‘Dawn Treader’ Blu-ray/DVD Sales Update

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader DVD/Blu-ray sales got off to a slow start when it released on April 8, starting off at the #4 spot. It sold approximately 25% as many units as Prince Caspian (AslansCountry). The following two weeks were dominated by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, which released on April 15. The Hollywood Reporter writes:

‘The tally of Deathly Hallows, which had been released on a Friday and thus was on shelves only three days, is even more impressive considering the No. 2 title, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment’s The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, in its first full week in stores, managed to accumulate only 18.2 percent of the top title’s total.”

Read this week’s sales report from Blu-ray.com here.

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  1. LuvlyDayForAGuinness says:

    Well, that's not surprising when the BR/DVD was rubbish compared to the previous releases. The special edition was rightfully panned for its "less-than-stellar" contents. I am sure they will do better next time around…I hope…I pray…please?

    • Aslie says:

      Luvlyday the blu-ray of VDT is amazing. I don't care what people say about it. I watched it on blu-ray and the picture quality was amazing and the colors were so vibrant. So it wasn't rubish.

    • People are really stupid in buying Harry Potter 7 part 1 on blu-ray, because it's really one movie spilt in two; what people should do is wait for part 2 to come out on blu-ray than buy both at once that's what i'm going to do. The studio is just trying to find whatever excuse they can to milk even more money out of this already multi-billion dollar franchise. And it seems like it's working.

  2. Reepicheep says:

    This goes to show that Disney should NEVER have left Narnia, this release was SO disappointing compared to Disney's releases. They should be ashamed and I bet they are, especially after these stats.

    Budget (overall) – $400 million
    US gross – $145 million
    International gross – $274 million
    Profit – $149 million

    Budget (overall) – $255 million
    US gross – $104 million
    International gross – $311 million
    Profit – $295 million

    They MUST be regretting their decision to stop the franchise especially after TRON: Legacy didn't make as much money as they hoped and Tangled still hasn't exceeded its massive budget. So Disney, shame on you.

    • glumPuddle says:

      Fox doesn't seem to be jumping for joy about VDT's box office. We still don't know if we will see another Narnia film.

      And remember that the studios don't keep all the money. With every weekend, the keep less and less of the gross. So probably, Fox and Walden made very little profit. And now DVD sales are looking weak.

      VDT didn't flop, but it certainly was not anything impressive.

      • Shawn says:

        Actually, FOX was happy with VDT's box office. They ran a full page ad in a magazine about the movie grossing $415 million or something like that. Why would they take out a giant ad about the movie's grosses if they weren't happy?!

      • WhiteRider says:

        As people have said this was released on a Friday and there is no comparison yet to other Narnia movies and in fact the DVD sales increased the week after because of the release date so wait a few more weeks and then see how VDT's DVD sales are faring.

      • Anhun says:

        Yes, there is a comparison for DVDs, as I mentioned lower down. VDT, in its first nine days, made less than half of what PC made in its first five days. Now, VDT had a blu-ray share of ~40%, while PC had a blu-ray share of ~10%, so that might make up some of the difference. Still, VDT hasn't made as much money on home disc as PC did at the same point in its release.

      • Shawn says:

        But if PC grossed more in theatres in the US than VDT, why are you people expecting VDT to sell more DVDs? I think between DVD and blu-ray sales, the movie is doing great. PC was out in time for Christmas sales, if I recall correctly, and it grossed more in the US theatres – so naturally, it should outsell VDT.

        I'm just glad the film grossed well worldwide and is selling well on DVD/Blu-Ray. I want another movie!!

    • Elf Maiden Archer of Rivendell says:

      ARGH! I wish Disney never ever left Narnia!!!

      • Narnia101 says:

        It made me soo mad when Disney left Narnia at that point I really didn't care who made it just as long as someone made it! but now I wish Andrew Adamson was back! I hope he decides to make the rest of them. I was really excited for VDT since it was a new director so maybe there would be a comeback from PC because of the dramatic changes in it.

    • Tribunal says:

      How stupid of you to compare it to Tron and Tangled. Disney keeps all profit from those movies, whereas they only kept a margin of what Narnia brought in.

      You have to look at the bigger picture, both Tron and Tangled will bring in hundreds of millions for Disney over the coming decades through merchandise, themeparks, etc.. Ways Fox/Walden could only dream of. So no, I'm sure Disney is very happy to have dodged the failure that was VDT.

      • Reepicheep says:

        It's called GREED peoples. Tangled missed its budget in the US by $61 million (the budget was $260 million, and probably far more for marketing) and Tron's was $170 million making just over in the US and making $229 million more elsewhere. If Disney did it, the marketing wouldn't have been misfired like it was and more people would have seen it. I'm actually surprised people seem to think Tron was successful because Disney considered PC's $55 million opening disappointing and yet Tron opened at $43 million. Although VDT only opened at $24 million, it eventually picked up. I don't about you, but I prefer quality films and how it looked on VDT's home release was DEFINITELY NOT QUALITY!

      • Reepicheep says:

        For Tron's international gross, I meant $227 million.

      • Anhun says:

        @Reep: Your forgetting that PC was significantly more expensive than Tron:Legacy.

        @Tribunal: Your forgetting that Disney only paid part of the cost for Narnia as well.

      • Tribunal says:

        Might have only payed a portion of the cost but PC had a production budget of $225 million and another $175 million for marketing. Even if Disney only payed about 1/3 of the cost, it's still a huge number.

        Reep fails to look beyond box-office numbers. You can't compare Narnia to Tron and Tangled because Disney is in a completely different situation with those films. They had to share all the money generated by the Narnia franchise with Walden, the Lewis Estate, etc… And with Tron and Tangled, they get to keep the profit and expand it through merchandise, themeparks, etc.

      • Reepicheep says:

        As far as I recall, Tron's theme park rides only came as a part of their huge marketing venture, and at least somebody agrees with me that Disney was wrong to dump Narnia, and when did theme park rides ever come into it, because that is just completely irrelevant.

      • Tribunal says:

        I never said themepark RIDES. That's your word. Since last fall, the stage show ElecTRONica has been playing in Disney's California Adventure. It was a huge success when it began and helped sell merchandise around the park.

        Narnia doesn't have that. The merchandise is scarce and practically nonexistent. Fox/Walden only have box-office and DVD/Blur-Ray numbers to profit on.

      • Anhun says:

        It's worth noting that ElecTRONica opened months before Legacy came out. It capitalized, in no small part, on the cult status of the original film. They didn't need to make an expensive (and tedious) sequel in order to sell Tron merchandise.

        I would agree with your assessment of Tangled, though. It will probably be making Disney tons of money for years to come. I doubt that'll be the case for Fox and VDT.

      • Not Of This World says:

        VDT didn't do as badly as a lot of people are makeing it out. The budget was $100 million and the spent an additional $50 million. They made 415 million. 415 million- 150 million = 265 million. That's not a bad profit. I wish I had $265 million πŸ˜‰ Plus it also did beter then other movies. For example this weekened our family went to see Soul Surfer (AWESOME movie by the way. It is beter then the adds make it out to be) and after the movie when we got home I went and looked up the Soul Surfer numbers. It only made 32 million (It deserves way more then that) . I don't know how much the budget was but VDT has made a lot more money then that. VDT numbers were not terreble.

      • Tribunal says:

        ^^ Dawn Treader had a $150 million production budget and an additional $100 million for marketing. And you can't really subtract these numbers from its box-office gross. Not all of that money goes back to Fox and Walden, I'd estimate movie theaters kept about 50%.

      • Not Of This World says:

        Where did you get the advertizing numbers? And I thought the theaters would have allready taken their money. By your logic you're saying that VDT made 2O7.5 million when 250 million was spent to make it. If they lost money theyd stop the franchise. I want to see where all your numbers are from.

      • Not Of This World says:

        That is the amount the movie made though. The Theatres have already token their money. Narnia's profit is still over 100 million. That's still a lot of money πŸ™‚

      • Tribunal says:

        Dawn Treader made $104 million in North America and $310 million in foreign countries. Those numbers aren't after movie theaters have taken their share.

        You clearly didn't know what you were talking about when you were throwing numbers around for VDT's budget and you don't now.

      • Not Of This World says:

        Okay I'll admit that I was wrong on the first numbers (I didn't remember those right. Whoops! πŸ™‚ ). But your suggesting VDT lost money. I don't think theyed "succure a budget for Magian's Nefew" if that was the case. And isn't 415 the number that VDT made? I think we both need to know what we're talking about πŸ™‚

      • Tribunal says:

        I'm not saying Fox and Walden lost money on VDT. Truthfully I don't know, I'm just saying the profit they made back is much much smaller than you were suggesting. And when did I say it didn't earn $415 million?

      • Not Of This World says:

        You said that the theatres haven't tooken their money yet. I did the math by your logic. 415 divided by 2 (You said the theatres would take 50%) is 207.5. If they're trying to get back the 250 million spent making this film, that would not cut it.

      • Tribunal says:

        I said that was an estimate. The percentage theaters keep is complicated and changes with every passing week. Even more so overseas as movie theaters keep an even higher percentage.

      • Not Of This World says:

        Are you saying that the theatres are going to take over 50% now? I could be wrong but I think the theaters have allready taken their money. Let's just stop because Im not understanding you and I dont think you're understanding me.

    • Just Queen, not High Queen says:

      Disney ditching Narnia was one of the most stupid decisions in the film industry that I have ever seen. I kind of wish that Disney was still producing Narnia (mostly because it's easier to find merchandise for Disney movies). But after VDT's success, in my opinion, Disney doesn't deserve to have Narnia.

      • Bookwyrm says:

        You call that a success? *IF* they made any money with VDT, it surely wasn't much, especially when it was divided between Fox and Walden. Disney made a very good decision when they dumped the franchise.

      • stateofgreen says:

        I think Disney and Walden were silly to have and permit such a humongous budget for PC. It took two to cause that rift, it wasn't solely Disney. If PC had been as wildly successful as LWW then VDT probably would still be with Disney. But Disney is greedy, they could have given VDT a chance, they might even have had more input in having the script closer to the book maybe?

  3. Louloudi the Centaur says:

    What I'm curious to know is how rentals went the first week. I haven't seen any reports yet.

    • GlimGlum says:

      [quote]THR – 8:11 PM 4/13/2011 by T.K. Arnold wrote:
      On Home Media Magazine’s rental chart, Fockers debuted at No. 19 because Universal holds back its new releases from Netflix and Redbox for 28 days. Following Tron: Legacy at No. 1 was the previous week’s top renter, The Tourist, from Sony Pictures, which slipped to No. 2 after two weeks on top.[/quote]

      This applies to VDT and Harry Potter as well from what I have read in other articles. I think VDT is doing well on rentals from reading other articles. But it is harder to
      tell without a precise chart and the lack of its complete availability as a rental until next month.

    • GlimGlum says:

      Hard to tell because VDT is not available everywhere per the below info which I read eleswhere applies to VDT and Harry Potter as well.
      [quote]THR – 8:11 PM 4/13/2011 by T.K. Arnold wrote:
      On Home Media Magazine’s rental chart, Fockers debuted at No. 19 because Universal holds back its new releases from Netflix and Redbox for 28 days. Following Tron: Legacy at No. 1 was the previous week’s top renter, The Tourist, from Sony Pictures, which slipped to No. 2 after two weeks on top.[/quote]

  4. Trufflehunter says:

    are Blurays included at al in these statistics?!

    • GlimGlum says:

      Here is a link to a forum post regarding Blue-ray sales.

      Bottom line is that after less than 2 full weeks VDT has sold an estimated 1.5 million units (DVD + Blue-ray). That is definitely a lot less than LWW or PC at the same stage. But it is holding fairly steady so we'll have a better idea in a few more weeks. πŸ™‚

      Don't know if the sales from Christian book store are counted by the secular charts. Not likely since most movie titles are not released at those outlets. Only the studios know the actual numbers so far.

  5. Aslan's Girl says:

    I contributed to the sales πŸ™‚ Go Dawn Treader! I got it for Easter, and my family's been watching it all weekend… I love it! Once I get past my initial "ew green mist" thing, that is. ^^ Thank you God, for this movie!
    Further up and further in!

    • Mayor Wilkins says:


      I've watched it more times than I can even count!
      And I love The Green Mist, so it's all good from where I'm sitting.
      Wonderful movie! πŸ˜‰

    • Reepicheep says:

      That is exactly why I thought the movie looked cheap on Blu-ray, the mist looked terrible! Bottom line, VDT is a far better cinematic experience than it is a home theatre experience.

      • Mayor Wilkins says:

        Gotta disagree there..
        Tilda Swinton looked amazing.
        Love her GREEN eyes. My favorite detail.

  6. Chronicle says:

    I'm amazed this film did as well as it did, Fox dropped the ball big time by not building up any hype for this film. The first time I saw a trailer on tv was a week before it's release, it's like they figured "Hey it's the third movie we don't have to promote it because the people will remember the other movies and come back." I really don't think many people even knew this film was being made until it was released. Hype is very important for films I really hope they do another one and put a little more effort into promoting it.

  7. Alex says:

    I don't see how people see this movie as deeper in meaning. It includes more "christian" paraphernalia, empty words as faith, and believe and whatnot, but nothing authentic. This movie won't be seen by non Christians and touch them, it will be seen by many Christians and they are the ones who will love it because it has words they like. Aslan was such an interesting character because in the first two movies it showed a lot of the complexities of God in a very real manner. It was a character that caused curiosity of some sort, you can see it in the reviews of the time, especially in those of Caspian (still a lesser movie than the still not amazing Wardrobe). If you read the reviews of the latest one, Aslan is one of the boring parts of the movie, and I simply agree. Plus, just look at the facts: an agnostic directs it, yet Fox wants to market it to Christians in the US, what do you get? a movie made by someone who doesn't care about the character Lewis created to present God in a literary way that throws in Christian punchlines and themes here and there to sell to Christians, and of course, it is the Christians who buy.

    • Arvan says:

      Hast hit it, friend Alex!

    • narniafan#1 says:

      Well, aren't you a pessimistic one. πŸ˜‰
      If you were to read the Bible then read the Chronicles of Narnia series, you would see quite clearly that Aslan is a symbol of Jesus Christ. True, non-Christians are not going to understand that like Christians do. However, anyone watching who is curious enough to do some digging will realize that there is not a single other religion with a single other god that would fit the Aslan bill.
      As for Apted being an agnostic, I can't verify that nor have I ever heard that. But, it's Hollywood. What would you expect? I will say that it's unfortunate that he has bought into a "belief" that really has no belief or hope.

      • Bookwyrm says:

        Yes, Apted is agnostic. However, I doubt his belief system had anything to do with the lackluster nature of VDT. His Bond film was similarly panned by fans and critics alike. It seems clear that he has little interest in genre films and does them for the paycheck only, since the projects he personally invests in (Amazing Grace, etc.) show more signs of care and thoughtful development.

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        i wonder why on earth they hired him, esp after hearing his comments about the material.

  8. GlimGlum says:

    The Hollywood Reporter also said said: [quote="The Hollywood Reporter"]
    (In all fairness, Dawn Treader was released on a Friday, three days after the traditional Tuesday, giving it fewer days in stores for the tracking period.)[/quote]

    The best way to look at the DVD numbers for VDT is that it had a much slower start but it is holding steadier. We'll see in the next few weeks just how strong its "video legs" are. πŸ™‚

  9. Shawn says:

    Yeah, this post is pretty misleading – it doesn't point out that Dawn Treader was released on a Friday, and Caspian was released on a Tuesday. OF COURSE Caspian is going to sell better. It doesn't even mention the sales increase in the second week of sales, either. The movie isn't selling horribly, as this post tries to make it out. Comparing it to other movies (other than Harry Potter) it is doing well.

    • Liz says:

      Good, I hope the dvd sales go well! I've just ordered my copy!

    • Narniapinoy says:

      I strongly agree, this post is misleading and incomplete, what do you expect from the guy who clearly hate the movie. -_-

      • Bookwyrm says:

        You might want to try re-reading the article before you go on your usual "gP is biased!!11!" whinging-fest. The 1/4 figure comes from the Aslan's Country article, which gP linked to. And exactly what does the fact that VDT released on a different day than PC have to do with the amount of DVDs it sold in its initial week?

      • Anhun says:

        It's called arithmetic, Booky. For PC, the initial week was 5 days long. Whereas for VDT the initial week was only 2 days. That's 3 fewer days in stores.

      • Bookwyrm says:

        My mistake. I thought the words "initial week" actually meant, you know, the whole week.

  10. farsight-mssngr says:

    OH sorry for that link in my tribute this is the real link for my Narnia tribute pls watch it here in my facebook http://www.facebook.com/login/setashome.php?ref=genlogin#!/video/video.php?v=211783572184678&oid=190647217857 you can also see it in NARNIA VDT facebook account videos-The Chronicles of Narnia epic Tribute [HQ] TNX pls watch it I hope you'll like it!

  11. Not Of This World says:

    Okay for Easter I got VDT ( πŸ™‚ ) but it was only the one disc version. Is the "untold story of the dawn treader" online anywhere?

  12. adamie says:

    disney was clearly better at marketing the films, and whatever imput they had in the content of the film was better than fox too. So I'm not really surprised.

    And Deathly Hallows clearly deserved to have big sales. Sorry, but it's a better film and a far better adaptation than VDT.

  13. Twinimage says:

    Well, if the film was a better film, it would have sold more DVD's. lol πŸ˜›
    It's such a forgettable film, who would want to buy it and watch it again?
    VDT felt more like a cheap direct to DVD sequel, maybe that's what they should have made it, instead of trying to sell it in theaters with the silly 3D gimmicks. Usually direct to DVD movies are for the fans of a previous movie. Instead of trying to make it marketable to everyone, just make it for the fans? Then again, production value and budgets are probably drastically lower for direct to DVD films. :/

  14. reepicheep's_fangirl says:

    My youth group is having a big event thing to try to get alot more people to join and we're going to have pizza and play games, etc, etc, but we're going to be watching all the Narnia movies. I'm totally hyped!

  15. Fireflower says:

    *sigh* HP isn't AT ALL as good as VDT!

    • Aslan's BFF says:

      I have a very good friend who loves loves loves HP. I, personally, have not seen it, mostly because I always have a hard time watching strictly fantasy films like HP. Narnia is as far as I'll go "magically".

      I am quite disappointed that HP seems to be doing better than my beloved VDT is. Especially that VDT points directly to God and HP points to witchcraft and therefore Satan.

      But I'll go on in life as I did before. Tomorrow I am watching VDT again with my Sissy, and we are going to have fun! πŸ˜‰

      • TheDoctor says:

        I don't understand why some people say that HP points to evil, when in the film and books the main characters are trying to defeat evil… I enjoy both HP and Narnia… but the VDT seemed to be lacking, it was still enjoyable, but forgettable.

        Hope they do better next time round. I wasn't even excited for the DVD/blu-ray release of this, I got the first two films on the day they came out. The first two were better films.

  16. Queen C The Gentle says:

    I love both Narnia and HP. Now I need anyone's opinion for my story. Which is better, vampire or werewolf? Let me shorten it up… Well in my 1st story Raven sacrifices herself to save all her Adam(childhood friend+is in love with him) and the rest of her friends. In the 2nd story- 3 years later she was brought back to life by Jared(her new lover+she's been alive for the past 3 years) but she refuses to join the group for she tells them she in is no longer the same Raven they once knew(she's a freenemy-friend+enemy)so Adam must now choose b/w Raven+Grace(his girlfriend who has been dating for 2 years+also finds out she is a werewolf)who should he choose?

    • Reepicheep says:

      Sounds like an interesting storyline, but why do either? They are both as by the book and generic as ever. Why not do a human parallel race with carry a unique and individual power or something like that, and as for who to go back with, I say that as you write more in the series, Adam should be thrown around between Raven and Grace, creating intrigue. Then you can build from there πŸ˜‰

      • Queen C The Gentle says:

        Thanks for the idea! But the thing is I love both these girls. Like say I chose Raven, then Grace might end up dying in this story and be brought back to life in my 4th last story(for now). If he chose Grace, then Raven would stay with Jared and we may never see her again.See the thing is Adam and Raven are childhood friends but in my 1st story he fell in love with Elena(who the story is mostly about along with her three siblings) and when Raven died he was devastated and realized he was in love with her too. He's dated Grace for 2 years and loves her and when reunited with Raven he is torn. He still has feelings for Elena(is now her best friend+protector), that will never change. It's b/w Raven+Grace.

      • Queen C The Gentle says:

        Wait for the power, each character carries a unique power. As for Elena+Eileen(twins),Alfred,and Leonardo(all 4 siblings) are from the world Eclipse.

  17. Aravis Narnia says:

    How much money in sales have the DVDs actually made? I want a number in dollars.

    • Anhun says:

      As of 4/17: $17,690,473

      Not sure where to find more up to date information. But, that's less than half of what PC made in it's first 5 days. So, it's not good.

      However, that's only DVDs, not blu-ray. The overall picture may be a bit better, but it still unlikely to compare well to PC's DVD sales alone.

    • Anhun says:

      As of 4/17, VDT sold approximately 585,000 copies on blu-ray. Not sure what that translates to in dollars.

    • Anhun says:

      As of 4/24, VDT has made $21,455,438 in DVD sales, and it's sold 730,000 copies on Blu-ray.

  18. I will not stand another Narnia movie by Fox and Michael Apted. The man seems to care very little of the stories and more of just getting it over with. If Disney and Andrew Adamson do not come back I will not tolerate another messed up movie.

    • Talvi says:

      THIS!!! I don't think I could stand another movie like VDT – my fandom heart would just shatter completely. Bring Andrew back, please!!!

    • Anhun says:

      Why Disney? When VDT was a Disney project, they were the ones who hired Apted in the first place. They were going to have victims sacrificed to a green snake-thingy, rather than a green mist. Also, they were going to give the film an even lower budget. I don't think Disney's VDT would have been dramatically better, but, who knows?

      • Talvi says:

        Well that's a bit scary to think about. I think the studios need to be reminded of a great source of information – it's called THE BOOK!!! D<
        But despite the plot changes, I still think Andrew Adamson would have improved this movie exponentially – he probably could have somehow made the green mist bearable… maybe. Actually, that's probably going a bit far… Maybe not, but he certainly would have made the movie much better!!! I've harped on and on about this, but he CARED about the two movies, or so it seemed to me. I wasn't happy with everything he did, but I was happy with almost all of it. And we probably would have gotten actor commentaries, something I loved from the first two. πŸ™ Adamson brought so many positive things to the Narnia franchise, and Apted most certainly did NOT!
        They better not mess up MN. I'm a little miffed with Disney after what you said, but still I thought Walden+Disney was scores better than Walden+Fox.
        Please bring Andrew back and kick Fox out to the other side of the earth, as far away as physically possible from the script, directors, and advertisements. >:(

      • Anhun says:

        I forgot to mention that they were also going to put in a Luspian subplot. I know in the Fox film, there was one scene early on where she clearly thinks Caspian's cute, but it's not a drawn out theme.

        It's also worth noting that Adamson was involved in the Fox version as a producer. So, obviously he approved of the changes.

      • stateofgreen says:

        @Anhun how do you know all this? πŸ™‚

    • Cyclops says:

      One thing that people don't seem to get is that Fox wasn't behind the script, nor the final result. They provided funding and marketing and whatnot. Walden Media is the studio CREATING the film, while Fox is merely DISTRIBUTING it.

      One thing that never received much light was that the scriptwriters had turned in an early script that was close to the book- and the C.S.Lewis Estate rejected it, because it "didn't translate well to screen".

      So people, c'mon, stop demonizing Fox. -_-

  19. Just Queen, not High Queen says:

    I'm confused! I heard that Narnia was #1 for DVD sales last week, at least for Barnes & Noble, but I may be wrong about that. I hope it does better in sales. It's such a wonderful movie and Harry Potter has enough money as it is that they don't need anymore.

  20. nic says:

    Some places display/have VODT, some others don't.

    I'm sure it's very complicated how it works.

    Here you don't see either SE LW&W or PC, and no PC in general, occasionally LW&W. Harry Potter is generally about. I'm no expert. We got a cool DVD cover here but don't get the great premium packaging with the blueray. It's a good dvd/blueray release and would do really well over time i'd say, not only for it but for previous two film dvd releases too, mainly SE's for purchases and singles for rentals.

  21. bnjashufhias says:

    i love narnia i love sosuan

  22. DancingInRain says:

    Well duh!

  23. Starlily says:

    Okay, I just finished watching VDT, and although I started watching it with rock-bottom expectations, I ended it feeling that it wasn't as horrible as I thought it was going to be. πŸ˜‰

    My main problems with it were:
    The Lone Islands was a disgrace to Lewis' writing. All the themes of the episode were tossed away in favor of a very rushed, badly written series of action scenes. There was no time to understand what was going on, or to care why it was happening. And there were no significant scenes with Gumpas, who in my opinion made a great minor villain. πŸ™

    Some parts of the movie began to be well done–but then they rushed on to the next scene, and there was no time to develop the good parts. If only the movie had been half an hour longer, and the added time had been taken right from the book, I think the movie could have been improved mightily.

    This is just a quickly written thing, and I'm sure not many people will read it (maybe I'll put a longer review in the proper review section), but in conclusion, I thought the movie was ok, pretty good, not as bad as I thought–but it could have been so much better. Parts made me laugh, shiver, get excited, and think fondly about the book, but I wish there had been more good parts, that they'd been developed more. I didn't even mind the green mist so much…my main concern was that the scenes were rushed when they could have been taken so much further. It makes me sad, because I can just imagine what the movie COULD have been.

    This is my personal opinion, of course. I know some people loved the movie–and if you did, please don't yell at me for saying how I personally feel about it. I did like the movie better than I thought I would, especially the climax and the ending. I just lament that it was so short and rushed, and that the Lone Islands were chopped to pieces. I wish there was a chance to do a few things over.

    And by the way, my family has bought the movie, so we've done our part to try to continue the series. πŸ˜‰ Despite VDT's flaws, I am looking forward to seeing the Magician's Nephew IF it is ever made, although I would really rather see the Silver Chair just because I want to see Eustace again before he grows up.

    • GlimGlum says:

      I agree about the Lone Islands, Starlily. Good analysis. πŸ™‚

    • Liz says:

      I like the VDT film! And I look very much forward to the dvd coming out in my country.
      The Lone Islands' scenes were disappointing, this is one of my favourite part of the book. And the film was a bit rushed at times. I loved Reep, though, and his relationship with Eustace. All in all a good film.

    • Moonwood says:

      Very good observations. I really hope they improve, but lets face it, the problem seems to be with the producer's choices of writers.

    • I TOTALLY agree with you! I also think cutting the "green mist" out altogether would have left a lot more room to expand on the scenes that were actually true to the book. There were a few things I loved about VDT (like Eustace), but once again, the moviemakers substituted too many of their own mediocre ideas for C.S. Lewis's wonderful story. Ideally, I would really love to see a Christian direct The Magician's Nephew (if they even make it), but that's probably too much to hope for. I'd settle for a screenwriter who can actually write dialogue – or who is willing to use some of the brilliant writing already available in the book. :-S

  24. farsight-mssngr says:

    Narnia won the crystal dove seal awards' best adventure movie of 2010! Far off to see that Narnia has been nominated for NMA's best fantasy film of 2010, Georgie Henley for best actress and Ben Barnes for best actor! all results will be announced this May 11! Hoping for Narnia to WIN!

  25. Helena says:

    I was really disappointed that the dvd had no real special features, only deleted scenes and some music videos which i'll probably never watch. What I loved most about the Narnia dvd's were the special features where you got to see the locations and how they made it etc. Still I bought the film, but only because it was part of a special deal with another dvd πŸ˜›

  26. PuddleCheep says:

    Hate, hate HATE VDT! (The movie of course :D)

    • Sea Serpent says:

      Why do You hate it? It's soooo better than HP? It's clean, with action and adventure and GOOOOOOOD Acting from Will Poulter, Gorgie Henlie, and Skander Keynes! Why watch deathly hallows when you got these good movies?

      • primrose path says:

        Frankly, I don't blame non-Christian groups for chosing HP over VDT. The CON books are by far my favorite, but the VDT movie is so preachy and not at all subtle. It's the script, not the acting, which does this I think.

      • I wouldn't say Georgie or Skandar's acting was good. Ordinary is probably the kindest thing I can say about it. I don't think they suddenly became bad actors, I think that the combined elements of the terrible script and tight-scheduled director was what contributed to their less-than-brilliant performance.

      • DancingInRain says:

        I am a Believer In Christ, and just because i might like harry potter just a bit more than vdt doesnt say that im not a Christian. Another thing, i havent seen the movie but once. Both of them. I have to say about the acting…they were much better in the last movies. Other than eustace was good. Hp, it was there best yet. thanks.

      • HighQueenofNarnia says:

        All things considered, Georgie and Skandar did a much better job than I could have. I think Georgie especially handled her lines, some of which were supremely terrible, as well as she could. Take, for example, "We did it! I knew we would." *rolls eyes*
        And the umpteen times she states the obvious, usually appearing in the form of "Look!"
        Skandar did well, too; he succeeded in completely creeping me out at Death/Goldwater, at any rate. I was really disappointed that there was no reconciliation between Edmund and Eustace, though!!
        Will Poulter, though, was phenomenal!! He had some great lines! As well as Reepicheep.

      • Not Of This World says:

        At first I thought the acting was supurb, but the second time seeing it I thought Georgie was a bit off. My third time watching it (On DVD) I noticed it again. It dosen't bother me that much but it is one of the few things I would have changed.

    • PuddleCheep says:

      I only hated the movie because it was such a far cry from the book. I actually liked some of the changes in PC but VDT, there were very little. I did like the Lucy/Susan dream. Some of the dialouge was very cheesy. I hate it when people make Narnia like that. There are some fantasy books that are corny but Narnia is not one of them.

      I loved the special effects, especially the sea serpent! Very freaky! Can't wait for there to be a 3D DVD/Blu-ray version some time in the future!

  27. farsight-mssngr says:

    as we can all see that these days, movies that are being in the top, are those who are not about God and not having christian prospects. people would rather to watch these kind of films. like twilight for love story and hp for friendship, but both of them are witchcraft. while narnia is a very inspirational story. we must support narnia films for they are better than all the others.

    • Sea Serpent says:

      You Are soooo right!!! People look for witchcraft and evil when they can watch awesome movies like Narnia and Pixar Movies!!!! Why do people hat it so much? πŸ™

      • Mayor Wilkins says:

        To be fair to "other movies," you can find God in many of them if you wish to. πŸ˜‰
        But yes, Narnia is one of the few films I've seen in the past few years that proudly proclaims Christian values and lessons. Honestly, I loved that the VDT movie wasn't subtle about it.

      • farsight-mssngr says:

        i think my answer to that is this- most people have weak faith to God-thats why some of them are believing witchcraft films. being fair, I love hp for their friendship, but I would rather watch narnia. I love narnia films. way better than the others! cause narnia series is based on the Bible and we may learn God's love for us!

      • Bookwyrm says:

        Ah, yet another deranged Potter hater who has clearly never read the books, probably never watched the movies, and has been indoctrinated by people who have no conception whatsoever of what the practices of real life witches actually are and so believe that waving sticks around and shouting Latin phrases is going to get you in touch with the devil.

      • Not Of This World says:

        Have you learned nothing from LB??? When Tash was called apon, he came. πŸ™‚ There is evil witch craft in this world which satan controlls. He wants to control people. People shouldn't call on satan: he might come and try to steer them away from the Lord.

      • Bookwyrm says:

        Isn't it fortunate then that no one calls for the devil or any other supernatural entity in the HP books or movies?

      • Not Of This World says:

        They are still using witchcraft. That's pretty much calling for satan. Isn't it fortunate that Lewis had the bad evil Calorman Captain call for Tash? Not the followers of the true Aslan?

      • primrose path says:

        Someone I am extremely close to -and I cannot stress that fact enough- was raised in a home where she was encouraged to interact with witchcraft. (FYI, she's a Christian now.) When we watched HP, she told me the witchcraft she knew about wasn't at all like 'real life' witchcraft. She described it as being more… Gandalf-type.
        Seeing as you are probably ignorant on the subject since you seem to refuse to go close to anything that is potentially controversial, Not Of This World- I hope you don't mind that I believe her and Bookwyrm instead.

      • primrose path says:

        Blunder. When I said the 'witchcraft she knew about' I meant the magic in HP.
        See, this is what happens when I try sounding cool. πŸ™‚

      • Bookwyrm says:

        Primrose is right, the sort of thing Wiccans and other assorted magic practitioners practice tends to revolve around ritually invoking supernatural entities and nature worship. Some of the darker branches get into full-on demon summoning and worship of the devil, but they tend to be the rare exceptions. In Harry Potter, what they call magic is the innate ability to manipulate a power source present around the world that is unknown to science. You could easily strip the magic trappings away and claim they're mutants, especially once we learn that most of the spells in HP can be performed without words and even without wands in necessary. It has about as much in common with real witchcraft as a dude pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

      • Not Of This World says:

        I don't care if the witchcraft like your friend experienced (glad to hear your friend gave her life to Christ – and I'm totally not offended about your different veiw), wizards use magic, which is witchcraft.

      • Bookwyrm says:

        So you don't care if someone who has experience with the belief system you decry says that Harry Potter isn't like her former religion? I guess your motto would be "Never let facts get in the way of a misinformed opinion."

    • Bookwyrm says:

      Darling, I hate to break it to you, but there aren't any witches in Twilight. You might want to get your facts straight before attacking a film for being "EVUL!!11!". As for the Narnia movies being better than other movies, I think you meant to write "books" there and not movies. Because the movies so far have been average to mediocre to outright crappy.

      • Not Of This World says:

        Vampires is witchcraft too.

      • Bookwyrm says:

        I think it's pretty clear you have absolutely no concept of what witchcraft really is. How exactly is a dude biting someone and injecting weird venom goop into them that mutates the person into a sparkly ubermensch witchcraft?

        And it's "are", not "is".

      • Anhun says:

        Average? LWW took my breath away. I would say the only HP film that compares favorably with LWW is Prisoner of Azkaban. And even that I wouldn't describe as better, just equally good in a very different sort of way. As for Twilight, I'll have to take your word for it.

      • Not Of This World says:

        Vampires are still evil and use magic. That's witchcraft. I think it is you, my friend, who doesn't know what witchcraft is.

      • Bookwyrm says:

        And yet another broad generalization that ignores the wide body of vampire fiction with its varied depictions of what it means to be a vampire in favor of overly dogmatic and simplified erroneous statements. Twilight vampires are only evil if they want to be. There's nothing supernatural about them, they're essentially genetic mutants. There's plenty of things to attack Twilight over (misogyny, horrible depictions of what romance and true love are, truly repulsive ideas about what women and men should be like) without creating false claims of witchcraft in the movies and books. If you're going to make that claim, you'd best be able to tell me what page it happens on and who's doing the spellcasting.

        And furthermore, if you intend to condemn fiction that suggests that vampires (supernatural or not) can be redeemed and become good beings, then you must also condemn the Chronicles of Narnia and most of C. S. Lewis' fiction. In case you have not noticed, the CoN includes numerous mythological creatures. These include satyrs, fauns, and centaurs. All were known for their vulgar appetites, womanizing, violence, and boozing in Greek/Roman mythology. Does that make all use of them in any sort of fiction "evil" and "witchcraft"? And since you have a problem with fiction using personages considered gods in mythology, then you must also have serious issues with the fact that Lewis refers numerous times to nature gods in the CoN and includes Bacchus in Prince Caspian. Also, in his Space Trilogy, he includes the gods Mars and Venus as real entities, similar to angels, who preside over the planets who bear their respective names. But let me guess, it's okay because the CoN is Christian, right? πŸ˜›

        Considering the fact that you think swishing a stick around and saying a phrase in Latin is witchcraft, it is laughable that you think you're some sort of expert on witchcraft. If you ever intend to have serious dialogue with your religious opposition, then you must understand what they believe. Stick-swishing certainly isn't what Wiccans, etc. believe in. Hopefully you are never the person attempting to win a Wiccan away from their religion and to Christianity, because your erroneous ideas about reality most likely will not make a positive impression.

        And finally, since speaking Latin is apparently so wicked and dangerous, will reading the Vulgate Bible make the devil appear? πŸ˜‰

      • Not Of This World says:

        One of the few things that bother me about Narnia is there are wood gods and other gods. But as for fauns and other creatures they arent gods and they don't use witchcraft. For the pages, any time wizards or vampires are madeout to be good. Witchcraft is evil. Im not replying to you anymore. I'm not going to waste my time any longer.

      • Bookwyrm says:

        Your response is beyond incoherent and makes no logical sense whatsoever. Portraying a vampire as being capable of choosing good over evil is witchcraft? Really?

        And you've completely dodged all of my points. Fauns etc. are mythical beings, most of which do have magical powers, and are all almost always portrayed in a very negative light in the original myths. *Exactly* like vampires. If any portrayal of vampires being good is "evil" and "witchcraft", then so is the CoN's use of fauns, etc.

        It's fairly clear from your responses that you have to real basis for your allegations and are merely spouting out into the world whatever you've taken in from ill-informed people. Whether you want to believe it or not, a Christian has a duty to actually know what they're talking about when they start labeling the activities of others as sinful. If you can't be bothered to do so, you need to refrain from condemning people.

    • Weirdo says:

      I agree. When I saw a preview for the Last Exorcism in theaters, (and I wish I hadn't) I thought *this is going WAY too far.*

  28. Cross Trainer says:

    I bought two copies!!

  29. Queen Elizabeth says:

    I LOVE VDT and I love Harry Potter. Sure people will argue with me, but I think the reason that HP is doing better (money-wise) is because the whole directing is better and sadly I thought some parts in VDT were a little cheesy. I love the story and the actors but they could have made the amazing world of Narnia a little more appealing.

    • Lizzie says:

      Never seen the Harry Potter and ain't gonna to nither. I like the Narnia film. You kow what i meen ?

      • Bookwyrm says:

        Please tell me English isn't your first language.

      • Weirdo says:

        Sorry, but that was funny.

      • aslans_aussie_princess says:

        hey, why are people getting so hostile on a discussion about hp and narnia? different people have different views. And people have a right to stop talking to someone if they keep being attacked. I dont think its right to attack people on their use of English either. Just saying.

    • Xaria says:

      That's way the bestest asnewr so far!

  30. …yeah I bought Harry Potter before I bought Dawn Treader. Hate me if you want, but Deathy Hallows was a much better movie.

  31. Sea Serpent says:

    Movies in this generation are very dark and evil. It's hard to find something good in the darkness if your just blinded without Light (His Light).

    • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

      I agree, I had to stop watching harry potter movies, as they were getting too dark and disturbing, and I'm an adult. (and not a softy, either). They are worse than freddy kruger movies now.

      • Anhun says:

        Really? Is that the last two movies, because I didn't see them. While all of the HP movies (and books) have dark themes, I wouldn't say the first five films were really disturbing. When Phoenix came out, it was so impotent and pointless that I decided the film franchise had run it's course, artistically. The book is one of my all-times faves and, I have to say, my own visualization that I had from reading the book was vastly superior to the movie.

        That's one way in which the Walden Narnia films are superior to the Potter series. They always add something to my experience of the books. Beautiful visualizations of the Narnian landscape, and some excellent performances. When I reread VDT after seeing the movie, I enjoyed the book even more because I was picturing Will Poulter and Ben Barnes, and even Georgie, although she overacts at times. I was also picturing the Walden visualizations of the Ship, Magician's Island, Aslan's country, etc.

      • Not Of This World says:

        That's really cool, Anhun!

      • Just Queen, not High Queen says:

        Even though I haven't seen the movies or read the books, I absoultely loathe HP for the spiritual reasons regarding witchcraft.
        The fact that Narnia is a Christian book/movie is the reason I'm a fan in the first place!

    • Bookwyrm says:

      Evil? Seriously? Sure, there are some that are just irredeemably immoral with no good themes whatsoever, but that isn't the majority of movies. A few swear words or some violence does not a movie "EVUL!!!11!!"

      • Bookwyrm says:

        The new Thor movie particularly comes to mind. Very clean movie, content wise with only a few minor profanities, no sex whatsoever. Excellent themes though, like the importance of humility and self-sacrifice. Well worth a viewing.

      • Not Of This World says:

        I have a reason why I would never see that movie. This Thor guy is supposed to be a god. The first and second commandments say that people should have no god accept for God and no idols. And i agree that just beacuse there's a curse word (Perfer there to be non but you can't always have your way when it comes to movies πŸ™‚ ) or vilonce (Passion of the Christ – That's pretty violent but not evil πŸ™‚ ) doesn't make a movie bad, but there are other resons which I don't care to talk about here πŸ™‚

      • Bookwyrm says:

        And this is yet another reason why it pays to do some research into a film before making judgements. Regardless of whether or not Thor is a deity in the comics and in mythology, in the film he is not. There's a brief reference to the Norse worshiping the Asgardians, but no character within the film ever claims to be a deity, nor do they demand worship of anyone.

      • Not Of This World says:

        I don't care. I'm still not supporting a movie like that. It breaks the first commandment. I'm not watching a movie that makes another god look good, when God is the only true God. I'm never in my life seeing that movie.

      • Bookwyrm says:

        So I guess that means you'll be skipping every movie ever made about advanced alien races since they clearly must be gods too.

      • primrose path says:

        I normally don't comment on these little sorts of conversations between two people, but I'm somewhat confused. Who is it breaking the commandments if Thor isn't a god? Just out of curiousity, not trying to be pushy.

      • Not Of This World says:

        Actualy Primerose Path, he is a god. It says so in the adds for the movie. As for you, Bookwrm, I'm not answering to your arrogant comments.

      • Bookwyrm says:

        If anyone here is being arrogant, it is you. You are the one who has chosen to label anyone who watches Thor idolators, as if you somehow speak for God and know what's in a person's heart.

        As for the ads, remember those ads that claimed the White Witch would return and be the enemy in VDT? Yeah, that didn't happen. As I've already stated, Thor *never* demands worship from anyone and *never* claims to be a deity. Multiple interviews about the movie described the Asgardians as aliens. Thor himself in the movie states that the Asgardian magic is just advanced science.

        But I can already tell from your other replies that you entered these conversations with no intent of considering that you might be wrong. It's a shame, because you're missing out on good movies and good books. Well, not Twilight. Twilight sucks.

  32. Praying Pevensie says:

    I got the movie on the day it was coming out……how exciting ! Actually my dad bought it for me by surprise. I liked the movie…….except poor reepicheep !! I do not like the new guy for brave reepicheep !! Anyone agree ? Sure he's new, but I say two thumbs down.

    • Starlily says:

      I actually didn't mind Reep as much as I thought I would. I kind of liked his relationship with Eustace. But I agree that the book Reep is better–in the movie he seemed too much like a thrill-seeker and less like a valiant, noble knight of Narnia. Maybe the film makers thought the book Reep was too stuffy.

    • Not Of This World says:

      For me it wasn't that drastic of a voice change, so I was fine with it.

      • Just Queen, not High Queen says:

        Yay I agree! I personally can't say which voice I liked better because they were both very good.

  33. It's amazing how the success of Narnia dropped so massively in VDT.

    • Actually the success of the Narnia movies dropped so massively in PC, not VDT.

      • Moonwood says:

        Indeed, the problems began with P C, nearly ruining the franchise. People didn't go to the theaters to see A. Adamson's version of what HE thought the story should be…

    • Shawn says:

      This is such a ridiculous statement. How did the success of Narnia massively drop?! It grossed almost the exact same amount worldwide as PC. DVD/Blu-Ray sales are behind PC in the US (don't know about worldwie) but not "massively." After just three weeks in release, the VDT was the 14th best selling DVD for the year already. In a week or two it will move into the top 10. It's sales aren't as bad as people are making it out to be.

  34. Queen C The Gentle says:

    What name could u come up with by combining the names Elena+Eileen(twin sisters)?

  35. Narnia #1 Fan says:

    We have two of this in our house. My mom has a copy, and I got one for Easter. It is amazing!!

  36. Queen_Emilie says:

    This was posted on the 28th of April! When are we going to get more news?

    • Cross Trainer says:


      • Weirdo says:

        Definitely. I'm bored, and some good news would be great!
        Just so everyone knows, I love Narnia, I love ALL the movies, and I thought the effects were good for the budget.
        Does anyone here think Edmund and Lucy are weird? Because someone said they were once, and I completely disagree.

      • Queen_Emilie says:

        Lucy and Edmund are definetely not weird! On the contrary the're awesome!I also love all the films and I don't understand why people are so dissapointed! I just wish they would givw us some clue on what's going on, everyday I check Narniaweb and everyday I see the same headline! πŸ™

    • Just Queen, not High Queen says:

      I totally agree!!!!!!!!!! This is the first website I go to everyday and it's said when there's no news. It seems to me that with this website, there are huge gaps with no news and times when the news appears all at once.

      • Queen_Emily says:

        When they were at the very start of making the Dawn Treader we were constantly getting news! But now even the stars have left the limelight and i start to doubt whether we'll be seeing another movie anytime soon.

  37. Queen C The Gentle says:

    Any Narnia fan is a Twilight fan? If so, is it possible to see Breaking Dawn trailer now?!!!!!!!!

  38. Aslan's #1 fan says:

    Hey Narnia Web!! BIG NEWS!!
    On Wikipedia on the Chronicles of Narnia movie fanchise page, it states that MN will be officially released in 2013!!!!
    Its official!!!
    Is it?

    • Barnes Fan #5 says:

      Wikipedia isn't always the most reliable place of information, but they are usually right. So it has probobly been greenlit, but let's not call it official yet. But good news πŸ™‚

      • Aslan's #1 fan says:

        True, I'll take you advice and take it as an encouraging word. πŸ™‚

      • Barnes Fan #5 says:


      • Just Queen, not High Queen says:

        Wikipedia is sometimes more reliable than imdb when it comes to movies in the pre-production and filming stage. They also have a detailed list of all movies released each year and when they are released.

    • Anhun says:

      Wikipedia is only as good as it's sources. Since they don't list a source for the 2013 release date, I would not trust this information.

  39. Aslan's #1 fan says:

    I'm dying for some news, even if it is a April Fools joke, something…something…please.

    • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

      yeah, how about a question of the day? a discussion point? just to keep us active? i come here every day looking for a drop of narnia to refresh my palate!! you could solicite for discussion questions from the readers!

      • Not Of This World says:

        I agree!

      • Aslan's #1 fan says:

        Agreed!!! Ok lets see…
        Oh, what is your favorite character in the movie VDT?
        For me it would be Aslan or Lucy.

      • Not Of This World says:

        Aslan! (Ask about any other book you'd get the same answer πŸ™‚ )

      • WishIWerePolly says:

        In the book prolly Lucy or Edmund, in the movie…I'd have to go with Eustace…he was just so well done!

  40. Any recent news????

  41. Aslan's #1 fan says:

    What are you looking forward to in the MN movie?
    What are your fears?
    What do you think Charn or the other worlds will look like?
    Will Jadis be wearing obviously different clothing from Wardrobe?
    Will the movie be darker than PC since the MN book is very dark? (the darkest of the series in my opinion)
    Any opinions?! πŸ˜‰

    • Moonwood says:

      The producers need to hire writers that understand the delicate, fine line ( that Lewis obviously understood ) between a magical children's story full of WONDER, and a story that is clever, multilayered, and deep enough to entertain a clever adult as well.
      THat i,s the bottom line.
      Please please, hire writers that do not think that children, and people who enjoy children's books, are 'simple'.
      This is not a story about a flying elephant.
      Something for children, but not CHILDISH, as I think Lewis would have put it.
      The writers must understand WHAT they must pick and choose from the story, to keep that balance.
      Lewis' books could be dissected and argued over without end.
      Concordia university in Montreal taught a course specifically on the Chronicles of Narnia maybe 30 yrs ago. I don't think, so far, they would have taught one about these movies, any more than they would for 'Return to Witch Mountain'
      If the popularity of these movies actually approached the popularity of the books over the years, the producers would be so rich, so rich…

    • Queen_Emilie says:

      – In the Magician's Nephew, I'm looking for a movie that will catch the essense of the book! As it is one of my favourite's i want it to be as magical as anything!
      – My fear is that they won'y make the CREATION OF NARNIA as perfect and magical as it should be!
      – Charn will be cold dark, kind of creepy with a cold air going through the destroyes city!
      – I think Jadis's clothes, like in the book will be more colourful! More like a bedazzled medieval Queen! Lots of purples, royal purples and of course GOLD(lots of it).
      – I believe it will be mysterious and very beautiful! The special effects will have to be excellent to catch the essense of this magical book!

      • Aslan's #1 fan says:

        Cool! I think Digory's Uncle will be very creepy. A evil look here, a greedy look there. The rings will be cool, especially how they will probably will betray the children moving through the worlds!

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        great ideas, can't wait for the movie!

  42. Moonwood says:

    Rotten Tomatoes reviews of the last Pirates movie; Walt Disney's latest desperate hope, is crashing horribly–half as popular as VDT

    • Anhun says:

      I'm sure they're crying all the way to the bank. The last Pirates didn't fare much better on the tomato-meter and it ended up making almost a billion world wide.

  43. ((((((((((((((Does anyone know of any "for sure" news about if a new Narnia movie is coming and is there any "new" news???

  44. aslans_aussie_princess says:

    i thought people were raving about the dawn treader and how popular it was…..