William Moseley on Greta Gerwig’s Narnia Reboot

Actor William Moseley, who played Peter Pevensie in Walden Media’s The Chronicles of Narnia movies, recently shared his thoughts about Netflix’s upcoming Narnia adaptations—and whether or not he’ll be involved, now that Greta Gerwig is putting her spin on the iconic series.

In a new interview with Bleeding Cool, the former Narnia actor was doubtful that he would be offered a role in Gerwig’s version of Narnia:

I don’t think they will. I don’t think I’ll be called into Netflix’s Narnia because they are rebranding and rebooting it. I’m not part of that world anymore, which sometimes makes me sad because I love the world of Narnia and becoming a part of it. It’s like if you were in Star Wars, and you got to see what the stormtroopers were like. All the amazing things worked, and it’s fun.

Moseley also shared praise and well-wishes for writer and director Greta Gerwig:

In terms of what I think about Greta Gerwig directing, I think she’s incredible. Barbie was an amazing movie, and Little Woman was brilliant. Everything she touches turns gold, so I think Netflix is lucky to have her, and I’m sure she will embrace the challenge. I hope she enjoys it because it’s an incredible world to create, and I can’t wait to see what she produces.

Even though he’s skeptical that he will appear in Netflix’s new Narnia adaptations, Moseley hopes that he and his other Narnia co-stars might have an opportunity to reunite and tour the new set:

You’re a bit like a kid when you’re on the sets, so I’d love to go to the set just to see how it was and what they’re building. That would be incredible, and that would be enough for me, but no, I don’t think there’s any chance I will be in those movies. If there’s a chance that I will be a part of them, other than going to set and hopefully getting a tour—which I hope they let me, along with Anna, Georgie, Skandar, and Ben.

In 2020, William Moseley reunited with his Pevensie co-stars on Disney’s Prop Culture, and Georgie Henley, in an interview with NarniaWeb the same year, also expressed doubt that she would be involved in Netflix’s reboot, but that she would be open to it if it was “the right thing.”

William Moseley recently starred in The Ballad of Davy Crockett. Watch the trailer here.

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8 Responses

  1. Lucy says:

    Oh no, the poor filmmakers won’t know which of the four Ancient Kings and King Caspian to bow to, if that happens:)

  2. Eustace says:

    I feel like we are all wishing the next generation of Narnia well. I can’t wait for casting news!

  3. Cleander says:

    Hey, there’s always room for a background cameo!

  4. Impending Doom says:

    Once a King of Narnia, Always a King of Narnia!

  5. Chase says:

    So my inputs on this is we seriously need the original cast they are always trying to change things and re cast people they need to keep the originals going

  6. Orang sukses says:

    Saya hanya butuh mereka kembali dan bertemu bercanda ria seperti dulu

  7. commonlogic says:

    I expect there to be some sort of set visit or involvement from certain Walden cast members. Nothing large like playing the older version of their characters but still in the background!

  8. Albert says:

    Classy King