Official: Netflix Developing New Narnia Movies and Series!

It’s official! C.S. Lewis’s beloved classic series The Chronicles of Narnia is headed to Netflix, according to a post shared on the official Narnia Facebook page.

Series and Feature Films

Netflix will develop “new series and film projects” based on The Chronicles of Narnia.

Producer Mark Gordon says this collaboration has “the capacity to translate the Narnia universe into both stellar feature-length and episodic programming.”

Deal Includes All 7 Books

It is the first time the rights to all seven books of The Chronicles of Narnia have been held by the same company. Mark Gordon, Vincent Sieber, and Douglas Gresham will serve as executive producers for series and as producers for feature films. All of the series and films will be Netflix productions, in collaboration with The C.S. Lewis Company and eOne.

What About The Silver Chair Movie?

There has been no word on The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair movie since director Joe Johnston said he hoped to begin filming Winter 2018. Here is everything we know about that project.

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  1. narnia fan 7 says:

    I think it's probably safe to say that Sony/TriStar are completely out of the picture at this point.

  2. Frodo Lives says:

    Narnia might still go back to the big screen – a reboot not withstanding. Netflix finance feature films that show in theaters (Mudbound, Cloverfield Paradox etc). If Netflix is making Narnia into BOTH feature films and TV/mini series, we could definetly see Narnia return to theatrical exhibition. Starting with The Silver Chair? I think thatโ€™s out for now ๐Ÿ™ but maybe The Magicianโ€™s Nephew? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Barana says:

    Or animal lovers causing the drop of wolfsbane's slaying of morgran by the sword.I hope the PC busybodies are thrown out by their ear.

  4. Barana says:

    *IMO* unless you have a particularly skilled author that writes the narniaverse books like jack did which is highlighted in planet narnia, I think it will read/watch like clanging symbols and turning wine back into water.*IMO*

  5. Barana says:


  6. Barana says:

    For me, I'd be more than happy if it lands somewhere between BBC and Sony,but not compromising on its narnianess, If per chance ANY NARNIA SCRIPTWRITERS ARE READING THIS, means,not leaving out the seemgly inexplicable details that semingly go nowhere, the 'icebergs' in the story, because its those very details that tie in with situations and concepts in the other books,are mysterious and draw people back into the books (yes even when they are hard at work,when people tend to ponder these little details and wonder what they mean-its the other books details that often quench their thirst and fill them in,sometimes days months and YEARS later) I believe it is that pondering/hooking effect that Netflix are looking for.

  7. Barana says:

    I think Netflix needs to be reminded that steampunk (Georgian/Victorian england) is fashionable. Look I'm no moviehead like glumpuddle et all but its not unrealistic to think that costumers and set designers can still be period correct , and can still embellish a little steampunk without distracting from a set of m.n. nor the story.
    That would not work for austere england C1939+

  8. Fledge says:

    This is very exciting news. Possibility of a series is great,because details can be left in that would normally be thrown out in a movie.

    I guess the silver chair of Sony has been broken by a true Narnian.By the lions mane!

  9. Netflix? Don't you have to have a subscription, wait until the season is filmed, then wait some more before the DVD's come out? Was all that stuff about The Silver chair a complete waste of time? And will I ever live long enough to see that movie ever made anyway? I feel like crying.

  10. Monty Jose says:

    Iโ€™ve had the same thought and I think that would be really cool. See? There are better ways to tie the stories together than adding a green mist XD you just have to tease whatโ€™s coming next with a little overlap or dialogue that leaves you hanging.

  11. Claire Chrissy lxy says:

    Oh my ASLAN!This day finally comes!โค

  12. Michael Hoggan says:

    I actually think a cinematic universe would be appropriate. Lewis showed us glimpses of a Narnia that is a lot bigger than the seven books. Unlike the situation with Middle Earth, those glimpses were never really fleshed out.

  13. So Your Saying to me that there will be no Narnia: The Silver Chair will not be made into a film, previously back last year in November i written to Joe Johnston about doing this film properly i know it's his last film. Come On Brian it's been 8 and almost 9 years now, The Film needs to be made this should've been taken earlier when they were younger.

    And Now Gresham want's to get ride of David Magee's Script and The Director who hasn't directed the film.
    No I'm not taken that crap out of you. ๐Ÿ™
    If He's not going to start out The New Narnia Films.
    then that means I Will Not see you or Gresham anymore i know your trying to do your job but what are going to ruin Narnia for The Fans and Yourself of Make so what's it going to be Make This Film
    or Give Narnia witch one.
    If you say make this film Ill be happy but if not Ill be very angry.
    Thank You.

  14. decarus says:

    This is so unimaginably exciting. I am up for anything in this universe.

  15. Christopher says:

    I'm only interested in seeing "The Magician's Nephew", "The Horse and His Boy", "The Silver Chair" and "The Last Battle" from Netflix. I have no intentions of seeing remakes of the 3 movies I already own. I just cannot subject myself to such a thing…

  16. John says:

    This would be best! Letโ€™s not wait for the unadapted books to be made into movies.

  17. JFGII says:

    Well, it seems like Sony's "The Silver Chair" was a waste of time… but it also seemed doomed from the get-go: A sequel-reboot to a diminishing series from another studio (not a strait continuation) is not a promising way to beginning "an all-new" hollywood franchise. (Plus, Sony was not keen on staying faithful to the Narnia books. They just wanted a new franchise to make money out of.)

    Still, if Netflix had picked up Narnia a few years back, they could have definitely have cast Millie Bobby Brown in their series! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Now, she may be getting too old for that.

    I wonder what director Joe Johnston's "The Silver Chair", written by David Magee, would have been like. I liked many of Joe Johnston's previous directorial efforts (he's got an eye for visual detail despite being a bit shallow/cliched with his scripts) But maybe it would not have been very good. ๐Ÿ™

    As for Narnia not returning to the big screen, I feel disturbed by that idea. I know a lot of people (who dislike Narnia) believe that "The Horse and His Boy" and "The Last Battle" don't deserve to see the light of day on the big screen due to their Calormen characters (and religious subtexts, to boot). That is a puzzle to solve. But I've dreamed for years of audiences seeing Jill, Eustace and Puddleglum rescue Prince Rilan from the Green Witch, and thought Netflix might still make "The Silver Chair" into a feature film, it probably won't be shown in theaters. Only on Netflix. ๐Ÿ™

    Alas, I must, we all must, except the reality: Narnia is not going to the big screen, but to the small screen. Narnia will be made in its entirety on the small screen. Maybe a special screening on the big-screen will take place, but, alas, Narnia (the film series) is no more. ๐Ÿ™

  18. Mrs Smooshy says:

    Netflix Original has some high quality productions. It can be hit or miss but my husband and I have been really enjoying the "Series of Unfortunate Events". I have never read the books but the quality of the sets and acting have been really enjoyable. It won't be some cheap "straight to video" sort of production.

  19. Mrs Smooshy says:

    "Series" could mean mini-series. I don't know if they mean a series where they adapt all 7 books but find a way to string them together. Maybe season 1 would be the first two books made into four hour-long episodes. The way the books are written there really isn't much wiggle room for a "spin-off" series. There is a definite beginning and ending to Narnia.

    As I saw someone else suggest, "A Horse and His Boy" seems to be the only possible spin-off as it involves characters who always live in Narnia. Dawn Treader could be a whole season to itself but not an entire series.

  20. Mrs Smooshy says:

    The CBC — Canadian Broadcasting Corporation — also had a huge part in the production of the Anne series (I agree, it is awful and made me very sad, and I am generally not a purist). The CBC is a government-funded and a very left-leaning entity. They tend to push a lot of traditional boundaries (they gave similar treatment to their Emily of New Moon series). But then, so does Netflix. I would hope Narnia gets the "Series of Unfortunate Events" treatment. I doubt Douglas Gresham would let it miss its target audience.

  21. Duckfoot says:

    Aslan is a twink

  22. I agree wholehartedly. I love Narnia, and always will, but sadly it leaves a lot untold (as you have just demonstrated). I could give many other examples: the Witch's back story in Charn, whatever coriakin did that got him where he is in VDT, the mysterious connection between the Lady of the Green Kirtle and the White Witch (who thankfully people have realized are NOT the same person!), or what Tash is/where it came from (we know the people of Calormen worshiped it as a god, and we know it is a real creature of some sort, but that's about it). Not to mention, back stories of characters like Reepicheep, Tumnus (whose dad fought in the war against the Witch, apparently) etc. I could go on and on and on, but you get the idea. Jack created an amazing world with so much untapped potential, I would be totally okay with some new stories based on the seven books. As long as they don't water it down (someone used the word "declaw", which btw is an awesome analogy), I believe they can make more stories without butchering the books. Of course being a writer myself (and having written numerous unpublished fan fiction stories about Narnia) I'm probably not the average fan, but I guess that's just one geek's opinion. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Either way, I'm SO excited to hear this news and can't wait to see what Netflix comes out with!

  23. Waaaahghhh! super excited to the point I cant help it to smile wide and wide and wide. Im waiting for this moment, because after I read the series all I thought was that its the end but hello to pevensie era! Im so excited how these pevensie sibling grew up.

  24. Dreyarn says:

    So long in between, but so looking forward to this if it happens.

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