Gresham Shares Plans for Next Narnia Film

It has been over six months since we last heard any kind of update on the Narnia films. Now, we finally have something to report.

Kristi from The Lion’s Call has posted a brief report on Douglas Gresham’s (co-producer, Lewis’ stepson) comments at Oxford earlier this week. He revealed his hopes for the future of the Chronicles of Narnia films:

  • There is a seven-year moratorium on producing any Narnia films outside of Walden Media.
  • He might have future films made independently.
  • The Silver Chair is the film he would like to make next.
  • He would like to see Andrew Adamson return, but thinks he would be too expensive.
  • In the meantime, he will focus on a film adaptation of Lewis’ “The Screwtape Letters.”

Read the full report here

We previously believed the moratorium period was 3-4 years, and that the next film would very likely be The Magician’s Nephew. Now it appears the wait will be longer than we thought, and Gresham will maintain the original published order and continue with The Silver Chair.

To clarify the issue: By law, no Narnia films can be released by anyone without Walden Media until the moratorium ends, and it appears that Gresham would prefer to make the films independently. Assuming the moratorium began just after Dawn Treader‘s release, the earliest we could see the next Narnia film is probably 2018.

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  1. dominiclovesnarnia says:

    7 years!? That's long… it's a good new that "Silver Chair" is plan to be next, but you know… in my opinion, jut my opinion, if they'll make another 'Narnia' I think it's time to start a reboot with "The Magicians Nephew", well, it's just my opinion, then after that… release the next Narnia film after two years, and then after two years again.

  2. Aravis Narnia says:

    Why can they not make any more Narnia films with Walden media?

    • sam says:

      As I had understood it before, walden media's contract expired AND we had a moratorium. Now the wording of this makes it sound like walden is the only one who can still make films within the moratorium? If that's the case my guess is walden doesn't want to do it anymore or it's lewis foundation that doesn't want them to make any more films. Given gresham's sentiment that he'd like them to be independantly produced I'd say the latter is more likely. It'd be nice to have a legal explaination of the moratorium…

      In other opinions, If we wait 7 years before film production can begin then who will play eustice? who will appear as the pevensies in the last battle? After 7 years with the advancement of technology and changing film styles I'd like to see a complete reboot, and I'd prefer it start back at LWW, and as I've maintained before, even though the scripts should be different from each other as the books are, they should be written together so that what continuity there is in the books, and what might have to be introduced in the movies (connecting LWW to HHB for example) can be settled.

      • AsbelMcTalisker says:

        It rather looks now like some serious bridge building between Walden and The Lewis Estate needs to be done if the current series of films is to continue.
        Whatever the underlying problem between the two sides is it rather looks from the activity, or lack of on the Walden side is indication that they are loosing interest in making any more.
        If thats the case and we have to wait seven years or so then its probably better if we go for a complete remake of the series than continuing with `The Walden Version`.

      • glumPuddle says:

        If the CS Lewis Estate decided they wanted to make another Narnia movie with Walden, they could start making it tomorrow. But apparently Gresham would rather make the next film independently.

        By law, seven years must pass before a Narnia film can be made with a new studio.

      • narnian21 says:

        i don't think there should be a reboot. LWW and PC in my opinion were pretty solid movies. I thought about possibly a reboot but i seriously hope not because we already have 3 narnia films and what if the reboot isn't received well or VDT messes things up? Then we'll never see an adaption of a narnia book past SC

    • nic says:

      Re: Mr Glum

      If they could get one made in 2 and a half years wouldn't be so bad as the Hobbit this Xmas & next helps Narnia due to a widely perceived bond between these two stories for classic fantasy genre, so a say…Magician's Nephew the following season would seem like a natural run on to movie goers and help smooth over the interval since the last Narnia.

      • narniafreak1 says:

        they can make another one sooner i understand but it cannot be released until 2018
        If Andrew Adamson came back Harry Gregson-Williams would also because they do all movies together

    • VALERIE says:


  3. Child of Aslan says:

    WOW!! I am so happy to actually have some news about this! I am just happy to know that at least Mr. Gresham still plans on moving forward with the films! I also realized that I will be in my twenties by then! =O Oh well, I'm sure i'll be just as big a fan then!

    • Zanna says:

      ha! same here! I just couldn't believe when I read the interview that another Narnia movie would be coming out! I actually stopped breathing, then realised… in seven YEARS?! I'm going to be old then! haha, just can't wait though. I really want to see The Last Battle. Love Jewel the most. (Unicorns have a special place in my heart! Guess I'll never grow up 🙂

    • Christ's girl says:

      @ Child of Aslan
      Same here! I'll be like in college! So not fair! Oh well, at least here's SOME news. I thought Walden let their contract expire? Somebody explain this to me!

    • Daughter of the King says:

      Me too! I was worried that Voyage of the Dawn Treader would be the last. I'd be happy to see another movie come out, even if it's in the next 20 years. I can definitely wait 7!

      • Marilyln says:

        Oh, my….I'll be 68 🙂 I'm pleased to know that the Narnia Chronicles are alive and well among such recent generations (though I always considered them my very own).

    • mixedfiction says:

      We're more or less teenage kids. I also thought that if the next film is on 2018, I'd be nearly 20 then! Now I'm just twelve watching LWW, PC, & VDT; then after a long time I'm 18 watching the new Narnian film!

  4. Don't understand. It's like a 100 years of winter with no Christmas. I hope they work out the problems for the fans. I want to see the series completed.

    • sylvain24 says:

      I would like to see the series finished as they already started it but when the movie is done i'll be almost 40! Ahhhh!

    • mixedfiction says:

      Yeah. But meanwhile, there are a lot of other movies to pay attention to (for me). 2012 is so loaded with films! There's TDKR, Brave, Bourne Legacy, Snow White & the Huntsman, The Amazing Spiderman, and Hungergames. BUT, most of all, THE HOBBIT!!! It's the grandfinale for Christmas.

  5. Please don't... says:

    Screwtape Letters cannot be properly adapted to the screen. It is far too abstract. It will be a disaster. He will muff it up like he muffed up the last two Narnia movies. He let the two last movies be changed so much, that they could not be recognized as Lewis's style. With PC totally different, and DT infantilised beyond Lewis's worst nightmares. Lewis had the genius gift of being able to write something clever for children, that did not bore adults with it's simplicity. Gresham either does not understand this concept, or has chosen to ignore it. He has ruined the image of two of the books for millions of people. Shame on you, Mr. Gresham.

    • Varnafinde says:

      "Gresham either does not understand this concept, or has chosen to ignore it."

      You speak as if he had the power to decide this on his own. As he is not financing it on his own, he is only a consultant, he doesn't have the final say.

      It's not primarily his fault.

      • Aslan's #1 fan says:

        Dear Please Don't,

        Focus on the family adapted the Screwtape Letters to a full dramatized audiobook. It was amazing and very helpful. People said that that TLotR couldn't be made into a movie because the world was far to big. Well that was proven wrong, yes Hollywood could ruin it but then there is a chance that the Screwtape movie might become something extraordinary. A classic that would expand the story around the world to reach people who DON'T read but really NEED to hear the message of it. There is a reason why non of the spiritual books from Christian authors haven't been made into movies thus far. There are forces that that are afraid of the ramifications those stories would spread in movie form.

    • glumPuddle says:

      Gresham did not direct the movies. He co-produced them, and apparently did not have much say over what went into the script.

    • Kristi says:

      I don't know about the screen, but it makes a brilliant two-person play with Max MacLean.

    • Jill says:

      What on earth? Don't you people get it? It isn't Gresham it's walden media. The guy did everything he could he was quoted several times as saying he wished the movies could have been more like the books. He was powerless against a company that just wanted money. Shame on you for judging him. If I'm not mistaken this is the stepson and more importantly friend of Lewis himself. Who are you?

  6. susan says:

    so sad! 🙁 🙁 🙁 i hope it will be worth the wait!
    that's a long time until they make the movie(S)

  7. Shastafan says:

    Hmm, this is quite interesting news after more than half a year of no news. I'm willing to wait for another Narnia movie, even if it'll take longer than 7 years to finally make. All I want is to see a movie that is well adapted yet works well in movie form, while not trying to copy off of other Hollywood formulas and styles. I have faith in Gresham, and I hope his dreams of making another movie will happen in the future. 😉

  8. DaughterofAslan'sCountry says:

    I think the C.S. Lewis estate doesn't want to give walden another contract during the moratorium. From Gresham's comment, it sounds like the C.S. Lewis Estate wasn't pleased with the direction walden was going in.

    • nic says:

      Douglas Gresham should have a certain amount of bargaining power with Walden though to influence direction of the series. Narnia has been successful each time out. As long as following films are at the standard of the first two, it's a guaranteed 400 to 500+ minimum return for each one -possibly alot more, plus with the prospects of increasing home viewing sales once the series starts to accumulate in that type of market.

      So it's not like Narnia isn't an attractive property. If the bargaining chips went towards A. Adamson as co-script writer and heavy involvement in production duties for remaining franchise the artistic considerations in doing Narnia justice would be fulfilled, & his involvement from the other POV would be attractive, as it would ensure rewarding returns over a serial run of seven feature films, which once made, will only continue to return over time in their own niche for the home viewing market & it's different formats.

      If all the ducks can be lined up for the next installment in setting up the franchise, then everyone would be happy, & i feel that Walden are correct in their inclination that Magician's Nephew is the one for the job. Magician's Nephew can be very much more a location shoot too, as it's not so much a cgi Narnia talking animal character fest as others, really only the Jadis charn story & Narnia creation scenes that need to go to town over with heavy effects or artificial sets, particularly as they are at the core in the background to each Narnia story. Oh well, nice to blog about Narnia again for a while but i be quiet now 🙂

  9. Gabriel says:

    I was at the talk and this report is a bit misleading (as is naturally the case since it's a third had interpretation). I hope Douglas goes on record on the internet to say what he said in Oxford, since it was all really interesting and made things a lot clearer.

    I'd rather not go into details because those should come from the source rather than 2nd hand accounts. But generally, Douglas was really really sharp on the films, and he really understands Lewis's works. He was very frustrated with aspects of the films, particularly Dawn Treader. He said he felt a bit crushed after that film, and kept on apologising to Apted, the director, for the script (which he did not have direct control over). Sounded like breaking the film deal was partly his idea, because Walden kept wanting to re-negotiate, and also to increasingly turn Narnia into something it's not (for Dawn Treader, the idea was to make it like Pirates of the Caribbean). The thing to understand is that these people — the Hollywood suits — are complete clowns who don't understand or care about the source material.

    Also, I understand that the 'seven years' thing is from the last film being released, and there was talk of starting work on Silver Chair a year from now, because new contracts / deals need to be drawn up. So in a way there's only a year before work gets started again, even though it will be at least seven years before another film. In the meantime, there's other projects.

    It was also the C.S. Lewis Society, not the Tolkien society. And it happened on Tuesday, not Monday.

    • always narnian says:

      Very ineresting. I hope that is true.
      O your picture is Captain Haddock, isn't it? 🙂

  10. QueenLucy says:

    I wish that the would just work things out and make another movie, however unrealistic that is…
    I just don't want a reboot whatever they do!!!

  11. narniafan16 says:

    NO.WAY. So I'm
    Going to be 18 when I play Jill
    Pole? …
    Can't they just reboot the whole

  12. GlimGlum says:

    Eventually, another Narnia movie will be made. Maybe by that time some Narnia fans will be in the film business and can make both a good movie and a faithful adaption. 🙂

  13. Estefania says:

    D: I don't want to wait too long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. QueenLucy says:

    Just to let everyone know- is auctioning off an authentic pair of shoes worn by Georgie Henley in Prince Caspian! 🙂

  15. Son of Adam says:


  16. Anna says:

    I'm interested to see how they plan on adapting the Screwtape Letters. That's a pretty difficult undertaking to accomplish cinematically. It's not a story that lends itself well to a movie.

  17. zanna says:

    stopped breathing for a moment. so excited

  18. Matthew says:

    im all for greshams idea i just want to know why it has to take so long. i would just wait on making the screwtape letters and finish the narnia series first. there are tons of narnia fans waiting for the next movie to come out and they dont want to wait 8 years. i also agree he should get andrew adamson back. he made the movies alot more realistic and better.

  19. Matthew says:

    also i want to see disney and walden media make the movie again cause if they dont make it it wont be as good

  20. Matthew says:

    also gresham should have lots of say in what goes in the movie cause he can probably make the books really come to life alot better then where walden media was going with it

  21. Matthew says:

    actually i dont wanna see walden media any part of this like gresham is saying but i still want disney involved

  22. Jewel says:

    Gresham needs to find somebody to make the movie who is as passionate about Narnia and all it stands for as Peter Jackson is for LotR and Hobbit. Though Dawn Treader was a good movie in and of itself, it had no connection to Narnia in my mind.

  23. Ronald W Belflower says:

    i find this sad 7 years , with potter gone narnia would be #1 , i love the books and the films , there is nothing better in my mind . I still push c s lewis read these lol just sad 7 year

    • Christ's girl says:

      I know Harry Potter was stealing the box office, but Narnia and Potter are not even comprable!

  24. TollersTree says:

    The last thing we need is a seven years hiatus. Douglas Gresham and Hollywood need to stay vigilant with the production of the Narnia films.

    With Narnia's buddies Snow White and The Huntsman, Jack The Giant Killer, Gods and Kings, The Seventh Son and The Hobbit all releasing now is the perfect time more than ever for them to be eager to put another Narnia film into production.

  25. farsight-mssngr says:

    This time: I would suppose that Douglas Gresham should really be the master or the boss(together with the right director) of the fourth Narnia film. Showing the 'real' scenes, essence, theme of the book in the movie will really do. What help I can only do for now is to pray to Jesus that there will still be Narnia 4 and it will be a blockbuster movie!

    Further Up and Further In!

  26. farsight-mssngr says:

    Okay, let's take a little recap of 'year gap'
    from LWW-PC, 3 year gap
    from PC-VDT, 2 year gap
    from VDT-SC, 7 year gap

    just want to see Narnia again in the big screen!

  27. Garenex says:

    I am definitely of the mindset that I would rather not see another Narnia film be made ever, then see have another VotDT happen. I am all for more movies being made, and have long desired to experience Tash on the big screen, but it either a good adaptation or nothing.

    As far as who should make the film, my opinion would be to wait the seven years (or longer) and have a complete reboot of the series, starting with LWW, and continuing on in publication order with a new company.

  28. Thee Narnian Meerkat says:

    Good and bad news for me: The Silver Chair will be next, but 2018?? Wow…

    • Son of Adam says:

      and when 2018 they maybe will say 2020 and still never have done the movie…

      • Thee Narnian Meerkat says:

        Sure hope not 0_o

      • Whitney says:

        I think Walden Media is losing interest making the films since last two box office was not the greatest for the type movie Narnia is. Making them independently however there is always that the films may never be pick up by a studio. Narnia needs special effects that expansive. Narnia may not be marketable anymore I mean movie market changing.

  29. Anhun says:

    When he says "independently," do you suppose he means that he's going to produce them on his own, or co-produce them with a smaller film company? Not sure if that would be a good thing or a bad thing.

  30. loverforben says:

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! I'll be over twenty before another Narnia comes out! Well, I hope they use the same actors as before, I can't stand it when they change them! That's a real blow. My dad's going to be so, depressed.

  31. DaughterofAslan'sCountry says:

    Heads up. someone who has no idea what they are doing decided to release les mis the same day as the hobbit!

  32. Holly says:

    I'm glad! I very much disliked The Voyage of the Green Mist except for the very VERY end. But seven years is a long time =(

  33. Braden Woodburn says:

    Oh my gosh, 6 years from now!? That's insane! As much as I love The Silver Chair will be next as I personally think it should (just to be in the correct order being after Dawn Treader), gotta think, Will Poulter will still look WAY much older than his character in the book. Thank you for this update though!

    • Whitney says:

      That another problem Will Poulter will be to old by then. They stand a better chance just rebooting now.

      • always narnian says:

        It's really weird…I wanted the Silver Chair so bad as well (and am disappointed because Will Poulter probably won't be Eustace) but now I think since they are waiting so long, the should do The Magician's Nephew. It would maybe get people re-interested in Narnia.

  34. vendel says:

    OH no! No, Andrew Adamson no! Why it can not be made by better director?

    • Son of Adam says:

      Errr… I think I can accept Andrew Adamson, but I hope too they will have better director, I always suggest Matthew Vaughn, I'm also thinking The Avengers' director.

  35. narniafan16 says:

    So ive been workIng so hard to become an actress for nothing!

    • Go ahead and keep learning acting. There are so many roles out there that you could play. It's a lot of fun no matter who you get cast as. 🙂

  36. Andrew says:

    Overall, it sounds like negotiations broke down between Walden and Gresham with Walden wanting to do "Magician's Nephew" next and Gresham wanting "The Sliver Chair". It also appeared that Gresham felt he had to compromise too much and, because of that, wants more control over the finished product.
    After Dawn Treader was released I got to thinking about how the films perhaps should be marketed differently. Rather than marketing each film as a continuation of a series, perhaps they should be marketed individually. Although they are a series of books , they are not as closely connected as Lord of the Rings or even Star Wars. Each book is it's own individual story and can stand apart as such. I sort of felt that, because each move was being marketed as part of "The Chronicles of Narnia", that there was great effort placed in not only putting characters in stories where they didn't belong (The white witch was in all three movies, and Peter and Susan were on posters for Dawn Treader), but with audiences expecting to see further development of characters who had only cameo appearances in subsequent films. Perhaps if each film was marketed by itself they would each stand a better chance of doing well as well as having the story of each one come through more clearly. Just some food for thought…

    • Anhun says:

      Yes and no. I think it would do SC and HHB a gross injustice to market them as continuations of the "Narnia story" rather than stand-alone stories that happen to be set in Narnia. Both books have a lot going for them if you just appreciate them on their own merits. You miss a lot if you're preoccupied with looking for LWW connections.

      PC and MN, on the other hand, have little value except for their connection to LWW. PC-the book- is essentially LWW2 (same central characters, same basic plot structure), and MN is "LWW Begins."

      VDT could theoretically go either way, but I think it would have been better if they had focused on the drama, fantasy, and adventure, rather than trying to say "Look! It's LWW without the second W!"

  37. I'm really not surprised. The source material isn't really suited for Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings fame, but requires a high budget.

    I'd be more interested to see a stage musical production of the entire Narnia series at this point. I'm also questioning whether Gresham ought to stay involved – I feel that he's thinking with his heart and not his mind when it comes to the storytelling of the Narnia series. The tug of war between getting in key Christian scenes and telling a coherent story is what ultimately ruined VoDT.

    (As a side note, I think that what happened with VoDT is that they wanted to make it more like the other Walden flicks. They're decent on the nose family pictures – they're not good art by any means.)

  38. Matthias of Redwall says:


  39. Taisia says:

    That sounds great! PLEASE can Harry Gregson- Williams do the music for the rest fo the Narnia films? He did a wonderful job on the first two and in the third one the music just wasn't the same. If you did The Magician's Nephew first, wouldn't the actor for Eustice be too old by the time you got to making the Silver Chair?

  40. Zanna says:

    Okay, to bring the Narnia films back from the edge of destruction, (though it looks like they jumped into the gap, after VotDT,) Andrew Adamson HAS to come back! Please please please! Narnia can't go bad again! I mean, come one, everyone loves the books, but I think a good place to draw the line is: either stick to the storyline (with minor, MINOR differences) or don't make the movies at all!

    Okay, ranting and raving over, please just keep us updated with more movie/review news. 🙂
    Thanks! One grateful/heartbroken fan

  41. The Scribbler says:

    This is good news… now all I have to do is somehow become rich, famous, and good friends with Douglas Gresham… then we can have Narnia films to be proud of… Rillian, Puddleglum, and Gymfan, you are all my advisory board.

  42. baozik says:

    I just hate the thought of having to wait 7 years. It would mean a whole new cast would be needed for the children and cousin.
    So my question is, are they allowed to film the rest of the series, lock the product in a vault and release it in 2018??

  43. nic says:

    Here's a short of Andrew Adamson's new Cirque du Soleil World's Away movie project in Japanese i'm guessing:

    DO you think it's fair to say it's very Narnian isn't it? Or at least abit Narnian?

    Or maybe, if being particularly extravagant…. even very easy to imagine as being abit Horse & His Boy exotic…ish? 🙂

  44. Taisia says:

    I wish we didn't have to wait so long for the next Narnia film!!! Douglas Gresham pleeeease stay with Walden Media!

  45. Son of Adam says:

    I think hope is so small, like a dust….

  46. bapzik says:

    Why didn't anyone sort out the renewal of Narnia before it expired??

  47. Ronald says:

    I want more Movies in NARNIA… nice movie film… good job to all cast of Narnia and the Director… more Power to all of you… i will pray… that more movies come to the NARNIA.

  48. Christopher says:

    To quote Tasha from The Backyardigans: Ranch Hands From Outer Space, "Oh my, oh my!".

    I was starting to look forward to The Magician's Nephew, partially because that was the first Narnia book I read, and also because it sets up the groundwork for the other six films. Tilda Swinton HAS to reprise her role as Jadis for that movie!

    This wait may be tough, but I hope and pray that they'll go back to the way things were with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and Prince Caspian. Walt Disney Pictures needs to team up with Walden Media again, and Andrew Adamson needs to direct the rest of the series. If this wait enables that, then it will definitely be worth it.

  49. Son of Adam says:

    I think I'm no interested in Narnia movies anymore, too late, almost of my excitement about Narnia movies is over, I can't trust those official words anymore.

    • mixedfiction says:

      Don't be too discouraged at once, Son of Adam: there is always hope. 🙂

  50. QueenLucy says:

    Is there any possible way the same actors could be used??? That is very important to me! 🙂

  51. Sujatha says:

    I want all the Narnia books to be made into movies. I love them

  52. Aravis says:

    Seven years?! wow i hope its worth the wait… then again Narnia's always worth the wait 🙂

  53. Delpheas says:

    That actually makes me feel much better about the Silver Chair, aside from the aspect of who will play Eustace, Douglas made the right decision to pull away from the people who want to destroy his father's work.

  54. Son of Adam says:

    While we are waiting for the next Narnia movie,we have another great film to watch, it was The Amazing Spider-Man! Just saw it yesterday, I love it so much!! 😀

    • mixedfiction says:

      Really? It looks great, but I haven't seen it yet. Hope to find it better than the previous ones.
      Andy Garfield looks cool.

      • Son of Adam says:

        I love Tobey Mcguire's Spider-Man, espeacially Spider-Man 2, but I think I like the new Spider-Man slightly more than previous one. Glad to have 2 great Spider-Man series. 🙂

    • mixedfiction says:

      Do you love lots of movies?

      • Son of Adam says:

        I love good movies, and the movies which is "specially made" for me. 😀

      • mixedfiction says:

        🙂 I watch Narnia, LOTR, DC, Marvel, Pixar, and many others.

      • Son of Adam says:

        I love movies especially with great messages, I call these movies as a movie which is "specially made" for me. 🙂

      • mixedfiction says:

        Me too. Now I get what you call "specially made". 🙂

  55. mixedfiction says:

    I'd totally agree to a Narnia series reboot, with a director that is a fusion of Adamson and Apted, with good actors/actresses (I mean no offense to anyone). But if they would not reboot the series, then I'd like to see SC next. Poor thing that it'd be years until the next narnia film; and if it's gonna be SC, I fear Will Poulter will be too old. He's such a great actor.

    • Taisia says:

      I agree with mixedfiction! I hope it doesn't take too long! 🙁 I don't get why Douglas Gresham won't release a Narnia film with Walden Media.

  56. mixedfiction says:

    Whatever happens, I'm alert for a new Narnian FILM!

  57. mixedfiction says:

    What do you people say to the idea that Patrick Doyle will score one Narnia film?

    • mixedfiction says:

      I like his music. He scored 'Eragon' and 'Thor', and I loved those soundtracks. I bet the soundtrack of 'Brave' is beautiful too.

    • Taisia says:

      Patrick Doyle is a genius and I LOVE his music, but I think Harry Gregson-Williams should do it. He did the music for Prince of Persia and the first two Narnia films, he also did the music for Kingdom of Heaven (I've never seen the film, but I have listened to the music and it's really good). I was very disappointed when he didn't do the music for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

    • Son of Adam says:

      How about Howard Shore do music for Narnia? XD

  58. mixedfiction says:

    Any one wants to go 'Further Up and Further In' or 'Into the West'?

  59. Not Of This World says:

    Mabey it's seven years to represent the seven Telmarine Lords 🙂

  60. mixedfiction says:

    Let's pretend that SC will be made at present. If Will Poulter will reprise his role as Eustace, which actresses do you people think should play Jill Pole and TLotGK? And who should play Rillian? And Puddleglum?

    • Son of Adam says:

      Chloë Grace Moretz as Jill Pole.

      • mixedfiction says:

        What can you say if Anne Hathaway should play tLotGK? Not that I would wholly choose her, but as an option, she's a great actress (plus she's beautiful). Any other suggestions?

      • mixedfiction says:

        Chloe Moretz may fit. But at first I thought 'She's fifteen already, wouldn't that be too old for Jill?' Then I found out that Poulter was already 19 at present, so it may work out after all. 😉

      • Son of Adam says:

        Anne Hathaway is not bad, I like The Princess Diaries. :)But, I'm thinking is Anne Hathaway looks evil enough? Her face look like an angel. XD I'm thinking who is beautiful, and still have evil looking, how about Zoe Saldana? ^^

        As for Puddleglum I have few suggestion, Alan Rickman, Ben Stiller, Johnny Depp and Jim Carey.

      • Son of Adam says:

        Oh… yeah! I'm now just thinking another one who maybe can play the role of Lady of the Green Kirtle, Kate Winslet. ^^

      • mixedfiction says:

        I know what you mean about Hathaway; not sure about Zoe Saldana. 🙂
        But wouldn't Depp be too big an actor? He'd get billed before the title. I'm considering Alan Rickman, however; but I like your other suggestions! 🙂

      • mixedfiction says:

        Kate Winslet? I honestly don't think so. She's a great actress, but I'm rather thinking that she's chubby for the role (I don't dislike her). 🙂

      • Son of Adam says:

        Yeah, Depp was just a choice, but if I'm a director, I don't think I'll choose him in final result, I think I might choose Ben Stiller, sometime I think Alan Rickman is very fit as Puddleglum, have you see the concept art of Puddleglum, so if they do the make-up, Alan Rickman is not bad.

      • Son of Adam says:

        And about Lady of the Green Kirtle, Kate Winslet also one of choice, haha, I didn't dislike her, and I didn't like her as well. Actually I'm not sure about her, I'm just thinking if she do well, her face will fit the evil look very well, just like a good guy's face turn to evil face suddenly. And actually I have another choice, Eva Green, but I worry people will thinking her about the witch of The Golden Compass, and might not bring good effect.

    • mixedfiction says:

      What about Prince Rillian then? I can't think of someone for him.

      • Son of Adam says:

        Prince Rillian….. how about Logan Lerman or Graig Horner?
        and I think I have another choice for Jill Pole as well, Dakota Blue Richards. ^^

      • Son of Adam says:

        sorry, is Craig Horner. 😛

      • Son of Adam says:

        And I think Cate Blanchett will do a great green witch as well, but she already done a great job in LOTR.

      • mixedfiction says:

        I don't know about Lerman and Horner, but I agree about Dakota Blue Richards.

      • mixedfiction says:

        Yes, she'd do great for LGK, and did great as Galadriel. 🙂
        How about Charlize Theron? 😛

      • Son of Adam says:

        Logan Lerman is Percy Jackson in Percy Jackson and the Olympian: The Lightning Thief, and Craig Horner was in the TV series Legend of the Seeker.

        Charlize Theron was an excellent choice as the Green witch, but same problem, she got the evil queen in Snow White and the Huntsman, I'm afraid people will feel the similiarity. We need someone new… 🙂

      • Son of Adam says:

        I think if I'm director, I'll choose Logan Lerman as Rillian, and keep Craig Horner for The Last Battle as Tirian. 😀

        I'm just thinking is Rachel Weisz fit as the green witch?

      • Son of Adam says:

        or….. Craig Horner as Rillian and Logan Lerman as Tirian. XP

      • mixedfiction says:

        Oh, yes; I google searched Lerman and Horner, but I haven't watched any of their films, so I can't judge them.
        Agree about the idea that Charlize Theron might be associated with 'Snow White & the Huntsman's Evil Witch.
        Rachel Weisz is a good choice too. 🙂
        But I'm thinking, (as my sister suggested), that they should find a group of people who are not exactly "well-known and world-wide". 😛

      • mixedfiction says:

        I'm thinking that they should cast people the way PJ does for LOTR, such that when you see the names you'll say "What? Who are these guys, where'd they come from?", and then when you see them in the movie you'll find out that they have great talents. 😀

      • Son of Adam says:

        Yeah! I totally agree! Just like the 4 Pevensies, Georgie Henley, Anna Popplewell, Skandar Keynes and William Moseley, before they work for Narnia movies, people don't know everything about them, that make people feel "fresh". 😀

      • Son of Adam says:

        Sometime, famous stars make me feel boring…. XD 😛

      • mixedfiction says:

        I know what you mean. Especially in roles like these; hollywood stars aren't always fitting for all major characters.

      • Christ's girl says:

        When Craig Horner has long hair he looks like Ben Barnes in VODT!!!!

      • Son of Adam says:

        I think Craig Horner looks great when he ride with the Green Witch, when Eustace and Jill Pole meet them in the half way.

    • Christ's girl says:

      What about Lily Collins for Jill?

      • Son of Adam says:

        Not bad, but I think she is older than Will Poulter, but, nevermind, these movie maker is great in make-up. 😉

      • mixedfiction says:

        Maybe. If we'll only look at the acting abilities

      • Christ's girl says:

        She is four years older than Will Poulter, but she's also four inches shorter. I also think she did a magnificent job in Mirror Mirror, as well as The Blind Side. She doesn't exactly look twenty three either. At least not in Mirror Mirror.