Netflix’s Narnia Adaptations Will Be Live Action

Last month, Netflix and eOne announced they are developing new feature films and series based on The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis. No further details were offered initially.

Not surprisingly, new information indicates at least some of these new adaptations will be live action, not animated.

Racheline Benveniste, manager of original films at Netflix, recently updated her LinkedIn page to show she is working on:

“a live action adaptation of C.S Lewis’ THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA.”

Earlier this week, Benveniste appeared on The Hollywood Reporter’s list of “Rising Executives 35 and Under.”

Other Netflix News

  • Netflix’s earnings this quarter have exceeded expectations. They now have over 137 million subscribers.
  • Three new Netflix original films are getting theatrical releases. This could be a big course correction for the streaming giant. (Is it possible Narnia will be back on the big screen after all?)
  • Netflix is also in final negotiations to purchase their first production company. This would enable Netflix to develop, produce, and distribute their own content completely in-house.

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20 Responses

  1. Anfinwen says:

    Wow, just reading "The Chronicles of Narnia" as the title makes me happy. The whole thing guys, we have a chance to see the whole thing! Much as I dislike Netflix, it's thrilling to know they intend to give us the whole series.

  2. JFGII says:

    Well, it IS good to know the little details of Netflix’s Narnia deal. But… An animated version of Narnia would be cool. And I’m still not convinced Netflix’s budget will be big enough for a live-action Narnia. Talking horse, completely new cities and landscapes, not to mention the occasional battle or two. Somewhere between the BBC budget and Walden budget seems likely, but I’m not confident it will not look kinda cheep on screen. I will be hopeful for this: Bring Narnia back to the Silver Screen! Wheather with Silver Chair it Magician’s Nephew, give the unknown stories a theatrical release! Narnia and Aslan!

  3. Cleander says:

    Live action? Oh good! Hopefully it'll show up in theatres.

  4. Keeper of Lantern Waste says:

    Weird I never even considered they would make an animated version. Although I don't think an animated version would be bad, Pualine Bayne's illustrations are so iconic for me that I don't think I could see a reimagined version without a double take.

  5. Bob Hume says:

    For the record, talking horses would be ultra cheap to do. It's not a new technology. Also, many of the landscapes could be done cheaply if done in a good location.

  6. Sam says:

    Have you watched their Lost in Space? I think the FX in that show would be able to handle it… I don't know about some of the larger Pieces like the transition to Narnia in VoDT, or the judgement at the end of the last battle, but talking horses and centaurs and other things? sure.

  7. twinimage says:

    I assumed they'd be live action and didn't consider animation. But animated (assuming it was an animation style that wasn't bland and suited Narnia well) would have been cool too.

    Wishing the Lewis estate and Netflix well on this new journey!

  8. Kal El of Krypton says:

    Would love to see stories in the non-book timeline. For example stories of the year 180 when Prince Col leads followers to settle the land of Archenland. Or the establishment of Calormen from the outlaws of Archenland. The settlement of Telmar by the pirates. King Gale conquering the Lone Islands from a dragon. The emergence of Jadis from the north in the year 898. The reign of Queen Swanwhite in 1502. There could be some many cool stories to tell as long as they get the central message correct and that is the belief in a Christ-like Aslan by the animals. The series also should not contain swearing or nudity in it. They need to make it truly family friendly.

  9. Roger says:

    I like the way you think. I have often thought that there could be some very interesting stories on the periphery. Like you said "family friendly" rated PG. Absolutely no big battles, this is not LOTR, this is Narnia. The writers and directors should be Narnia friendly not LOTR friendly. Do not changed the seven Narnia books; these are sacred. Spend their money on good scripts and actors. Use visual effects sparingly. Production designs should stimulate the viewer's mind and not take over the movie. Less is more. The movie PC was harmed by spending too much on the production. The movie did not have a chance to make up for the $225 million spent to make it. This was when Disney dropped the series, and Fox did much worse with VDT.

    I think that it was Lord Kelvin that said something like, "Spending money is no substitute for thinking." Parliament gave him 20,000 Pounds each year to run his lab, no more, no less. His lab made some great discoveries. Let us hope Netflix can give us some very good movies.

  10. Return of Aslan says:

    What did you dislike in Prince Caspian? That it was a good adaptation of the book? That he had a great battle sequence? Tell me. Because both epic and chamber moments appear in books. If all the stronger scenes from the books will be show like in the BBC series, then Netflix's projects can already dig a grave.

  11. Keeper of Lantern Waste says:

    Roger I think I have to disagree with you there. I would like it to stay PG too but there are many adult themes in Narnia (by adult I mean themes that are enjoyed by more than just <12 kids [if they weren't we all wouldn't be hereXD])

    I'm not totally sure what your definition of "family friendly" is but for me it means "can be viewed by 7 year olds with no nightmares or crying" which means (by my definition) LWW movie is NOT family friendly because of Aslan's death scene. And to cut that out of the movie or tone it down for the audience would negate the sadness of the scene.

    I do agree that budget should be spent on actors, writers, etc. before large action scenes but (in my experience) battles/violence isn't what turns most parents/families away from PG-13 movies, its excessive swearing, lewd jokes, or sex, all of which Narnia doesn't have (also why most of my friends saw LOTR while in elementary school).

    I agree they shouldn't try to make "dark, gritty" Narnia movies but I'm worried that if they (the producers) hear family friendly thrown around, it'll become a fluff fest.

  12. VideoMasti says:

    They did a great job with A Series of Unfortunate Events! I cannot wait for Narnia.

  13. Meme Economy says:

    If they don't start with the magicians nephew I'm not interested.

  14. HotRealGirls says:

    I expected this but hopefully they are able to bring a decent production budget.

  15. Hermitess of Narnia says:

    I'm glad to hear the news that they are continuing to work on the movie. I hope they find child actors and actresses for the roles that are as suited to the roles as they found for the Disney/Walden/Fox movies.

  16. JFGII says:

    In the words of Colonel Klink, I wish people (bots) would stop posting these mindless posts (about stupid offers that have nothing to do with Narnia). Don’t you think they should be deleted? I don’t know what’s allowed or not.

  17. Keeper of Lantern Waste says:

    Honestly I don't know who (meaning the people who set up the spambots) think they're fooling-_- Unfortunately I don't think we can delete any comments because I don't see a 'flag' button.

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  19. I3arana says:

    Yes,, Glumpuddle, can we get a spam/flag button please?
    As for who they are fooling….idk,maybe other non English speakers. If the English part of the web is full of this crud,Imagine the Indian speaking part.
    Q. If we call unsolicited mail/postings spam -canned pork … What would we call bully beef? (Canned salted beef)

  20. EhNarnian says:

    PC made over 190 million more than it cost to make, now that's not an incredibly good return of investment but it still made up its budget and then some. It didn't do nearly as good as the first movie but that was because of poor timing of release among other factors.

    When you say absolutely no big battles what do you mean by that? Are you including the battle in The Horse and His Boy with 200 horseman excluding the numbers that King Lune has or the numbers that King Edmund brings. Cause there are sure to be a lot of people in that battle. Or is it just big battles you don't want? What about the battles in Prince Caspian? The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe? (It's not a battle but it's certainly a lot of action) The Silver Chair? What about the Last Battle? Do we keep that one? What constitutes a big battle for you?