“The Most Reluctant Convert” Movie Releasing Nov. 3

The Most Reluctant Convert, a movie about about C.S. Lewis’s conversion to Christianity, will be releasing on November 3. Tickets are not yet on sale, but here is a list of cites where it will be playing.

The film stars Max McLean as C.S. Lewis, reprising the role from the one-man show by the same name. Much of the play’s script was taken directly from Lewis’s writings, such as Surprised by Joy, The Problem of Pain, and God in the Dock.

The trailer is no longer available, but some footage appears on the movie’s website (no audio):

Listen to NarniaWeb’s interview with Max McLean.

10 Responses

  1. JFG II says:

    I’m glad there’s a release date now, because I’ve been looking forward to seeing this. Even if I need to wait for a later home release / streaming release.

  2. Anne Kinley says:

    Any showings in northern N.E.? Vermont, Maine, N.H.? This looks terrific!!

  3. Nancy St.Clair says:

    nothing yet in Maine1

  4. Casey says:

    There are no tickets available near me in Atlanta. Any chance of adding more showings and theaters?

  5. Marcy greenhoe says:

    Theater here Grand Ripids Michigan has one showing one theater. It is all sold out!!! Why isn’t like other movies many showings/ Very frustrated!!!

  6. Sarita Bland says:

    Will there be any other dates offered? We can’t make the 11/3 showing.

  7. Marlene McLane says:

    Disappointed there are no theaters within a 20 mile radius near me showing this, yet there are at least 6 theaters that I know of within that 20 mile radius.

  8. Maggie says:

    Hope it comes TP Vancouver. Love his writings❤️

  9. Jerry says:

    Where can I see this? Easton Md.

  10. Betty Shipley says:

    Where or when I can I see this in Abilene Texas