Concept Art: The Lady of the Green Kirtle’s Lair

It is generally known that The Lady of the Green Kirtle appeared in early versions of the screenplay for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Below is a piece of concept art that NarniaFans came across on Federico D’Alessandro’s website. It appears to show the Lady of the Green Kirtle’s throne room. As for the Lady herself, my guess is they just threw an image of the White Witch in there as a temporary placeholder. Caspian is clearly a placeholder because he is wearing exactly the same armor he wore in Prince Caspian.

148 Responses

  1. Narnian says:

    They are no more friends of mine…

  2. Fireflower says:

    Who is the group of 'Narnian Fans'? What did we do?

  3. Narnian says:

    Maybe I should say " a group of fans of Narnia", I don't think I'll share this to others, this my conversation with Aslan.

    I do not dare to share my true feelings to anyone anymore… I don't want to get hurt by others anymore, now my heart was shards….

    Aslan is still with me…

  4. Narnian says:

    Don't reply me again.

  5. Fireflower says:

    Sorry. 🙁 I was just concerned for you.

  6. Zanna says:

    Same here, (I'm not sure what the "group of Aslan's friends" are,) but I hope you'll heal, and not hold grudges. That can poison anything you do. sticks around a long time to.

    Sorry if I sound preachy, 🙂

  7. Reepicheeprules says:

    I feel so sorry for you. I hope Aslan (Jesus) makes you feel better cause he sure helps me when i'm in trouble!

  8. Son of Adam says:

    Actually, to respect you, I should not reply you, as you ask for that. But, I just want to say something. Not all people who like Narnia was a good guy, some of them was just like entertainment.

    I know few, but most of the time I was just ignore them. Some people doesn't care about how you feel, they will never care. Some people thought all what they do was perfect, they never thought it might be a mistake, they never thought about. Some people they don't have a true life experience, and that they maybe do something could hurt you, but not with purposely.

    So, just ignore them, don't be too serious about them, take this as a lesson, next time choose your friend wisely. I believe, time will heal the wound of your heart.

    If I can I would like to shake hand with you. For Narnia and For Aslan! 🙂

  9. Narnian says:

    The hope for the Narnians' friend is over, all the expecting is over….

  10. Narnian says:

    I have waiting something from them which can make me feel touching, but they didn't, they have abandoned their friend. I have try to do something so hard for my friends, but…. I was just like a worthless friend for them.

  11. Narnian says:

    I know, only Aslan will never do that to me.

  12. Reepicheeprules says:

    Sure he will! Just ask! What ever you ask will be granted (within reason!) =D

  13. Narnian says:

    Sometime people will misunderstood, we are human, remember that, we will do mistake, not all we ask, we think was 100% right, we hurt people and we don't know we did that, only the victims can feel it, and no body know about that, someone that cry quietly, secretly.

    Aslan wasn't a stupid, he can judge what is right, and for me Aslan is not Jesus, I know many people said Aslan represented Jesus, but in my knowledge, Aslan is different, Aslan is far better than Jesus, when I read Narnia, I can feel Aslan's good, but when I read Bible, I don't have this feeling.

    I'm so sorry.

  14. Narnian says:

    And… I have to say, when we do something wrong, we need to apologize, if we didn't do that, you will bring harm to someone, maybe your friend, you will destroy some people's self believing, and that will make them despair.

    This is my advice, never, never broken someone's self believing, you will never imagine how deep this harm will bring, if this happened to you, then you will know how was it, for some people who didn't have a strong mind, strong heart, half of their life is finish.

  15. Fireflower says:

    Yes, I can see your perspective, but Jesus is as real as you and me. He created you and He LOVES you. Aslan, though the best characters in the entire Narnia books, IS make-believe; he was based off of Jesus. You are drawn to Aslan because you see the parallels (weather you realize it or not) to Jesus. You don't have to take this advise, but just know that Jesus loves you no matter how you imagine Him. 🙂

  16. HQSB says:

    Thats like saying the wizard. Of oz wasnt suited to be a movie its another tale of self realization.

  17. Reepicheeprules says:

    Hey! That was a really short comment!!!

  18. Reepicheeprules says:

    Some people don't feel the same when they read the bible as when they read Narnia and thats okay. All you need to understand is Aslan is Jesus. When you feed how good Aslan is you are really feeling how increadible Jesus is. Jesus is a billion times more wonderful than how Aslan is described. You are just experiencing Jesus' love through Aslan.

  19. Narnian says:

    That's not what I'm looking for, I didn't hope for that, it's diferrent from what I have understand, that's not what I'm expecting, I don't need that, I'm waiting for something diferrent, what they do was just make me dislike Narnia, Narnia gave me great memories and strength, it's not worth if ruin by them, a true friend is not like that, I really hope they understand and stop to do that. I don't like when people think what they do was completely right.

    Do you ever think someone is already very tired about that, someone's heart and mind is weaken everyday, if what they do is through Jesus, is Jesus really will do that? Jesus is not going to do that, they are doing that, and they just thought Jesus agree and allow them to do that.

    Aslan/Jesus will do something to let people to learn something, but HE won't make you feel hopeless, maybe HE will make something to give you a feeling of sadness, but through the sadness you will find the way of hope.

    When something that totally make you hopeless and lost, then that's all gone wrong, and Aslan/Jesus say I must leave them.

  20. Broken Heart Narnian says:

    "The Call"

    It started out as a feeling
    Which then grew into a hope
    Which then turned into a quiet thought
    Which then turned into a quiet word
    And then that word grew louder and louder
    'Til it was a battle cry
    I'll come back when you call me
    No need to say goodbye

    Just because everything's changing
    Doesn't mean it's never been this way before
    All you can do is try to know who your friends are
    As you head off to the war
    Pick a star on the dark horizon and follow the light
    You'll come back when it's over
    No need to say goodbye
    You'll come back when it's over
    No need to say goodbye

    Now we're back to the beginning
    It's just a feeling and no one knows yet
    But just because they can't feel it too
    Doesn't mean that you have to forget
    Let your memories grow stronger and stronger
    'Til they're before your eyes
    You'll come back when they call you
    No need to say goodbye
    You'll come back when they call you
    No need to say goodbye

  21. Fireflower says:

    That's exactly right, Reepicheeprules!

  22. Narnian says:

    Anyway, I would like to say sorry for what I have said.
    But, I'm really, really very tired, my strength almost exhausted… I was hoping for another Narnia movie to restore my energy…

    And… Aslan/Jesus, please give me a friend that really understand me.

  23. Reepicheeprules says:

    You just wait he will find you a friend. I asked him to find me a friend and he gave me an increadible friend who loves Narnia just as much as me. Don't be sorry. Sometimes it helps to get out everything you are feeling.

  24. Reepicheeprules says:

    I love the last battle! I hope they make it into a movie! =D

  25. Estefania says:

    "No need to say goodbye" …. I'm really trying to don't say goodbye to the Narnia films, but they are making me suffer! … I hope to see the Chronicles of Narnia on the big-screen again. Meanwhile "I will live my life as like a narnian, even if there isn't any Narnia…"

  26. Broken Heart Narnian says:

    Me too….

  27. Thee Narnian Meerkat says:

    :'(…..*squeaks out* ehhhhhh!……..It's so beautiful!! Please….Please…PLEASE come back Narnia…..