New Clip: Dragon Attack!

YahooMovies has a new exclusive clip of a dragon “attacking” the Dawn Treader.

What’s really fun is thinking back to a little over a year ago when we were sent video of them filming this scene! If you weren’t around then, you can see our coverage on it here and here.

Thanks to aragorn2 and emijoy for the heads up!

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  1. fireheart209 says:

    All that runsthrough my mind while watching this is:

    "No Reepicheep, you may not attempt a single combat with it!"

  2. em says:

    Woah it's so weird watching this cos I remember watching them filming it and seeing the just filmed footage on the monitor

  3. Gem says:

    Wow, the acting is horrible. Unfortunately, none of the acting, at least Lucy's, looks very good in the movie. I don't know if this is Apted's fault or the actors have lost it. But the CGI effects of the dragon looks good.

  4. Gem says:

    I know. I love that line! Did they keep it in the movie?

  5. KingoftheWood says:

    I couldn't agree more. Some people are bat-sh.t crazy around here. The dragon lookes straight up amazing! My jaw hit the floor watching it. I was like, where did the film makers find that beautiful dragon?!! and yeah, it's Eustace as you can clearly see the band around his arm; he's clearly panicking over his condition and desperate to get his former crew to realize who he really is.

  6. sailor says:

    Wow … some pretty cheap shots in there guys, especially as it appears some of you haven't seen the whole film!
    Fox thought Apted was good enough (look at his pedigree) and "MR" Apted (a little respect please) thought the acting was good enough. He seems to be more qualified than most of us to judge.
    Seems to me some of you are setting out to find fault …. !!
    Maybe you should just skip the film altogether if it bothers you that much.
    Because if your just setting out to find fault ….. you will.
    Remember … as I have said before the cast do read these comments … and maybe you should remember one of the cast is a 10 year old girl. Perhaps you could learn to be more eloquent in your discussions, and also show a little more grace.
    Just my thoughts.

  7. Pepper Darcy says:

    Gael is so cute, and she goes instantly to Lucy, which is SO sweet! And I thought the dragon looked brilliant. It reminds me of the book! Aw! I just love Gael to pieces! She reminds me of Gwendoleth from my stories!! 🙂

    I think Lucy's acting has improved… dramatically! 🙂 And I love Ed's 'you've got to be joking' line! 🙂 Overall, very excited about that sequence! 🙂 TOMORROW! I can finally say: I'm watching it TOMORROW! 🙂

  8. Pepper Darcy says:

    wow. I hadn't even though of Arabella even seeing these comments. I mean, I've always liked her addition. She was so sweet and cute; but I know she aspires to be an actress, and I think it'd break her heart if she thought people hated her addition to the story.

    I saw more of her in a T.V. spot last Saturday and it only confirmed how much I love her addition 🙂

  9. Ballerina says:

    YES, I noticed the same thing. Um, really bad acting, if you ask me. Oh, I hope they didn't give them a lot of lines; for instance, in Prince Caspian they didn't have many. But, I've read they given them more lines for VDT…so when they can't act more lines are given to them…ugh.

  10. trinity-hawkeye says:

    that was AWESOME!

  11. sirsimon says:

    thank you kinfgofthewood, its appears you know good things when they appear
    Besides it is amazing CGI for such a low budget of 140 million, I bet you at least a third of the budget was on just CGI and calling this dragon cheesy is stupid!
    I hope you guys understand the complex difficulty in creating a non exsistent creature, that reacts with something that is.

    You can hate the dragon, though I dont see why

  12. sirsimon says:

    And yet most if not all the reviews praised Poulter's portrayal of Eustace, and thought the other cast were great.

    I dont know why the hate is here, two weeks ago everyone was mad and jiggling with excitement, now there is nothing but wtf and baddddddd!!!

    Seriously guys, when you guys make a 140,000,000 dollar film, come and find me, I will be sure to watch it

  13. Queen Elizabeth says:

    I think it was just a bad scene for Georgie. Because I thought she did fantastic in LWW, maybe having the film be so much more "important" she was under a lot of stress and tried to hard. And Gael, well, let's just say she needs more experience.

  14. sailor says:

    Maybe we should conduct all our conversations as if the person we are talking about is in the room. I know I have made the mistake of NOT doing that more than one on my life 😉

  15. Fireflower says:

    Ditto to Pepper Darcy!

  16. Martha says:

    I am thoroughly disappointed with how the dragon character is carried out in the movie. In the book, Eustace is remorseful. He does not attack anyone. He is helpful to the crew as they rebuild the ship. But what disappoints me most is how he becomes "un-dragon". Aslan scratching in the sand is not exciting or believable. In the book, Eustace tries scratching off layers of skins. When he fails, Aslan uses his paw to scratch deeply into Eustace to take off the dragon skin. This is much more a Christian allegory. That is what the point of the dragon is about.

  17. DoomsdayDan says:

    As many have already said, the acting in the third installation really isnt as good as the first and even the second. Also, the storyline really isnt very similar to the book. Not to say that i dont want to see it 😀 still definitely do

  18. He wasn't attacking; he was just trying to get them to notice who he really was.

  19. This must've been the best clip 😉 😉