New Blu-ray/DVD Release of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

There is now a new edition of the third installment to the Narnia franchise. The release follows Disney’s pending acquisition of 21st Century Fox, a merger which includes the distribution rights to The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. This latest addition to the Narnian film library is available on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital, and has minimalist cover art showcasing Aslan against a bright blue backdrop:

Thanks to ‘Sirius3171’ for the alert!


19 Responses

  1. Matheus says:

    This blue background has better special effects than the entire movie #SadButTrue

    • Bob Hume says:

      Actually, the special effects in the movie were pretty good at the time. Most critics said so. However, they relied too heavily on them. For example, the Minotaur was entirely CGI instead of using a mixture of CGI and other techniques. This left the film feeling a little fake.

    • Larry W. says:

      I thought the story adaptation could have been much better. Ramandu was not even in the film, although his daughter was there. And the green mist wasn't even in the book. I thought the movies appearance was quite attractive and I really like the ship. I have to say I liked the movie for its looks even though it had shortcomings in its faithfulness to C. S. Lewis' story. I have the blu-ray edition with the DVD and digital disc. I don't know about this new edition, but I think the one that I bought a few years ago is quite nice with its interactive features about the events and places in the story.

  2. Cleander says:

    Hopefully this will get more people talking about Narnia and the Silver Chair.( Though hopefully the quality of "The Voyage" won't badly effect everyone's expectations.

  3. Impending Doom says:

    Fox/Disney deal hasn't gone through yet. It's still pending approval. 21th Century Fox is operating as normal until then.

  4. narnia fan 7 says:

    Huh, a little wired to see a new release. But at least the box art is better then the original release, though that's really not saying much.

  5. Sudrian Ash Nazg says:

    Maybe they'll put the deleted scenes back in…

  6. Jilian says:

    Oh come on! Just when I’ve finally convinced myself that this film, this train wreck of a book adaptation never existed, you guys go and drop this on me! I tell you what ‍♀️

  7. Just Queen, not High Queen says:

    I knew some good would come from that Disney/Fox deal that's otherwise a terrible idea. Next they need to sell a trilogy DVD set.

  8. Skilletdude says:

    That's a dull cover, if I'm being honest. But maybe this new release will give it a break from the 'bargain bin' pricing I've seen it with for years. I'm no fan of this movie, but I still hate to see anything Narnia-related looking so desperate.

    • Just Queen, not High Queen says:

      Agreed. It's a dull cover and I'd love to see it out of the $5 children's film section at Target.

  9. FilmReel says:

    Wow, if I bought this it would not fit with the first two Blu-ray movies. It's good that there is a Blu-ray and a DVD cause my Blu-ray does not have a DVD (but who cares anyways) Maybe they should make a trilogy with this kind of artwork…. Please, I need Silver Chair news.

  10. Mark Sommer says:

    Interesting. Maybe someday there will be a special trilogy edition. Will Disney issue one when The Silver Chair is about to come out?

  11. HermitoftheNorthernMarch says:

    Can they put the bonus features that are on the Blu-ray on the dvd, please? For all of us who don't have Blu-ray players?

  12. JFG says:

    It would have been nice, 5 years ago, to have had a Narnia box-set for the first 3 films. Now that Fox and Disney are in a more 'intimate' relationship, maybe a box-set isn't out of the question.

    Hears to, Hopefully, Sony staying independent from Disney, for now…

  13. Daniel Ritchie says:

    I understand why they made the changes they made for dramatic reasons, and for the most part, I agree with them. The FX are largely very excellent, but the director, while competent, did not have a background in fx, and sometimes didn't shoot things down that didn't work, like the green mist. Tavros was a great character. He looked really cool, and was a combination of practical suit, with CG articulation of the face. The boat was never on the ocean, so there are a lot of invisible FX work that was very good. The best part of the film is the entry into and out of Narna, and especially the time spent with Aslan.