eOne’s Mark Gordon Transitions from Company President to TV/Film Leadership

It was reported in June that Mark Gordon was stepping down as President of Entertainment One after internal conflict with the group, but a recent announcement promises he will be a leader at the company for years to come. Deadline reports that Mark Gordon, an executive producer for Netflix’s upcoming Narnia films and series, will be transitioning into a multi-year deal with a sole focus on developing and producing television and film content for eOne.

Last year, it was announced that Netflix had struck a deal with the C. S. Lewis Company and eOne to produce Narnia films and series. Here’s everything we know so far.

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10 Responses

  1. JFG II says:

    Well, that’s good news and I stand corrected:
    Maybe Narnia isn’t being delayed at all by these guys’s conflicts, but they are full steam ahead on producing Narnia content. Just ironing out some wrinkles before they get down to the big work. Narnia 2020!

  2. Cleander says:

    Yeah, I’m just gonna assume this is a good sign. 2020 seems a bit soon, but maybe it’s possible…
    Just curious, when are you expecting casting announcements?

  3. JFG II says:

    Oh gosh, if I’m actually correct (I usually ain’t) I’d expect some casting announcements for a Narnia film or show by Christmas this year! Filming and post-production in 2020 with a Christmas, 2020 / or Easter, 2021 release of said film or show.

    Then again, as others have previously so eloquently pointed out, mindless posts disappoint users going on NarniaWeb for REAL news. Take predictions with a grain of salt.

  4. Cleander says:

    Christmas?!? I totally hope that’s true! That’s gonna be right up there with my wish for snow. But I literally wouldn’t know if that’s realistic or not (meaning about the news, not the snow).
    And yes, I like my predictions lightly salted XD. Hype can be helpful and enjoyable, but fake news is not. At all.
    I remember getting all excited about the big casting/crew announcements for the Silver Chair a while back… only to have that excitement bitterly and unspeakably crushed. I think a lot of us learned a lesson on that one.
    But I can still hope you’re right about the early announcement! May Aslan (or Douglas Gresham) hasten the day!

  5. JFG II says:

    Yes… I remember that hoax now. I tried to forget it: When I read Thomas Newman was composing the music, I almost cried. I was totally taken in for 5 minutes. Then I suspected something was up… Whoever made it up must have been trying to influence the Silver Chair filmmakers. But I agree: Fake news is – however creative – not cool.

  6. fantasia says:

    I’m glad to see Mr. Gordon sticking around because he’s stuck with Narnia for the past several years of nothing happening. That to me says that at least he’s loyal to the stories and think they will translate to film well. Someone who didn’t care for them, or was only in it for the money, likely would have been gone long ago.

  7. fantasia says:

    And by “nothing happening”, I mean things started to happen but then got cancelled.

  8. Geekicheep says:

    It sure is great to have actual news again! I’m not going to pretend to understand the meaning of this particular bit of news (I don’t know who this guy is or what this means for the Netflix Narnia series), but it’s refreshing to see progress toward new Narnia stuff. So whether this can be considered good news or not, I’m looking forward to seeing more of Narnia – a hope I had all but lost before Netflix got involved. As Cleander so eloquently put it, “may Aslan (or Douglas Gresham) hasten the day”! 😀