will give added momentum for the SC.

    The ideal thing to do would be to start working on the SC at the same time or not too long after so Poulter doesn't age out.

  49. rachel says:

    I really don't care in what order they do the books, as long as they make them ABOUT THE BOOKS! I hated hated hated VDT because of how they ruined it. That director seems like a pompous loser who thought he would be clever and add to the story to make it 'better' and throw in the pirates of the caribbean soundtrack with just enough change to keep from copyright infringement (Anyone else notice how they did not stick with the same musical theme as in LWW and PC?? And it sounded like pirates!! SOO LAME). Oh boy I'd like to get a word with that director…he'd fear ever doing an adaptation film again. I cried at the end of VDT because there was so much I was looking forward to (like, for example, the scene where they signal from the dawn treader to their 'fleet', march into the city, drinian and bern pull gumpas out of his seat and caspian sits in his place with his sword on his knee? And where the dufflepuds learn to swim and swim in circles 'round the dawn treader?) Just two of many scenes I was so looking forward to, which were not made. How could John Gresham let this happen?? Am I blind, or was he even mentioned in the credits as being a part of VDT? I don't even remember seeing "based on the book by C.S. Lewis" anywhere (and if it was, it was VAGUELY based. They pretty much just stole the name of the book, the characters names, and pirates soundtrack).
    I don't care if they make slight changes because they just must in order for it to appear on screen; but changing the entire plot and keeping out great scenes and adding nonsense that is not even remotely a part of the original story??
    I'd really like to get a word in with that director….teach him a thing or two about ruining my favorite story….

  50. I think this is great news. To be sure, I agree that The Silver Chair should be next, but at least it appears that there will be another movie! That's the most important thing.

    Hopefully, they will stick closer to the book this time. I don't really see why they would need to change The Magician's Nephew too much. I suspect they will put in some sort of prologue and epilogue with the kids (and maybe the Professor) and then present the main story as some sort of tale or flashback. That would probably work just to put this story in more context since it's out of order, but I hope they don't go further than this in changing the actual story itself.

    The Magician's Nephew is a great story and should be a very good movie if they figure out how to do it right. I'm especially looking foward to seeing Charn, as well as the creation of the Narnia.

  51. Lila says:

    I am really happy that they're talking about doing MN next! I liked the book better than SC and I think audiences would be interested in seeing the beginning of narnia and the white witch again rather than yet 'another narnia movie'

  52. Jess says:

    I don't care which book they do next. I'm just happy they are going to keep making the movies. I always look forward to watching the movies no matter the order. However, I do agree that they should follow the books when they make the movies.

  53. Scout says:

    I think doing MN next is an EXCELLENT move! Pitching the trailer as "See how it all began. Discover the birth of the Wardrobe" etc. it will bring in that original LWW audience. Excellent way to revitalize the franchise. Can't wait!

  54. fbfnarniagirl99 says:

    ya but SC would make a great movie i think make a better movie then the MN but i think they should of done THHB boy cause suesan was in that one and so was edmend so i think they should have done that befor VODT

  55. j says:

    I'm just glad Harry potter is over, I think that the first thru third films were okay, but it went downhill after that. Chronicles is much better theres just this awesome spirit to it, it's fresh and heroic and the actors are great. We do need a good director and a great team like in Prince Caspian they need to stick to the story and yes be passionate about it like Peter Jackson was about Lords and give it a good budget with good CGI, but most of all the story, great camera angles, cinematography, acting, music score, action sequences and colors, lighting, architechture and costumes definetely are needed to make it a success which I know they can pull off. I dare all you talented folks to make this next set of films a bigger success than harry potter, i dare you! And i will be watching and cheering if you do!

  56. j says:

    p.s. yes they should follow the same order of the books, sticks to the books, seek diligently the spirit in them for it was the authors intent that they be this way, especially if VDT leads to SC, but whatever you do take your time, dont rush it, make a work of love, excellent and something that will outlast it's time and break the mold just like the books did.

  57. Leila says:

    They really should go in order! SC is my favorite! They shouldn't skip to MN right away! but well, what can i do?
    I really hope that Asians could act as one of the characters in Narnia too, you know, sometimes we should give other nations a CHANCE. Anyways, I love Narnia, i love it's mesmerizing parts in the movie, and i love the way it goes, you know, the story.
    Just giving you some suggestions! add asians in some parts!

  58. narniafan1 says:

    The only thing I am worried about is if they make The Last Battle they will ditch that!!!! i mean really that book is hard to understand and if the book is hard to understand then the movie will be a disater. Even BBC was smart enough not to make that a movie.!! I also really think it would be nice for either Andrew Adamson to come and direct of Douglas Gresham should direct it. I mean after all he was C.S Lewis's stepson