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15 Responses

  1. Sashta says:

    Will you guys be making anymore shirts or sweatshirts in the near future as well?

  2. Glumpuddle says:

    No plans at this point. But maybe late next year?

  3. thomas keller says:

    Please have NO SJW agenda and keep it family friendly with strong christian values and beliefs like the books. Netflix is known for having a big SJW agenda ant-christian views.

    look what they did to A series of unfortunate events.

    making characters who are not gay in the book gay in the show.

    Narnia dos not need that ever!

    • JFGII says:

      Narnia was written in the 40’s and 50’s for a pretty small audience: English boys and girls. Adults and kids of non-white background grew to like the books,, despite the lack of modern diversity. Narnia was never about diversity. But Netflix is all about diversity, including minority groups (maybe orthodox Christians?). Without a doubt, Netflix’s Narnia will not be C.S.Lewis’s Narnia. It will definitely be a damn cool version of the stories. But it better be a pretty damn faithful version of the books, otherwise what’s the reason to re-adapt then? Nobody outside of the Christian community was asking for Narnia again. Many would gladly forget it in their hubris pursuit of unlimited streaming. Narnia is Narnia because it plays by nobody’s rules, except Christian Faith.

    • JFGII says:

      Narnia has an uphill battle getting talented filmmakers on board. I think there will be some differences from book to screen: Netflix is ALL about diversity (maybe even Orthadox Christians?). And not many modern people were asking for a new Narnia adaptation. Forget them. Netflix’s Narnia will NOT be C.S.Lewis’s Narnia, but it will be a pretty dam cool version of the books. And it HAS to be pretty dam faithful to the religious elements of the book, otherwise what’s the point of adapting Narnia again?

    • JFGII says:

      Also, A Series if Unfortunate Events is NOT CHRISTIAN, but an all-Jewish project, so I wouldn’t compare it to Christian projects.

    • Col Klink says:

      Netflix may have an agenda, like all of us, but they also need to make money especially with Disney and possibly other studios pulling their movies from them. If they believe making a Christian-friendly adaptation of Narnia will help them put bread on the table, I'm sure they'll try to do so. Of course, it can be hard to make something that contradicts your beliefs. I wouldn't want to try. But other people might if they were desperate.

      Let's try to remember to be respectful of people with beliefs we believe are wrong. I'm pretty rightwing myself. (Well, truth be told, I only have a few strong political opinions. But smug leftwing people irritate me more than smug rightwing people though I'm not fond of either.) But I don't want Narnia fans with opposing beliefs to feel alienated when they read this comments section. It'd be nice if all fans felt like posting their ideas.

      • JFGII says:

        Right wing parents / grandparents and left wing relatives. I’m neither.
        I am VERY slowly becoming an Orthadox Roman Catholic, maybe in the same mold as Tolkien (I no longer consider myself Irish Catholic now that most Catholics in Ireland have practically sold their souls to Tash).

        But on a lighter issue, I am very much dreaming of contributing to the new Narnia adaptations. A strong adaptation of the book series that puts the themes, atmosphere and characters before plot points, pacing and excitement, that’s Narnia done right in my opinion. I hope the producers learned from previous adaptations and try to make the series in a way that C.S. Lewis would have been proud of: Not unappealing for kids but not unintelligble for adults. Not too dark and violent, not too cheesy and manipulative.

        Narnia and Aslan!

    • Cleander says:

      Really, if Douglas Gresham has any say at all on this,I doubt you'll have to worry about stuff like that happening. I would take it pretty hard if it did, tho.

    • Keeper of Lantern Waste says:

      Narnia and ASoUE are way different. Most people define Narnia as Christian fiction whereas ASoUE is noir humor.

      (Personally I've always been annoyed to find Narnia tucked away in the Religious section. Obviously the themes are large part and I would never want them to tone it down, but I think it keeps a lot of people away from the series)

      As for Netflix changing character's sexualities, Charles is very weak and subservient to Sir who is obviously an antagonist. If Netflix was trying to promote an 'agenda', they didn't portray very homosexuality in a positive manner.

      Regardless, I agree with Cleander, I can't imagine Gresham agreeing to it.

    • micah says:

      I am afraid of what you said will happen is what is going to happen. I think if it happens it going to happen with Lucy since is described as gay in the book, but not the gay that MSM thinks it means. Like happy go lucky. Still I wouldn't be shocked if they did it.

    • Frodo Lives says:

      The Narnia-Netflix Adaptation is in a precarious position. Netflix will want to modernize it while The C.S. Lewis Company will fight tooth-and-nail to keep people from trashing it.

      But the books already had so-called problems: For all their array of diverse characters, all the characters are white strait Brits, and when they aren't, well, then there are those dark Calormens…tsk tsk tsk.

      It's not like Middle-Earth where you could have all sorts of different characters as long as they fit into a Europian dark age fable. In Narnia, nearly anything is possible as long as it adheres to Lewis's themes.

      I hope the new movies/TV series stick to the books as close as possible, but I also hope that they change or elaborate on some elements of the book that may help the adaptation honor the source material. (Would it hurt if Jill and Eustace were friendlier [to each other] than in the books? They don't have to lose their unsentimental roughness or their lack of schmaltz, but a little pleasure and fun during their hardships in The Silver Chair would not hurt.)

      For adults, Narnia is an allegory for what children in the 50's viewed as Heaven, while on the other hand, child readers read a metaphor for what they could become if they were like the good guys or like the bad guys. You don't really need queer or LGBT characters to show that. It's universal.

      • Glumpuddle says:

        "Netflix will want to modernize it while The C.S. Lewis Company will fight tooth-and-nail to keep people from trashing it."

        Netflix has a reputation for letting filmmakers do what they want. If history is any guide, Netflix will give The C.S. Lewis Company much more creative control that Disney or Fox ever did.

  4. Frodo Lives says:


  5. Andy Harrelson says:

    I might purchase these sometime, I really love this podcast! You should look into making more merch!