Georgie Henley Again Teases “Special” Project with Pevensie Actors

Yesterday, during a live broadcast on her Instagram, Georgie Henley (Lucy) mentioned the “really special” project she filmed with her Pevensie co-stars last Summer. She did not offer any details, but became visibly excited and said she was “waiting to get more information” about it.

A few other Narnia tidbits from the broadcast:

  • Georgie re-watched The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe with her grandmother a couple years ago, and she is finally able to watch her younger self “without feeling silly.”
  • When asked if she kept in touch with William Mosley (Peter), she replied “Yes, I texted him today.”
  • Her Pevensie co-stars threw her a surprise party on the set of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. You can watch her tell the story below or on our Facebook page.

In an effort to raise spirits in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, Georgie read poetry between taking bites of watermelon and answering questions from fans. She indicated she may do more broadcasts like this.

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  1. So that was y’all on the live I watch it all live and she is amazing! I can’t wait to see what it is!

  2. Fireberry says:

    “A Really Special Project?? … Hmmm ,,, Possibilities …..

    1) “The Horse & His Boy” Movie?
    2) “The Last Battle” Movie?
    3) A New Story set in England late 1940s, about “Friends of Narnia”?
    4) A New Narnia Story set in Late Golden Age Cair Paravel?
    5) “A Very Narnia Christmas” for Hallmark Channel. (joking)
    6) A “Making of” Documentary … Or a theme park.???
    7) A totally non-Narnia project that just happens to have these 4 in the cast.???

    Courage, Dear Hearts! Stay well, everyone!

    • Keeper of Lantern Waste says:

      I would love if they had them in Horse and His Boy and Last Battle! However, if Netflix goes the full-reboot route I don’t think that will happen:(

      I kinda wish that Disney (or Fox I suppose since they’re now owned by the Mouse House) still had the rights to Narnia for the sake of that. The Disney+ shows look super high quality, and a recast Eustace wouldn’t be that difficult, would it? Marvel managed it a few times.

      • John says:

        I agree. I’d be more comfortable with it remaining in the hands of Disney for Disney+ than in the hands of Netflix. And you are right, all they’d have to do is recast Eustace at this point. That wouldn’t be so difficult.

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  3. Carley says:

    I am SO anxious to find out what they filmed last summer. I do hope it’s something related to Narnia, but I have absolutely no idea what it would be.

    • I am super excited and curious!
      The two options that I think about are

      1) That they hopefully filmed the last scene in LWW with the original actors playing the adult Pevensies. However they didn’t have Skandar with them that day (as per Georgie’s instagram story at the time) and also that would have been a pretty massive undertaking with the sets, costumes, crew, CGI horse’s mouth etc.

      2) I believe it is more likely that they have filmed a special message to celebrate the 10th anniversary of VDT which coincides this year with the 70th anniversary of LWW’s publication.

      • Carley says:

        That would be really cool if they filmed the last scene in LWW. But, yeah, it would probably not work with only three Pevensies. And it would take time and work to film something of that size, but who knows? It could still be a possibility. Whatever it is, I am sure it will be something most Narnia fans, or at least Narnia movie fans, will enjoy.

      • Just Queen, not High Queen says:

        Not only is December the 10th anniversary of VDT, but also the 15th anniversary of LWW, which is significant since the movie ends fifteen years later.

      • Keeper of Lantern Waste says:

        Oooooo maybe they re-shot the final scene and are going to release it in a 15th anniversary edition of LWW or something?

    • Ich Liebe Dich
      Lucy Mama Schatz
      Nur Für Dich
      Lucy Mama Schatz
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  4. Cleander says:

    Ah yes, I was wondering what had become of that! Looking forward to seeing whatever this is…. (still hoping they re-filmed the end of LWW….)

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