Footage of ThreeSixty’s Narnia Stage Production

New footage of ThreeSixty’s stage adaptation of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” in London is online, including two snippets of dialogue straight from the book. There are shots of Aslan, the Pevensies, the wardrobe, the White Witch, Tumnus, and Father Christmas. The clips are included in the two interviews below:

Rupert Goold (Director):

Tom Scutt (Designer):

Read our full review of the production.

We recently posted a podcast discussion on the book. Listen here.

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96 Responses

  1. Taisia says:

    I still do 🙂 I can't wait for the Hobbit to come out!

  2. Son of Adam says:

    Yeah, now The Hobbit was my only hope, hoping it was just like a beacon of hope in Return of the King. 🙂
    What you think about The Hobbit being a trilogy?

  3. mixedfiction says:

    I think it's not supposed to be a trilogy. Why should it be? The book is even shorter than an individual book of LOTR, and it's going to be split into three? I was disappointed upon hearing the news. To me, it's "Butter spread over too much bread".

  4. mixedfiction says:

    Sorry for a very late reply, I wasn't able to update myself for quite a time. 🙁

  5. Son of Adam says:

    I was hoping for just 1 movie from begins, then we have 2 movies, not so happy from begin, and then I accept it, then now we have 3 movies, and I accept it. Because it's too earlier to say, maybe those movie maker really have something worth to see. It's all about creativity. It's hard to say.

    I think I still believe PJ.

  6. Taisia says:

    I'm glad it's three parts 🙂 Even though the Hobbit is a pretty short book, it's got a lot happening in it and they wouldn't be able to make a two hour film without leaving things out. I've heard the third part isn't even the Hobbit, but more like the Lost Tales and things like that.

  7. mixedfiction says:

    Really?! Where'd you hear it? Lost Tales or something like that?!

  8. Taisia says:

    Yup 🙂 I'm not sure where I heard it, but I really hope it's true!

  9. Son of Adam says:

    Now the titles for the trilogy is confirmed:

    The Hobbit I: An Unexpected Journey
    The Hobbit II: The Desolation of Smaug
    The Hobbit III: There and Back Again

  10. mixedfiction says:

    Yeah, I did see it on So, based on those titles, I suppose there's no Lost Tales and things like that. By the way, the Hobbit has a (sort of) pre-climax: Smaug's death and a climax: Battle of the Five Armies.

    And are they including the White Council and the Necromancer?

  11. mixedfiction says:

    The Silmarillion should be turned into a TV series or something.

  12. Taisia says:

    I fully agree!

  13. mixedfiction says:

    I agree with you that the Hobbit does have a lot happening in it. As of now, I've moved from below neutral to above neutral. 🙂

  14. Taisia says:

    I can't wait for December! 🙂 I'm looking forward to the soundtrack too!

  15. mixedfiction says:

    😀 Do you have any idea on who's going to sing for the credits?

  16. Taisia says:

    Hmmm…not sure. Enya?

  17. mixedfiction says:

    Why that would be great!! You're not sure and you're suggesting Enya, or you're not sure if it will be Enya?

  18. Taisia says:

    Meh. Both 😀 I hope so! Seeing as she did some of the Lord of the Rings too.

  19. mixedfiction says:

    XD My hopes are rising again with every new news. Everyone, thanks for everything!

  20. me says:

    how can i get tickets??????

  21. mixedfiction says:

    There's a link below the videos in red: "Order Tickets".

  22. Taisia says:

    I just heard from a very reliable source that the next Narnia movie will probably be released 2015! So excited! 😀

  23. always narnian says:

    From what reliable source?

  24. Taisia says:

    Have you heard of Christopher Hopper? He's a christian author. He stayed at Douglas Grasham's house for a week.

  25. always narnian says:

    I think I've heard of him…So is that what Douglas Gresham is saying? Where did ya get the news?

  26. Taisia says:

    I got the news from Christopher Hopper. Douglas Gresham told him.

  27. always narnian says:

    Hmm…..Released in 2015? That means they'd have to start working NOW. It took them 3 years to make the other films.

  28. Taisia says:

    Yup. He said we'd hear more about it in 2013.

  29. always narnian says:

    Hmmm! 🙂 I hope it all falls into place and HAPPENS! 😀

  30. Taisia says:

    Yes! Me too! 😀

  31. mixedfiction says:

    Really?! Thanks! I hope we do hear more about it in 2013. ;p

  32. Taisia says:

    Yes! Can't wait! 😀

  33. mixedfiction says:

    Do you have any idea about the cast and crew? 🙂

  34. Taisia says:

    No. But I'm guessing that they'll have the same actor for Eustace.

  35. mixedfiction says:

    If that, then Yehey!!! thanks. 😀

  36. mixedfiction says:

    Hey Taisia, are you on any LOTR fansite? 🙂