C.S. Lewis’ Letters to Kilmer Family for Sale

According to bbc.com, the RAAB Collection is selling C.S. Lewis’ letters to the Kilmer Family for $110,000. This collection of letters is significant because there are nearly 30 letters addressed to the eight Kilmer children, and Lewis dedicated The Magician’s Nephew to the family.

The letters feature Lewis’ thoughts on philosophy, religion, literature, replies to tidbits about what was happening in the Kilmer’s lives, and Narnia. They are a large part of C.S. Lewis: Letters to Children.

The letter dated 22 January 1957 has comments about Susan’s fate at the end of the series:

She is left alive in this world at the end, having by then turned into a rather silly, conceited young woman. But there is plenty of time for her to mend, and perhaps she will get to Aslan’s country in the end–in her own way.

Letters to Children

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  1. Col Klink says:


  2. Larry W. says:

    I always thought that there was hope for Susan Pevensie. She would enter Aslan’s country. It would take her longer than most people to get there, but eventually she would arrive. She needed more time to grow up. 🙂

  3. JFG II says:

    I just realized that Susan would be over 90 years old if she were alive today.

    My own grandmother considered herself pesky as a young person, which is strange, because… she’s still pesky. 😉 😀

    I guess people who see the light never really change. Just rearrange life’s priorities. I’ll see in another 50 years…