Upcoming Disney+ Show ‘Prop Culture’ Will Feature ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’

A new show on Disney+ will offer a blast from the past for fans of Narnia.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the new 8-episode series Prop Culture will explore the archives and revisit famous Disney films to examine the iconic props that shaped and created some of their most memorable scenes. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is listed among the films that will be featured. All eight episodes of the series will be available for streaming on May 1st.

Georgie Henley, who portrayed Lucy Pevensie in the 2005 film, said on Instagram last summer that she and other Narnia cast and crew had reunited to film “something really exciting” for fans. This now appears to be the same project, with director Andrew Adamson and actor Kiran Shah (Ginarrbrik) also listed on IMDb as appearing in the Prop Culture episode featuring The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and its sequel Prince Caspian are currently available for streaming on Disney+.

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  1. Cleander says:

    Awesome!! The props are one of my favorite things about the Walden films!

  2. Carley says:

    I can’t wait for this!

  3. Keeper of Lantern Waste says:

    Auuuuhg! I told myself not to buy Disney+ until Falcon and the Winter Soldier came out but now I might have to break 4 months early:)

    Incidentally, did anyone else have parents that refused to let you buy a Narnian sword online when you were a kid? lol

    • EH says:

      I wasn’t forbidden from buying one as teenager, but I couldn’t afford it. There is a decent Rhindon replica still available for about $70. It’s not a perfect replica. The handle is made of wood and the writing is smaller, but after I finished college, I bought this and a Narnia-like dagger for my sister.

      This is interesting, but it’s still not enough to make me buy Disney + yet. Not when I already own my favorite Disney movies anyway and can borrow the others from my public library. I like Netflix because they have so much Spanish-dubbed content and you can temporarily download it to your laptop to watch offline. My sister tried the Disney+ trial, and it couldn’t do laptop downloads, so I guess I’ll wait a long time to see this new Narnia prop episode!

    • Mrs. Beaver says:

      I bought a plastic version of King Peter’s sword that was designed for Halloween. Actually, I bought two of them (one for back up) for use in a stage play, as they were full-length and not liable to accidentally hurt the person I was using it to smack ( the bad guy, of course). They’re still holding up pretty well, and I love that they have the inscribed poem and the lion handles. I suppose I could have bought a “real” metal one, but what would I have done with it other than hang it on the wall?

      • Cleander says:

        I have a steel replica of Rhindon I got for about $70, similar in style to the one EH has. Weirdly though, the inscription on the blade is the other half of the Aslan rhyme about Spring coming again, instead of the one used on the official sword, that talks about winter meeting its death. Go figure….

      • Keeper of Lantern Waste says:

        @Cleander, weird is it not inscribed on both sides? Because I thought one side was “When Aslan Bears His Teeth Winter Meets Its Death” and the other side said “When Aslan Shakes His Mane, We Shall Have Spring Again” in the movie?¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        @Mrs… Beaver, you could play Fruit Ninja with a metal one:P just kidding I’m betting it is decorative/non-combative

      • Cleander says:

        It’s the same half on both sides on my sword… I’ve only ever seen the “winter meets its death ” line on the bts features for the movie props, so I don’t know if it really has the full rhyme on it or not…

      • Mrs. Beaver says:

        The plastic version of the sword has both lines of the prophecy / poem, one on each side. Incidentally, I never caught that the sword was named Rhindon before. Is that in the book? How did I miss that detail? Now I must go grab my book!

      • EH says:

        Mrs. Beaver, honestly, it’s good that you bought plastic ones for the play. The metal one is quite heavy and it is four feet long. It feels too heavy to me to swing without worrying I’ll lose control and hit something, but I am a girl. For someone of Peter’s strength and height maybe it wouldn’t be too heavy.

        Peter calls the sword Rhindon in the treasure chamber in the Prince Caspian book.

        I wish they had Edmund’s sword for sale; it would probably be a better size and weight for me to handle.

      • Cleander says:

        The steel replica is definitely a display piece only. I’m a fairly muscular guy and the sword is really hard on the wrists to swing around. The handle is also not the sturdiest, so I’d advise against too much vigorous slashing about. Not for sparring, unless it’s extremely gentle!! (Real swords are actually way lighter, btw; that’s sometimes how you can tell if a sword is meant for decorative or sparring purposes or not.)
        @EH: Yes I definitely want Edmund’s sword too! It actually looks like a few real medieval swords I’ve seen…

      • Keeper of Lantern Waste says:

        I agree with Cleander, the Narnia sword replicas I’ve seen are stainless steel and not full tang which equals 1) heavier than a real sword and 2) sparring/swinging one of these around could break the sword in half and send the blade spiraling away (You would still look decently intimidating to the average burglar I imagine:P)

        Personally, I would want of the Telemarine style swords (with the metal loops/guard) I think it’s really cool that they included swords outside of the general medieval crossguard profile (which are cool in their own right)

        Incidentally, the YouTube channel Shadiversity has some really cool videos breaking down Prince Caspian’s sword fights and castle if any of you are interested:)

      • Cleander says:

        @Keeper: Good point about the lack of a full tang! I have already broken one sword because of that (and it was advertised as being full tang! D:) I don’t have to worry if a burglar breaks I though; my sharpened Braveheart sword is VERY intimidating (and possibly capable of *ahem* incapacitating someone.)
        If you want some good screen-used Telmarine swords from PC, an Ebay seller I’ve been following called dinosinatrajr has been listing a few recently.
        And yes, I’ve seen Shad’s awesome reviews. I was glad to see he liked the movie overall, despite his frustration with the filmmakers for thinking a MOUSE could actually slit a man’s throat with a sword the size if a toothpick! XD

      • Keeper of Lantern Waste says:

        @Cleander now I’m picturing a burglar sneaking through a house, turning a corner, and there’s a dude in a doorway with a sword like, “Might wanna rethink your decisions Bub” XD

        Yeah the toothpick sword is rather unrealistic, at best I’d think he’d get a paper cut (paper cuts do hurt like crazy though)

        Incidentally, is your callsign a reference to Marcus Aurelius Cleander? Always curious about the story behind non-Narnian names here:)

      • Cleander says:

        @Keeper: Yes, that is exactly who my username references!! I’ve been using it as an alias on several sites ever since I saw the the movie “The Fall of the Roman Empire” with Cleander played by Mel Ferrer. ( They kinda change him in the movie from the way he was irl though.)
        I can just imagine the Telmarines sqeauling with pain, gripping their throats, and then being like, “Oi! That rat gave me a paper cut!” XD
        I seem to recall Shad also spluttered and screamed a bit when Susan threw an arrow….through a man’s breastplate.

  4. GHD SPORTS says:

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