The First Time Douglas Gresham Read the Screenplay for The Silver Chair

Gresham and Stratton (in costume as Nurse)

Nicole Stratton, Artistic Director at the Logos Theatre, recently talked about her experience working with Douglas Gresham (step-son of C.S. Lewis) on scripts for their Narnia stage productions. During a livestream on the Narnia Fans Facebook page, she was asked if she knew anything about The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair movie.

“[Gresham] had somebody for Jill,” Stratton said. “Looking at somebody very seriously for Jill.” (36:05) She did not specify when that conversation took place.

She also told the story of the first time Gresham read the script (36:36)…

According to Stratton, “people” from the production presented the script to Gresham in a restaurant and they were “hiding” when he walked in (out of nervousness). They carefully watched his reaction as he read every page. There was a certain scene involving Puddleglum that Gresham mandated had to be included or else he would not green-light the movie. (Based on past comments, we can assume it was Puddleglum’s famous speech from chapter 12). As the scene neared, Gresham stopped reading and began praying. “And then,” Stratton said, “the Spirit said to him to turn the page.” And on the next page, Gresham saw the scene.

“He told us [The Silver Chair] was one of the best scripts he had seen for the movies.”

Last we heard, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair will hopefully begin production later this year.

Listen to our exclusive interview with The Silver Chair screenwriter, David Magee.

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12 Responses

  1. FilmReel says:

    I wonder, are they going to announce the release date around when they're going to start pre-production?

  2. narnia fan 7 says:

    Glad everything worked out and Gresham is happy with the script!

    So I guess that bit about them “Looking at somebody very seriously for Jill. " more or less conforms the rumor about Millie Bobby Brown being offered the role.

  3. JFG says:

    Glad to hear someone SAY SOMETHING about The Silver Chair, because I’m worried the movie is being stalked by Sony.

  4. JFG says:

    I guess, if Sir Douglas Graham has watched Stranger Things on Netflix…

    Seriously, I hope casting the main kids begins in earnest soon. The wait is agony.

  5. narnia fan 7 says:

    "In his time, no doubt, not ours." But seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if we get a release date when prep start, but hopefully it's sooner.

  6. HPOFNARNIA says:

    I’m hoping that my favorite scene from the book will be in the movie and that’s Aslan’s Speech to Jill at the cliff, I love that scene.
    If there’s one scene from the book I don’t want in the movie, it would be the part where they sliced off the Snake’s head, that is Not for kids to see! I want her death be less graphic that’s not gonna give children nightmares. I also don’t want it be like in Harry Potter where he stabbed the snake through the roof of its mouth, I don’t want that either.

  7. What heartening news this bit of news is! Puddleglum just has to have his most important speeches. The movie would be pointless without those speeches.

  8. YL says:

    I'm giad to hear that The Narnia Movie: The Silver Chair will produce soon,but i do hope that will appear on the sreen sooner .

  9. YL says:

    Sorry,it's "TSC will begin".

  10. Keeper of Lantern Waste says:

    I'm glad the script is looking good and that Puddleglum's speech is more or less confirmed (also I kind of hope Benedict Cumberbatch will play him, which would give the movie a little star power and draw in people who haven't read the books). Hope we'll get more news soon!

  11. Voix d'outre-mer says:

    Do we have any information about a casting call ?

  12. coracle says:

    Thank you for honouring Mr Gresham with a knighthood. To my knowledge Her Majesty has not done this, but perhaps we can assume Aslan will one day.