Footage of ThreeSixty’s Narnia Stage Production

New footage of ThreeSixty’s stage adaptation of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” in London is online, including two snippets of dialogue straight from the book. There are shots of Aslan, the Pevensies, the wardrobe, the White Witch, Tumnus, and Father Christmas. The clips are included in the two interviews below:

Rupert Goold (Director):

Tom Scutt (Designer):

Read our full review of the production.

We recently posted a podcast discussion on the book. Listen here.

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96 Responses

  1. Corey Williams says:

    I would love to see this myself or even be aprat of it and even direct it too.

  2. SkandarLuvr88 says:

    What a gorgeous production! 🙂 How I only wish they would bring it here to the States…The actors seem just perfect for their roles!

  3. Garenex says:

    Amazing! Would be flippin awesome to travel all the way there, but hopefully someday they'll bring it to the United States.

  4. Not Of This World says:

    That would be very cool to see. I'm not a stage show kind of guy, but I'd see this (If I could).

  5. Brian in Calgary says:

    I'd certainly see it if they brought it to Calgary. I agree about the actors.

  6. Taisia says:

    Looks amazing!

  7. Pevensie#5 says:

    I want to see this!! Hopefully in the future it will appear on Netflix….

  8. Son of Adam says:

    Aslan, every time I think about you, I feel better….Thanks.

    I'm student of Aslan.

  9. Starlily says:

    I'm not a big fan of stage productions in general, but this looks pretty cool….kind of interpreting Narnia like the Lion King stage production. It would be amazing to see it just to get a fresh view of the story.

  10. Silk says:

    I went to see this in Kensington- it was pretty darn good, I'd say!

  11. Thee Narnian Meerkat says:

    I wanna seeeeee this. It looks so cool!!!! It looks like The Lion King on Broadway!

  12. Thee Narnian Meerkat says:

    The only thing I wouldn't like this is that it looks like a musical…lol oh well. Aren't ALL stage productions musicals anyway?

  13. Aslan's #1 fan says:

    NARNIA WEB: Breaking news.
    Anna Popplewell is playing a the upcoming internet series of videos about the HALO game universe called "FORWARD UNTO DAWN: HALO". It's supposed to be live action and she is one of the main characters. I would never have guessed that Susan would be in HALO but she proved me wrong…

  14. Son of Adam says:

    I really hope there was a place like Narnia…. I need it…. I really need it….. :'(

    • mixedfiction says:

      What's your religion? 🙂

      • Son of Adam says:

        I have no religion. :b

      • Taisia says:

        There is a place like Narnia 🙂 Read the Bible.

      • Taisia says:

        Well…actually better than Narnia

      • Son of Adam says:

        I read animals bible….

      • always narnian says:

        Jesus is Who you need! 😀 Yes, read the Bible.

      • Son of Adam says:

        I don't care there's a place which is better than Narnia, just tell Jesus, just give me Narnia, make it real, I want Aslan was real. It was just like a lover, there's a lot people which is better than yours, but you will only choose the one you love, and he/she might not the perfect one. Narnia was just like my lover. If Jesus create the earth, this world, just tell HIM, please make Narnia, create a real Aslan.

        Yes, I read animals bible, tigers, lions, leopards, eagles, hyenas, hyppo…. great read.

      • Son of Adam says:

        And tell Jesus, please bring a great director for Narnia movies, Peter Jackson, Guillermo Del Toro, Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan, James Cameron, Joss Whedon, Matthew Vaughn, Alfonso Cuaron, Andrew Adamson….

        Tell Jesus, please make Narnia movies as great as Lord of the Rings, please make Narnia a great qualities movies which could won Oscars.

        Why HE found Michael Apted for us?

      • Son of Adam says:

        Narnia 7 books was a great stories, it stand equally as LOTR, and why Narnia movies can't have done as great as LOTR, why they can't found an Oscar worthy filmaker/ director for Narnia, make it a great movies like another LOTR, Star Wars, Avatar and Nolan's TDK trilogy and Harry Potter.

      • Son of Adam says:


      • Aslan's #1 fan says:

        Aslan is a symbol of Jesus. Aslan is just another form of Jesus. If you love Aslan, your heart longs for Jesus who is the real LION.

      • Son of Adam says:

        I don't want to meet those hypocrites and fish seller in the heaven, if JESUS can accept them, then heaven is not for me, I only need friends which have been mentioned in the 7 Narnia books, friends that care about each other.

        So give me Narnia.

      • always narnian says:

        You know, alot of people claim to be Christians…they talk the talk, but they aren't truly changed by Jesus and don't live for Him. Those people are hypocrites. But true followers of Christ actually live by the truths found in the Bible. Jesus doesn't accept ANYONE in Heaven. He accepts those who have come to truly believe in His death, and accept Him as their Saviour and believe in Him. People who have done this have a life that is truly changed, and aren't hypocrites, because they live what they speak. Or at least should live what they speak, but everyone sins. I'm sorry you have this image of Christians, but alot of people claim to be Christians and really aren't. You know, though….anyone can be a hypocrite…not just Christians….

      • Son of Adam says:

        There are so many hypocrite in this world…
        You know, actually I was on the side of JESUS, just I'm not always praying, I'm not always think about HIM, I only pray when I'm truly sad.

        There's some people, some friend(I don't know is them really friends of mine), something make me that I don't want to be the same like them, there are so many hate grow inside my heart.

        Sometime, I have ugly side as well, but I have never gave up to change myself, I always try to do something which may help, but you know, I'm a human, I could feel tire, but when I'm tired, I still didn't see someone's hand is reaching for me. They said how they love JESUS, how they like Narnia and Aslan, but I don't see they really act like people who love JESUS, there are no Narnia spirit in them.
        I was so happy to make friend with them from beginning, but there's always something unexpected….

        I need the understanding from my friends that I'm not always cheers, please understand my family background, I need the power from my friends' support.

        I know Aslan was a symbol of JESUS, from the 1st time I read Narnia, I have already do the research about this story myself, and why I have a thought hoping them was a different person? Can you see why I hope its happen that way? Can you imagine the harm which is made?

      • Son of Adam says:

        I always believe that Jesus or Aslan knows I try to do everything with heart, although sometime people misunderstood me. I always try to do the right thing, HE knew it. I do not afraid being destroy by HIM, I don't have to.

      • Son of Adam says:

        And HE knew "why" I'm so sad….

      • Son of Adam says:

        Sometime I hope there's a friend with Narnia spirit.

      • Taisia says:

        Always Narnian is right. There are many Christians who like to say they are Christians just because they think it sounds good, but being a Christian is much more than just the name. And you can't just ask something of Jesus and the BOOM! it's there. And the animals bible isn't what I was talking about. And Jesus won't let hypocrites into heaven unless they repent. And who cares if you're a fish seller or a king? It doesn't matter what your status is. What matters is who you are inside.

      • Son of Adam says:

        Maybe I'm a hypocrite as well….
        So….maybe heaven is not for me, and I'm not going to hell as well, I'm on the center.
        I hope I have ability to create another world(or JESUS create it), 3rd choice, not only heaven and hell have to choose.

      • Son of Adam says:

        I think Narnia is little different than heaven.
        I believe I can found a true friend in Narnia, even if it was just a beaver or a mouse, I need friends which I can trust.

      • Son of Adam says:

        I hope everyone was a true friend, reliable friend.

      • always narnian says:

        The Bible makes it very clear…there are only two choices…Heaven or hell…And those who do not come to Jesus and believe on Him as their Lord and Savior will not go to Heaven. Please consider reading the Bible (I don't know what you mean by reading the 'animals Bible'. I mean the Holy Bible…) Narnia is one of my favorite fiction stories, Son of Adam, but it can't replace the truth in God's Word. Narnia is allegorical, and it can really encourage us in our Spiritual walks with God, but we can't make Narnia what we live for. Remember the quote in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader where Aslan said (refering to England), "But there I have another name. You must learn to know me by that name. This was the very reason why you were brought to Narnia, that by knowing me here for a little, you may know me better there." C.S. Lewis wrote Aslan to represent Jesus. You see? Narnia is to point us to something better—Jesus.

      • Fireflower says:

        Son of Adam, think about the most wonderful moment of your life. Then, multiply that moment by one hundred. Heaven is even more wonderful than that! People that are in heaven may have hypocrites at one time, but they asked Jesus to forgive them. So now the people in Heaven are as white as snow!

      • Son of Adam says:

        Yeah, only heaven and hell, from the bible, but I believe HE have ability to create another world if HE want, I hope HE make an exception. If I have no choice, I hope HE turn me to ashes, sands, air or water.

        I don't remember which is my most wonderful moment in my life, maybe it have been destroyed by some friends which I should not trust to. I don't like the feeling which always have to becareful and guessing, why I need to wait untill I have go to the heaven? Can't I have a true friends just now? Why people always have to ask Jesus to forgive them, why they just can't make the change, some people will repeat doing the same thing, why some people didn't say sorry directly to their friend, you say sorry to Jesus, but how is your friends feeling?

      • Taisia says:

        You say sorry to both your friend and Jesus. And yes, Jesus has the power to create many worlds. Who knows? Maybe he has. But he has put us on this world for a reason. Even if we don't understand we must trust Him.

      • Son of Adam says:

        But my friends didn't, I'm a victim.

        The existence of Narnia wolrd is needed, a place for someone like me, who was mostly disappointed about friend and lost confident. If we can't be accepted by the LORD in the heaven, just don't send us to hell, please make a place which is suitable for us, we/I need Narnia.

      • mixedfiction says:

        Son of Adam, even if you're a victim of traitors, you must believe in yourself and in God. Be good, and you shall find justice in heaven. And I am sure that if you go to heaven you will find the spirit of Narnia world within it; in heaven, you will find everything you need and hope for.

        -PS. Sorry for creating a long fuss and discussion: I started it.
        I'm thankful for the discussion anyway. 😀

      • Son of Adam says:

        It was me to say sorry….

      • mixedfiction says:

        That's alright. 🙂
        I forgot to add to my previous post: you'll find more than Narnia in heaven, Further Up and Further in…and beyond…

  15. Son of Adam says:

    Thinking about what is the next fantasy film Andrew Adamson is going to do…. I found this, Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away, this is the trailer's link
    It looks really cool! 😀

  16. Shy Galadriel says:

    This is ironic, this show looks ten times more original and interesting than the movie ever was and yet it looks like it holds to the original material better. Lol.

  17. Son of Adam says:

    I have just seen LWW again last 2 days, will see PC and VDT again this few day. ^^

  18. Emma Lewis says:

    I saw the 360 production of Peter Pan and it was enchanting! Their Narnia adaptation looks wonderfully magical!

  19. Son of Adam says:

    Just want to say sorry to the Narniaweb's owner.

  20. Son of Adam says:

    Found can't comment for the previous post which about the next Narnia movie will be in 2018, and I want to reply something here.

    Actually, I don't really hope Joss Whedon was the director for Narnia. Everyone talk about how great The Avengers are, but I found I don't really like The Avengers, it entertained me, but just can't be my favourite movie. I saw it twice, but I can't really care about this movie as much as I care as LOTR and Narnia.

    I suggested Joss Whedon the director for Narnia, it was because he make The Avengers so great in B.O., then maybe he could do the same for Narnia, we will never worry for the next Narnia movie, if Narnia got so many money.

    • Son of Adam says:

      And reply to Mixedfiction,

      What I thought about TDK trilogy was almost the same as The Avengers.
      I only saw Batman Begins in theatre, and I saw TDK in dvd. I can see the quality of the film, but these film just not for me. And another reason, I never like batman since when I was a kid, the story is just not for me.

      There are so many great films in the world, but I'm not really care about them, just as I said before, there's a movie which is "specially made" for me. (:

      • mixedfiction says:

        Oh… I watched TDK trilogy and Avengers in cinemas and I loved both! Although I refrain from comparing the two because they're not exactly the same genre. There ARE many great films in the world, and I care; and I care MUCH about novels.

      • mixedfiction says:

        Thanks for your reply, Son of Adam!

      • Son of Adam says:

        I'm easily get tire by the movie these day, the excitement I got not as strong as few year before, I like the anticipation I gave to the LOTR and Narnia, and there are once that Harry Potter have my great anticipation, but since Prisoner of Azkaban all the excitement begin going down.

        2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008 was the years which I miss so much the feeling about the movies and stories, HP1, HP2, HP3, LOTR 1, LOTR 2, LOTR 3, Narnia LWW & PC, the anticipation and the need is very strong and long lasting, it even make me want to be a movie maker. 🙂

        I like the time when my heart was just like a children, always talk to other people about my dream, my target, always thinking when is another great film will come, especially fantasy films. 🙂

      • mixedfiction says:

        Sorry for a very late reply, I wasn't able to update myself for quite a time. 🙁

    • mixedfiction says:

      It's so fun to know you're an LOTR fan too! Of course my care for Avengers is not the same as for LOTR or Narnia, but it entertained me a lot, still. 😀

      • Taisia says:

        I really liked the Avengers! But not as much as LOTR! 🙂

      • Son of Adam says:

        LOTR and Narnia was a twins for me. 🙂
        I hope I can go back to the years when LOTR movies was jut release, I miss the voices which everyone shout and joy about it.

      • Taisia says:

        I still do 🙂 I can't wait for the Hobbit to come out!

      • Son of Adam says:

        Yeah, now The Hobbit was my only hope, hoping it was just like a beacon of hope in Return of the King. 🙂
        What you think about The Hobbit being a trilogy?

      • mixedfiction says:

        I think it's not supposed to be a trilogy. Why should it be? The book is even shorter than an individual book of LOTR, and it's going to be split into three? I was disappointed upon hearing the news. To me, it's "Butter spread over too much bread".

      • Son of Adam says:

        I was hoping for just 1 movie from begins, then we have 2 movies, not so happy from begin, and then I accept it, then now we have 3 movies, and I accept it. Because it's too earlier to say, maybe those movie maker really have something worth to see. It's all about creativity. It's hard to say.

        I think I still believe PJ.

      • Taisia says:

        I'm glad it's three parts 🙂 Even though the Hobbit is a pretty short book, it's got a lot happening in it and they wouldn't be able to make a two hour film without leaving things out. I've heard the third part isn't even the Hobbit, but more like the Lost Tales and things like that.

      • mixedfiction says:

        Really?! Where'd you hear it? Lost Tales or something like that?!

      • Taisia says:

        Yup 🙂 I'm not sure where I heard it, but I really hope it's true!

      • Son of Adam says:

        Now the titles for the trilogy is confirmed:

        The Hobbit I: An Unexpected Journey
        The Hobbit II: The Desolation of Smaug
        The Hobbit III: There and Back Again

      • mixedfiction says:

        Yeah, I did see it on So, based on those titles, I suppose there's no Lost Tales and things like that. By the way, the Hobbit has a (sort of) pre-climax: Smaug's death and a climax: Battle of the Five Armies.

        And are they including the White Council and the Necromancer?

  21. mixedfiction says:

    The Silmarillion should be turned into a TV series or something.

  22. me says:

    how can i get tickets??????

  23. Taisia says:

    I just heard from a very reliable source that the next Narnia movie will probably be released 2015! So excited! 😀