Concept Art: The Lady of the Green Kirtle’s Lair

It is generally known that The Lady of the Green Kirtle appeared in early versions of the screenplay for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Below is a piece of concept art that NarniaFans came across on Federico D’Alessandro’s website. It appears to show the Lady of the Green Kirtle’s throne room. As for the Lady herself, my guess is they just threw an image of the White Witch in there as a temporary placeholder. Caspian is clearly a placeholder because he is wearing exactly the same armor he wore in Prince Caspian.

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  1. Em says:

    Hmmm…that looks pretty cool, but honestly, it looks absolutely nothing like I imagined it when I read the books. Of course I don't expect everyone to have the same mental image when they read the books, but really this is very, very far from anything I ever imagined…not that it really matters though because it's not as if they're even making SC…BOO HOO!!!! SC is, by far, my favorite book. Oh well, at least we have The Hobbit coming!!!

  2. Anhun says:

    Sorry to disappoint, but this was actually concept art for VDT, way back in the day before Disney left the project.

  3. Anhun says:

    We do know something: that no more Narnia movies can even begin production for another 3 years.

  4. Dylan says:

    *Back in the day*

  5. Aslan's #1 fan says:

    Amen. Totally agree with ya.

  6. Aslan's #1 fan says:

    I agree is very different but it wouldn't have been bad. As long as they went with the book sixty percent I wouldn't complain.

  7. farsight-mssngr says:

    If only we are able to return to those days

  8. Timo says:

    It looks nothing like I imagined it.

  9. Christine says:


  10. Ted C says:

    Geez Glumpuddle, you're so negative. They weren't that bad for crying out loud. VDT wasnt exactly what I wanted either but it's decent. Good grief.

  11. Anna's Sister(TheHobbit2012!) says:

    Cool picture! Definitely not what it should look like in the actual movie (if they ever make it).
    I'm kind of glad they stopped filming after Voyage. LWW was awesome, PC was good, VDT was ok…so with that pattern in mind, what would SC have been?
    I wish someone like Peter Jackson would direct a narnia movie so that I could love the movie instead of just liking it.

  12. Aunt Letty says:

    So sad that this is what we've arrived at. Much as I would love to see a GOOD sequel, this only confirms my feeling of relief that "they" won't be making a next movie anytime soon. Three or four years will provide some much-needed time to regroup, creatively, and if "they" resume, I sincerely hope it will be with a new "they" for the writing, if nothing else. It will take more than that time for this fan to obliterate the bad aftertaste of that last shipwreck of a film.

  13. Anhun says:

    Your ignoring a variable in the function: the extremely diverse nature of the source material. LWW is a very cinematic story. You could almost fancy it was made with a film script in mind (though we know that's not true).

    PC is less so, although it still has a defined villain, a specific problem, and clear solution. So the plot structure is easy enough, the problem with PC is the thin character and plot development. This meant that some things had to be added for interest. I don't completely agree that everything they added was interesting, but I understand why changes were necessary.

    Of the books in the Pevensie trilogy, VDT is far and away the hardest to translate. There is simply too much going on to fit all of it in a feature film, and take time to give everything the proper emotional impact. The lack of a strong central plot means that streamlining is difficult too. Basically, it requires a lot more change and creativity on the part of the script writers to turn VDT into a good feature film.

    THAT is why the film have been straying, and decreasing in quality, it's not that they script writers have lost their touch or their interest, but that their job has been harder with each successive film, and, by the time they got to VDT, they were utterly out of their depth. The filmmakers should have hired better talent for that one.

  14. Aslan's BFF says:

    Who would you pick for the writing?

    (that may have sounded sarcastic, but I'm honestly curious about your opinion)

  15. Dylan says:

    Aunt Letty, I think the writers did as well as they could've. VDT is a hard story to adapt, given the challenges of translating a book that isn't "epic" and would fail to excite movie goers if it was a pure book-movie translation. Trust me, The Silver Chair has a much clearer plot line and I think audiences would like it. They did a good job with Prince Caspian, which was a boring book, but even with that they had a clearer plot to follow and there was a bad guy to be defeated. With VDT they didn't have the luxury of that.

  16. moviecynic says:

    Still waiting for some good news. Love the three we have though. They perhaps could have (should have) been better but they were pretty fantastic in their own way.

  17. Narnian Princess says:

    Really?!? -_-
    Glad it didn't push through.

  18. Narnian Princess says:

    The art looks magnificent…but I think (personally) that it's nothing like the one described in the book.
    Or maybe it's just nothing like the one I imagined in my head?

  19. Narnian Princess says:

    Oh, I hate it when the truth hurts. :'(

    Bright side, though: Maybe they can make better Narnia movies in the future – TRUE Narnia movies.

  20. Anna's Sister(TheHobbit2012!) says:

    I completely agree! LWW is a movie makers dream, and VDT is a very hard story to write a scrip for. I think that problems started when they made PC "epic" which meant that they had to try to make VDT "epic" too. I just don't want them to screw up SC by writing it too fast, and putting in silly things like the white witch with green mist floating around her head.

  21. Tradition says:

    I wouldn't say decent–mediocre is more fitting (if perhaps generous). But in any case, excellent books should not become decent movies. They should become excellent movies or else remain just books.

  22. Tradition says:

    Love scenes don't make a movie epic, and epic movies do not require love scenes. Take "Lawrence of Arabia", for example. Almost four hours long, massive in scope, epic in every sense of the word, and there isn't even one woman with a speaking role, let alone any love scenes.

  23. Tradition says:

    I agree with Son of Neptune. When it comes to fantasy worlds, Tolkien's is untouchable. But Lewis was a much better writer than Tolkien.

  24. DaughterofAslan'sCoutnry says:

    Anyone know where to get narnia valentines? I try every year to get some and can't find any!

  25. Christ's girl says:

    Back when Prince Caspian had first come out, I found some Narnia valentine's at Walmart, but that was like I said, several years ago.

  26. Christ's girl says:

    I like it, even though it does look a bit too light. Maybe if you darkened it a bit, and got rid of most the water, or at least made it green with fungi or something. Now personally, I don't care if they make SC or MN first(but I would be upset if they switched actors for Eustace), just as long as thgey make another Narnia movie, and make it well!

  27. I concept art looks really cool, it sets up a good vibe for that scene which is very alluring and enchanting, not to mention colourful.
    It's too bad the series had to end thanks to VDT being as bad as it was, but then again if they were going to make SC with the same fimmakers and script writers I wouldn't want to continue.
    The Chronicles of Narnia needs a fresh start with a reboot with a cast and crew that are as passionate to being C. S. Lewis's classic stories to life as Peter Jackson was with the The Lord of the Rings and now The Hobbit.
    That's why those movies were so successful, and I truly believe Narnia be that successful if they reboot it, it just needs to be in the hands of the right people who care about the stories and staying faithful to C. S. Lewis's vision.

  28. Dylan says:

    Tradition, when I said there were too many "love" scenes, I did not mean that that made it "epic", nor vice versa. I was listing epic and love scenes as two different things, not one and the same.

  29. Dylan says:


  30. Tradition says:

    I actually think that PC provides some of the deepest character-study material of any of the seven books, but in the film every intriguing character element–indeed, virtually every thought-provoking moment–was rewritten or removed. Case in point: the scene with the wild bear.

    Also, (and it's not like I'm just trying to disagree or be argumentative; sorry if it sounds that way) I happen to think that VDT is the most cinematic of the first three books, and is surpassed in that quality by only SC and HHB. However, similar to the character elements in PC virtually every cinematic aspect of the book was rewritten or removed in the film version. LWW was a great movie, but PC and VDT should both have been equally as good if not better. (In my opinion)

  31. DamselJillPole says:

    Why is LOGK wearing the same thing as the White Witch?

  32. DamselJillPole says:

    Other then the outfits I really love the background and pillars. I makes me wish to see this movie so much. But for years it will be highly unlikely. 🙁

  33. Dylan says:

    Read the article, I thought the same thing at first.

  34. QueenSusantheGentle says:

    I must respectfully disagree. I really enjoyed VDT, no it did not follow the book perfectly but, (don't hate me for this lol) I thought the VDT movie was better then the book. But my least favorite Chronicles of Narnia book is VDT. And this is just my personal opinion.
    Although I will be the first to agree Prince Caspian (the movie) was pretty terrible. But I thought they made a good comeback with VDT

  35. Watziznehm says:

    If only concept art could translate! I don't know about most of you, but I always find that concept art always seems more amazing and mysterious to me than when it is actually put into the can. I dunno! There's just something more real about concept art. Yet, it has that delightful feeling of being, well, a concept! Then again, it's probably just me.

    Hey, here's a thought, maybe Pixar could pick up the contract? I mean, after Cars 2 and John Carter through their system, maybe they could get back to their sentimental roots with some quality children's content like Narnia! No, seriously, their animation would be more convincing than VODT!

  36. DamselJillPole says:

    I know. I read it after seeing the picture.

  37. narniafan16 says:

    i really wanna be jill pole…

  38. TheEighthFriendOfNarnia says:

    It's sad that they even in concept art you can tell they were changing the book loads. It's just sad how Disney & W.M. are changing the books with Lewis' estate's consent. LWW was the best do far (in my humble opinion) because it's so true to the book. It seems with each book they are getting farther away and making more changes

  39. TheEighthFriendOfNarnia says:

    I don't know what you mean by translate. But this does look better than what theh movie'd be. It's not just you, it does give you a feeling. I think I feel expectation that excitement waiting for the real deal.

    Don't like the Pixar idea though. I'm afraid to know what 100% Disney'd do!

  40. TheEighthFriendOfNarnia says:

    With you on that one. As long as Eustace stays the same it doesn't matter. Both books are amazing, and I doubt one will be better done than the other. If they stay true to the book(s) and do an amazing job with animation, photography, ect. (just like they've done so far) I'll be happy just to get a movie.

  41. TheEighthFriendOfNarnia says:

    That's because you didn't imagine it (picture). Okay, that sounded really stupid & stuck up. Let me try again: Everybody's mental image is different to some extent. Now, yours & mine and probally almost everyone reading this article have a generally similar mental picture. W.M. tends to go overboard with 'epicness' so thier images will be different from ours. They tend to be more imignative and out there, while fans rely on book descriptions more. At least I think we do.

  42. TheEighthFriendOfNarnia says:

    Yeah 60% would be good compared to what we've been seeing starting with PC. Preferably though we'll get more like 75%. Sadly, it'll be more like 30-40%-ish.

  43. TheEighthFriendOfNarnia says:

    In the good ole days. Disney performed better than expected.

  44. TheEighthFriendOfNarnia says:

    They do say based off C.S. Lewis' EPIC masterpiece…

    What they should say is "In almost no way imaginable is this based off C.S. Lewis' work, this story is based off our imagination with minimal help from C.S. Lewis perfect masterpiece." (Sorry, but it felt good to rant right there.)

  45. TheEighthFriendOfNarnia says:

    I saw something a while ago (another Narnia Website) that said they thought it was to sneak in the famous Oscar-winning White Witch actress. Same reason the witch actually appears in PC instead of just the ceremony to call her. They hoped it'd boost sales. I much prefer your theory though. It's less scheming.

  46. TheEighthFriendOfNarnia says:

    Now that's an amazing idea right there. I hope that was their intent

  47. It is true. LWW was the most faithful to the book. It was my favorite as well. They are getting so unfaithful…..
    Did anyone else really not like this concept art? I just did not like it.

  48. Son of Adam says:

    The Magician's Nephew
    The Horse and His Boy
    The Silver Chair
    The Last Battle

    movie…. :'(

  49. Thee Narnian Meerkat says:

    CREEPY………Ahhhhhhhhh…..just looking at a Narnia pic, especially one I never seen before, brings back all those good, wonderful, exciting memories of the "Days of Narnia"……This pic is awesome….

  50. Aslan's #1 fan says:

    Good grief…is there any news?
    I can't stand this silence. Can we hear more about "The Lion Awakes" movie that coming out at least, if not Narnia???

  51. With regard to your comment about the script and other production choices for the VotDT I couldn't agree more. Please let them either turn it all over to someone else, or find a new respect for what Lewis has given us. You might be interested in my article on the forum for Narnia and Christianity.

  52. Zanna says:

    What is "Lion Awakes"? I haven't heard of it before.
    I share your sentiment on Narnia movies also, I'd love for them (all) to come out!

    What's your fav book, and movie adaption?

  53. Aslan's #1 fan says:

    The Lion Awakes is the movie about C.S.Lewis' life that's coming out this year. It looks like a very intense movie. Look it up, it seems intriguing.

    Hmm…My fav. is all of them, but to be more specific I'd say The Last Battle, by far, with Silver Chair a close second.

    My favorite movie,well, I'd say LWW movie. I enjoyed all of them even though I would prefer them to go with the book. 😉

    Yours favs???

  54. Zanna says:

    I really liked Prince Caspian as a movie adaption, and Last Battle would have to be my favorite, then The Horse and His Boy.
    I liked Susan in PC and how they developed the characters. I wasn't really mad that they had a Castle raid and Peter going all, "I'm King here, Aslan's not!"
    I helped spice up the plot line without killing the book. Unlike VoDT. 🙁 That one was sad for me!

  55. selin says:

    Hi.Im Selin.i love narnia or imprints in our country on television in 2015. Please do something

  56. Aslan's #1 fan says:

    I liked parts in PC. The Castle scene was intense even if it didn't go with the book, it was a great scene for sure. And the Moral of the story was more obvious in the movie than it was in the book (yes I know some would disagree). VDT was a good movie as family movies go. God spoke to me through it in a very tough time in my life, so I can't just say "it didn't go with the book so it's junk."
    The picture above was cool though it wasn't what I thought it would be. I thought it would be a lot darker with more blacks and greys instead of this ominous green. 😉

  57. Aslan's #1 fan says:

    Totally agree with ya…

  58. Narnian says:

    I have been betrayed by a group of Narnia fans. :'(
    They are not a true Narnian, not as what I thought. :'(
    I thought they will understand, but…. they are just hurting me non-stop. :'(
    Aslan, I really need you, please help me solve this problem. :'(

  59. Narnian says:

    Aslan, please take them out of my heart, I don't want to care about them any more, please make me no more feelings about them.

  60. Narnian says:

    Please make me forget about them forever… please…. :'(