New Clip: Dragon Attack!

YahooMovies has a new exclusive clip of a dragon “attacking” the Dawn Treader.

What’s really fun is thinking back to a little over a year ago when we were sent video of them filming this scene! If you weren’t around then, you can see our coverage on it here and here.

Thanks to aragorn2 and emijoy for the heads up!

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  1. Hwin says:

    I am also part of the Not Watching Spoilers Club 😉 I just have to wait TWO more days!!!! 😀

  2. rachanne says:

    lmfaoo pepper darcy!! at first i was like huh? but i got it and im cracking up lol

  3. Shastafan says:

    I get what you're saying, but actually, I saw these on a preview that's next to the download button. So, unless they changed it, you're easily able to watch a bit with the preview. 🙂

  4. Fire Fairy says:

    If you click on "preview" it'll let you see them. 🙂

  5. Fire Fairy says:

    Thanks, Shastafan! For those of us that love spoilers, this is a gold mine! We definitely get to see a lot more than what we get in other clips, although you can tell that they are still cut short. WARNING: SPOILERS!!! I love Edmund's counter-rhyme and how he argues with Eustace. Also love Eustace's initial reaction to Reepicheep. It's perfect! We've already seen all of the duel. I really like the Book of Incantations. The pages are gorgeous! The way Eustace reveals himself is much different from the book, but I think it works cinematically. Besides, the way he picks up Edmund brings much more tension to the story. "Aunt Alberta is NOT going to be pleased."!! Love it 🙂 !! The arm band is huge! And Lucy gets it off! Several changes there, but I think it really works. Wasn't able to see the last clip for some reason. Thanks again, Shastafan!

  6. Starlily says:

    Well, I'm sure being transformed into a dragon was pretty traumatic for Eustace, so I don't blame him for blundering around. He was probably hoping he could talk to the crew, or that they might recognize him somehow, and he never dreamed they'd try to hurt him. I'm trying to think from his point of view. 🙂

  7. blueRain says:

    I get to see the movie on opening day (Dec. 10 where I live). I'm excited but I'm not expecting too much. DragonEustace looks a little cheap. Maybe it'll be better in the actual theater. idk.

  8. Queen Elizabeth says:

    NO MORE!!!! I've pretty much seen the whole movie. They've ruined it for me 🙁

  9. Kale&Bardon says:

    I'm with Fire Fairy its Eustace.

  10. Narnian at Heart says:


  11. Queen Elizabeth says:

    GUESS WHAT all my Narnia fan buddies. I am so MAD! I don't get to see VDT until next week!!!! NOOOOOOOOO! My parents are to busy to take me any other time, and they want to see it too 🙁

  12. Kale&Bardon says:

    I think Dragon Eustace looks amazing. I am die hard dragon fan, (mainly the kinda of dragons the Christopher paolini uses) and total Narnia fan. loved this

  13. Starlily says:

    *Sigh* The CGI leaves something to be desired, but since I was watching with no sound, I was only paying attention to the visuals. Maybe hearing the dialog would help.
    Poor Eustace! 🙁 Lucy could have been a little gentler taking the bracelet off! I know I'll love him as a dragon even if the CGI isn't perfect. Once I get involved with a character, how they look doesn't matter so much.
    And there are some good shots as well.

  14. Lord_Bryon says:

    I can't wait to see this movie, that first dragon roar sounded like a tie-fighter 🙂

  15. Ariel_of_Narnia says:

    Ah, only Reep. This scene is non-canonical, but depending on the full context, I probably won't mind.

  16. Lucylove says:

    Yeah, but still it doesn't matter

  17. Amelia says:

    Aww, poor Eustace! That would so terrible if people couldn't recognize you and you couldn't explain to them. 🙁

    I think the dragon looks really cool!

  18. narnian4ever says:

    this is awesome!! and poor Eustace:(

    I can't believe the movie in only two days away!!!=D

  19. Noogah says:

    Just saw the movie and met Georgie and Skandar.

    It was a great film, and the White Witch is absolutely nothing to be concerned about.

  20. Warrior 4 Jesus says:

    Chrissy, you must have seen some pretty expensive low-budget movies then. I'm not sure you understand the meaning of 'low-budget'. The CGI isn't quite as convincing as I'd hoped either but it's hardly cheap-looking. I'm sure they spent lots of money and time on it. It's much harder to make CGI look realistic in the brightly-lit scenes.

  21. Warrior 4 Jesus says:

    Is Eustace's arm band on the wrong limb? I'm sure it's meant to be above the elbow on his LEFT arm.

  22. TrueNarnianWithWill says:

    I've seen the film – *SPOILER* Its definitely Eustace *SPOILER*

  23. Skilletdude says:

    I do see the resemblance. 🙂

  24. REDROBINS007 says:

    I liked it. I am seeing it tonight (UK) and I'm really looking forward to it, after years finally!!! But I like the dragon, I don't get why people think he looks crap, its a fantasy movie for children and adults of all ages so it doesn't have to look perfect, its suppose to be a magical, fantastical journey.

  25. narnia says:

    salut j'ai était voir narnia le mercredi il était trop bien mais par contre dans les bande annonces il y a des répliques qui n’apparaisse pas dans le film et une personne qui a mis un commentaire sur narnia France a dit que Edmund était prisonnier dans un donjon et lors du tournage il serai cache au public enfin bref je n'ai pas vu de donjon ou alors c celui de narrowhen avec caspien .Mais sinon je retournerais le voir en plus avec des billet que la twenty century fox va m'envoyer et des petits cadeau vu que j'ai gagner la croisière qu'il avait organiser .Mais le film était trop bien

  26. captain_J-Rock says:

    Oh, LUCKY! I've seen the film too, twice now.

  27. Reepicheep says:

    I saw this when I saw the movie…suck!

  28. adamie says:

    The CGI is OK, remember the video quality isn't that good. Even if it was horrible, that should not be what makes you want to watch the movie.

  29. sean says:

    for anyone who has seen the movie already and has knowledge of it can you please tell me a descriptive explanation of peter and susans scenes!!!!!!! im begging you i need to know im not going to be able to get the movie cause my parents banned me… please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. skandargirl_95 says:

    that bit WASN'T even in the movie…seriously!but that IS what he really looks like

  31. Manuel says:

    Totally agree. It looks as some people wants to see heads of orcs jumping out from his bodies in a Narnia movie.

  32. Michael says:

    Okay, that was GREAT!!! but now i'm vowing to not watch anymore trailers, they're gonna spoil the movie too much.

  33. Not Of This World says:

    This is off base, but how much money does VDT need to make to do another Narnia?

  34. FriendOfNarnia2 says:

    No one knows for sure, but probably somewhere around 150 million domestically and at least 350 worldwide.

  35. FrecklefaceJill says:

    I can't watch it, but I'll see it tomorrow! For those other Narnia fans out there that are going to see it first day it comes out, have an AWESOME time! 🙂

    VDT Freak

  36. Scarlet13 says:

    WILL NOT WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. sirsimon says:

    I think he looks great and the scene makes you feel sorry for him.

    I am curious about the transformation scene, has anyone seen it? if so, How did u enjoy it?


    so far the dawn treader has made


  38. caskill says:

    j ésperes trop que la video est mauvaises car le dragon est tres bizard c est du carton sinon c est bien

  39. Twinimage says:

    Not bad for an edited clip. It's still obvious that it's edited. Reep says "Right!" as if someone told him to climb the mast. And Lucy's location changed quite quickly.
    As far as I can see, it's a pretty ok scene. The books introduction of Dragon Eustace to the rest of the crew is rather tame. So it's a half decent way of adding action without totally going against the scene.
    Does anyone notice the slow-mo effects that keep appearing in these clips that are being released? Not saying they're bad, but they feel out of place a bit. Reep taking his sword out of his mouth felt a bit cliche to me.
    But as a whole, not a bad scene and I'm sure it will feel even better in its entirety.

  40. Sammie says:

    I could take or leave the dragon, but I love how they approached it: first we see people reacting, then we see a puff of fire, then we see a shadow, then we see a reflection – all before the actual dragon appears. It's not unlike Reepicheep's entrace in "PC", in which we see the Telmarines swinging at the (potted!) plants, and then the rustling, and then Caspian falling. It's a nice buildup.

    Also, with the dragon and the mast – is Reepicheep just trying to get the dragon to let go of the sail before he destroys the mast?

  41. narniafreak says:

    I strongly disagree! There is nothing fake or cartoonish about the look of the dragon. It is excellent!

  42. Deboraaa says:

    Omg… if you watch this with Transformers soundtracks it's sooo freacking coool!!
    But without it…..hmm,nah ! Indeed expected more from it

  43. Ballerina says:

    You're right though! The movie still looks great even though the dragon looks cheap 😉

  44. NarNia is Z best says:

    Hey, i was it last night it was good we got in to the employing showing it was good then we were out side and played the song narnia lullaby and saw a shooting STAR!!! no joke and it was an awesome movie!!!

  45. Queen Elizabeth says:

    Does anyone know about any Movie Cons coming to Michigan?

  46. Scarlet13 says:

    Me too Pepper!(on both seeing it Saturday and Cuz its my birthday 🙂 ) I totally wish I could see it at midnight… but I can't. My brothers birthday is today and my parents probably wouldn't want too 🙁

  47. Scarlet13 says:

    I'm not watching it either!!!just two days christine, just two days heeeeehooooo*talks to self* to take up time…I dont really like my username….yeah I'll change it when I'll get something in my mind other than Narnia. 😛 GO DAWN TREADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Trufflehunter says:

    I believe so. Yeah, the crew and Reepicheep just want Eustace to get off the mast before he breaks it (at the same time, they don't know it's him, and are fearing for their lives!)

  49. Queen Elizabeth says:

    The acting is a little cheesy this time around, not very believable. And the music is so so. The dragon is cool though, but I expected better for the third film. I liked the maturity of Prince Caspian, and this a like a little kid movie to me.

  50. Mina says:

    Did anyone notice that when Lucy freaks out, and basically holding Gael, that the MLG has a calm/blank expression on her face…

  51. Narnian Meerkat says:

    I likey!!!! The dragon to me looks pretty real. Poor Euestace. . . .Well, Reep, even if you don't know it, you have your sweet reveng on Eustace now. . .jkjkjkjkjk. Yeah I kinda agree with you Queen Elizabeth, the acting is a little cheezy. . .But not Gary Sweet's!!!! Mostly Georgie's. . . .Can't wait to see this movie! Tomarrow hopefully! 😀

  52. J.G.Heck says:

    I have had some fear about the movie, how good it its. The voyage of the Dawn Treader would be a hard film to make. I personally don't like the style of the video in this clip as the other two films. The video camera movements weren't to good and there were a lot more things they could have changed and work on.

  53. Queen Elizabeth says:

    Yes! Did you notice that when Gael turns around to Drinian she pauses for a second at first and then says "Is it the volcano?" like she forgot her line for a second. Same with Lucy.

  54. Queen Elizabeth says:

    Our negative comments are coming for individual clips. I bet when we see the whole thing together and get all into it that we will think differently. 🙂

  55. Queen Elizabeth says:

    OH NO!!!!! Major problem! Ok, Edmund is supposed to be 24 in HHB but only 19 in Last Battle. So… which one do they film first? They HAVE to make LB a film.

  56. aslan's child says:

    i liked it is just the quality and the music im not so sure the two previous films it was so much better.and no offense but i dont like that they put that little girl in the movie, i mean shes cute and all but shes not a very good actress and doesnt fit in the story.i kinda like andrew adamson better cause he made the two previous masterpiece,and this is apted first film.i would've be alittle more reasured and plus harry's music probably would have made the film far better 2 ;).oh well i really cant say anything till tomorrow cant wait, im praying to god it wpnt be disappointing!!!!!!!

  57. WholeHearted says:

    Ugh… I didn't like this at all. Why in the world would they throw in a random dragon attack that lends nothing to the story when they already have a dragon and a sea monster in the plot? This makes no sense. And the CG was not too great. Hopefully the good in this movie wil outweigh the bad.

  58. sirsimon says:

    what the hell are you talking about?! Eustace isnt attacking the ship! He is trying to get their attention, hes also confused over his transformation.

    Besides, many have called the dragon brilliant, I agree, it looks realistic to me.

    I love the way Will's facial features were added into the dragon, its so cool

  59. Queen Elizabeth says:

    All Eustace does is circle around the ship, grab onto it, fall, and fly away. There was no point!